Do we forget so easy..!!!!!!!!!????

January  12th 
Earth quake in HAiti….First days hot news.
a lot of benefits …a lot of money
now with the earthquake in Chili. i started to think.
So much money  needed for those poor ppl without roof over their head or food.
and then during the news we saw one minut the ppl in Haiti fighting against water.
Now one month and a half after the earthquake with 200.000 death now 11 death cos the floads.
No tents..only plastic sheets and blankets..Babies sitting on paperboard.
Where is all that money???
Jesus  i cant understand why they dont have tents. Is that so difficult to help those poor ppl??
Flying with a plane filled with tents…take off…fly to Haiti..and trucks will drive to the places. Is that so difficult?
or i think to simple maybe??
No they discuss how they need to spend the money over years.
Same as tsunami???
Did  know that there is still money on the accounts of Tsunami aid???  This is not a joke  But the hard reality
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19 Responses to Do we forget so easy..!!!!!!!!!????

  1. Joe says:

    I think that internal corruption is a big part of the problem my friend. Pumping money into a broken system is about like pouring water through a siv.

  2. Gunveen says:

    money eating mediators =|

  3. Michiko's says:

    I agree with you Sweeti san that even I do think where is ALL THE MONEY gone? then yet we are still donated for the World aid…so many things are just disappearing to up into the air?OR a bad organized? This is a verey good post Sweeti san,Hopefully you have a warm weather? thinking of you:-)Michiko

  4. Beth says:

    You are right on. Where has all of the money gone?

  5. charming says:

    Hi MThe voultures like people always baged the bigger portion of donation :(Cha

  6. sillygloop says:

    Of 100 units of money donated, usually only 15 units reach the intended recipient. That means we need to do a lot more work on getting NGOs and social organizations established in all parts of the world, so they can quickly be activated to respond to emergencies.

  7. DilSe says:

    Dil (heart) se (from)

  8. Bea says:

    Ieps!Hoe gaat het met je??Oei ja maar nu weet je tenminste wat hij mankeert!!’k Hoop dat hij snel beter is!!En hoe gaat het op je werk?? Wat doe jij ook weer?Dikke zoenen x

  9. Newman says:

    Good question MJ however it could be quite difficult to trace all the money usage under that situation,so no one really know where’s all the money going…I’d honestly suggest ppl go to that country and help those people by themselves,don’t rely on donation or trust any organzation.cheers,Richard:)

  10. zorro says:

    On ne peut po faire comme si cela existait pas,quand je regarde les photos et 5 apres le tsunami il y a encore de terriible traces,pourquoi des organisations tel L onu n envoit t il po des tentes,problemes de pub,de marcher… ils oublies d en parler aux informations,des sports tel que le foot qui brasse beaucoup d argent pourrait faire un geste.. bon mardi a vOus! 😀

  11. Michiko's says:

    Hi Mj, it sound I called myself lol! as you know mine is Mj to signature (not full).I’m glad you likes the japanese dolls pictures next one is the boys day 5th-May lol!Maybe we used an opportunity to having a good times for ladys:-)Yesterday I’ve hold my breath for couple times at front of the sand banker lol! then I hitt a ball to shorter there the ball is hopping to the bankers…NO COMMENTS I don’t say anything that would you blieve that?Sometime that over confident is doesn’t work in my case…..Today is another hot 30c with no breeze that I don’t like very much…Just likes Beth’s said another 20 days time then we both have wonderful weather will come?Have a great day,Michiko

  12. Bea says:

    Ieps !Alles goed met je?? Wow, jij wekt idd wel op een groot "bedrijf" en in een mooie omgeving!!Hoe verloopt trouwens je week tot nu toe? ‘t is bijna weekend :pIk had gisteren mijn verjaardag dus ik ben in ieder geval in mijn nopjes :)Zoens x

  13. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi Mj,No need to worry my friend.I’ve been dealing with the loss of my stepfather, and kind of only being able to deal withwhat’s in front of me at the time. So, plz don’t be offended that I haven’t been here in awhile,you’ve been in my thoughts though.You make a good point with your entry. Over here in Australia, our news seems to be dominatedby bloody politics, and what the politicians are up to in their personal lives. All the kind of stuff that I’m interested in, or want to hear…NOT!I think that we don’t forget, but get distracted from what’s really important in life. Rightly or wrongly, I blame the media for that.Mj, wishing you well.And hoping that you’re having a good day!Garry xox

