Belgian Chocolata tata

When u visit Belgium u must try out our chocolats. Its a slogan.No??
99,5% of all the Belgian chocolat contains cacao… harvested by child slaves.
Now the shops ask the belgian chololate producers to buy childfriendly cacao beans out of fair trade.
Oxfam is checking on that. It seems that the smallholders are paid badly,so they cant pay workers a normal salary.
So thats why kids are there to help.
Around 15.000 kids from countries like Burkina FAso are sold to work as slaves.
Oxfam wants this problem to be solved in 2 years.
The first thing to do!!!!….Pay the farmers a NORMAL price for their harvest, so that the farmers can pay a normal salary to adults and kids can go to school.
A child has rights…NO???
hands of a child adults to feed
heart of a child doth bleed
wage of a child do we need
doth nations of the care to feed
to the moon we land
wages earned with tender hand
nations leaders talk to take a stand
yet wiped letters on sand
tender hands to play and paint
labor hours even adults do faint
tis a world for a child to paint
to the abused hearts doth taint
weapons of war billions spent
cure to child can be sent
wages of a child ever to end
nations share billions in war spent
Tx Pety
For sending me this poem.
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23 Responses to Belgian Chocolata tata

  1. Beth says:

    Kids certainly do have rights. I do love chocolate but I hate to think that it involves child labor.

  2. Joe says:

    This reminds me some of the tragedy of blood diamonds my friend…I honestly didn’t know. It’s a shame that companies didn’t use the opportunty to help such people instead of exploit them…I’ve seen it first hand as well…disgusting.

  3. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi MjYou raised some very important issues here my friendAnd I hope every country takes the same attitude as youand pay the children a normal salary.Mj, I have been very lately with my step dad very close not doing so good in hospital.But…I will take your advice and find some more time for me as well!Mj…happy Chinese New YearAnd…happy Valentines Day xox

  4. ηικκιħart says:

    Hi MJ,I didn’t know this about belgium chocolates, thanks for the important info.Happy Valentine’s day., Nikki

  5. Babblelot says:

    Hello. I came here froma mutual friend spacer. Your blog is very informative and I could not stop reading.I do hope the farmers will get paid what’s fair. Children do have rights, I agree.Toodie from Missouri…where the men are handsome the women purty an children well behaved

  6. Princess says:

    Yo MJ, Thanks 4 this post. It is really sickening 2 me, 2 see child labour. I will not be buying Belgian Chocolate until I know that they know longer use child labour in the processing of the cocoa beans. Luv PF XXX

  7. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti San,As you know I loved your country Belgian Chocolate without fail that I have eating the black Chocolate for every time I played my golf:-) but Iam not happir about after read this blog….It is sad to children get suffer from work as slaves. Hopefully thought out this problems then childrens can get back to their school. Are you have two space? I loved your Sweetiesbutterfly that is a long time ago lol!Whatever you decided that okey with me:-) Sweeti san:-)Happy Valentine Day! Michiko

  8. Princess says:

    it truly hurts to read this :((i pray the relief comes sooner to the tender heartsbeautiful poemand yes sweeti the picture u sent looks so much similar to the one in my space :Dthanks for sharing..much luv as always..

  9. Rambling says:

    I had no idea Sweeti. None at all. 😦

  10. Arctic says:

    So shocked to hear the train accident in condolence!

  11. Michiko's says:

    Hi sweeti san,Today I bought made in Germany MOSER ROTH Dark chocolate 70% Cocoa then I don’t know anyting about how they made it lol! Our weather is still hot but at shopping centre are displayed the winter cloths also we have changing our summer time in the end of month then hopefully we get cold weather ‘ll coming to us?That right I heard the train accident in Belgium then I thought you are driving? but still my condolence to all other people who died from an accdent and their family.Have a sweet dream my friend!Michiko

  12. Enter says:

    It’s sure not the chocolate we’d want to encourage. Middlemen must be eliminated and farmers should be able to sell at profits to cocoa buyers who want their wares.The tales spun around the tiger have sure given rise to many interesting uses of their body parts. Sharing the right information can help bring down the demand, and slowly the killings. Hope the tiger can survive outside our zoos!

  13. ··¤ SETH says:

    Farmers and workers are being exploited and have little or no bargaining power in relation to corporations and the world market… pretty sad.It is such a shame that so many children around the world enjoy a treat produced by the blood of thousands of children the same age. Something has to be done, and we must all remember that we have a vote with every dollar we spend. If we stop economically supporting products that are produced with child slavery (easier said than done) the companies will be forced to change their policies…. eventually.

  14. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,Thank you for wish me the WARM weather….We having more then we needed for over 30c cellsius for most times, now we are really looking forward to an Autumn’s time:-)As you said Germany chocolate Co are involved in the children slaves?I think it most countries who own the companies people are try to used under age children to worksbecause simply lower wages though even our countries if without the law?Take care my friend HERE I send to you HOT AIR for you:-) Michiko

  15. T says:

    I tried it, bought it and brought it home too. And it’s really delicious! But when you think what is all behind the production, and not only this one, you just wish that kind of exploitation wouldn’t happen no where.Hug,T

  16. Newman says:

    Hi MJ with no doubt Belgium has the best chocolate but never imagined it has anything to do with child slave before I read this post.As a person living in third world, I do see this happening from time to time.But child is innocent they should be studying at this age. For us we don’t have an organzation like Oxfam and government is too busy making money,so I hope more people to read this post and realize it’s time for everyone of us to do something for the kids.Hugs xxxRichard:)

  17. Androgoth says:

    Sweeti..An informative posting that highlights the shadowy areas of Big Business.. Let us hope that Oxfam’s targets are reached before the two-years deadline, however I fail to see that this goal can be reached at all, never mind in the two-years that you have mentioned here. There are just too many people making lots of money out of this shameful enterprise and so the exploitation of these youngsters continues. A good post my friend.Androgoth Xx

  18. zorro says:

    Sweetiiii gOod mOrning ! sUr’mEng Le meiLLeurs des chOucOuLats Le chocoLats belges ! jE suis trEs sincere! 😀 pi si iL y a marquEr dessus " A better world for third world producer" je me nois dang le chocolat ! 😀 pi etre un jour il n y aura pLus rieng a mondialiser,je ne sais po si c est une bonne chOse la mondialisation… allez au plus offrant…. mais une chOse est sur tout le mOnde aime la Mousse au chocolat et tOn bLog! 😀 bon mardiii ! 😀

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