  14. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heey’kes Marijke !hoe gaat ‘t er nog mee? Met mij gaat ‘t goed, heb een vrije dag dus een lang weekend. Doet nog eens deugd, want ‘t is alweer een tijdje geleden. Ja, ‘k ben idd met Bea gaan shoppen & ‘t was heel plezant. ‘k Heb er van genoten & Bea ook.Eindelijk heb ‘k m’n laptop terug & ‘t is echt een plezier om met Windows 7 te werken! Alleen moet ‘k nu even zonder photoshop stellen, omdat er geen backup van is gemaakt. Ach ja, ben momenteel aan ‘t brainstormen voor m’n taak & ook voor op space. Dus dat kan geen kwaad om alles eens goed te bedenken, hé. ‘k Hoop wel dat ‘k gauw weer aan de slag kan.Succes met jullie kwis! Alles voor ‘t goeie doel, hé.Fijn weekend!Dikke KnuffBabyEvelyne

  15. Romeo says:

    ___ç$$$ç___$$$$$$$_####______####___*$$$$$$ç####___########_____*$$$$$$$$$$$##########_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$##########______$$$$$$$$$$$$$##########______$$$$$$$$$$_$$$##########______$$$$$$$$$$##$$$##########_______$$$$$$$$$_##$$###########______$$$$$$$$$$___$$#########_## _____$_$$$$$$$$$$__$$_######_## ___$$__$$$$$$$$$$_$$$__######______$$$$$$$$$$__$$$___#####______$$$$$$$$$___$$____####_# ______$$$$$$$$$_________##_# ______$$$$$$$$__________##_______$$$$$$___________##_______$$$$$$_______$$$$$$$_______$$$$$$$$_______$$$$$$$$_______$$$$_$$$$_______$$$___$$$$__ççç$$$$$$_çç$$$ -:¦:-♥-:¦:–:¦:-♥-:¦:–:¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥╚╗╔╝║║♫═╦╦╦╔╗║♫╝╠═╦╦╗╔╝╚╗♫╚╣║║║║╔╣╚╗╔╣║♫║♥╚═♫╝╚═╩═╩♫╩═╝♫╚╝╚═╩═╝¦:-♥-:¦:–:¦:-♥-:¦:–:¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:-¦:-♥-:¦:- Journey of Life:-♥-:¦:–:¦:-♥-:Do not undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others,It is because we are different that each of us is special.Do not set your goals by what other people deem important.Only you know what is best for you.Do not take for granted the things closest to your heart.Cling to them as you would your life,for without them, life is meaninglessDo not let your life slip through your fingersBy living in the past nor for the future.By living your life one day at a time,You live all the days of your life.Do not give up when you still have something to give.Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.It is a fragile thread that binds is to each other.Do not be afraid to encounter risks.It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.Do not shut out of your life by saying it is impossible to find.The quickest way to receive love is to give love;The fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly.In addition, the best way to keep love is to give it wings.Do not dismiss your dreams.To be without dreams is to be without hope;To be without hope is to be without purpose.Do not run through life so fast that you forgetnot only where you have been, but also where you are going.Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.

  16. ··¤ SETH says:

    Perhaps too much money came too quickly with too many expectations, as the perception at least is that much of the money has not been spent, much of the damage has not been corrected and many organizations are sitting on funds and, possibly, have benefited more than victims have. It is indeed a shame. A realistic look at these situations will balance the perception that relief funds from public donations and government grants are lost in inefficient programs and local corruption, that disaster areas often remain in crisis despite our generosity, and that our donated dollars are not fully spent and sit idly in some bank accounts. No doubt, there are some inefficiencies and corruption in some otherwise worthwhile programs.Much more than just prayers are needed for these people!

  17. ₪Μy§TẲfiЄĐ₪ says:

    Hi Mj,I had to laugh when I read what was happening in your politics :)We’re about to have state elections here and our Premier has beencaught out having sex with a married woman.The woman that he’s been having it off with has gone on the t.v. and had a lie detector test done "and it said that she wasn’t lying"and telling her side of the story and our premier has been denying that he ever had it off with her in his car or office lolit’s like a circus here at the moment :DAlso Mj, I wanted to thank you for your very kind and considerate thoughts,that..means a lot to me.I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!Garry xox

  18. Princess says:

    Good Post Mj. It is frustrating 2 know that money is there but tied up in bank accounts waiting 4 red tape 2 be cut. Luv PF XXX

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