Animal behaviour????

When i was a kid ( some years ago)  i used to keep photoos of animals with unnatural  behaviour.
and i can say i had a lot. A cat with a lil mouse as friend..Ohh  i had so many.
Animals that normally kill each other live like bro and sis.
Is it not for us to take an example of that?
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12 Responses to Animal behaviour????

  1. Joe says:

    The Bible mentions the lion laying down with the lamb when Christ sets all things in order however on this side the weidest thing I heard was a rattlesnake befriending a mouse…imagine that!

  2. Princess says:

    Aaaaw Beautiful Phots! Thank u 4 sharing! Hope u have a great Sunday night! Luv PF XXX

  3. Babblelot says:

    We all can git along if we want to I guess. Cute photos.

  4. Jorge says:

    Great photos, wonderful concept. It’s a shame that is not how the World works. Wish we had the power to make it so.Be well,J.

  5. R U Serious says:

    Great photos!! And NO!! I have NOT forgotten about you. I have just been out of sorts lately because of my feet and legs, but they are coming along. If you have never of Worm Grunting, visit my space.Hope you had a wonderful weekend.Bob~

  6. Princess says:

    hi sweeti, wow so cute they are..yes definetely we need to learn from the nature 😀

  7. Enter says:

    We sure need to be the guardian angels for those that have no voice.

  8. Michiko's says:

    A beautiful pictures, Yes! I believe in some animal’s are much better than some humans?Have a nice day,Michiko

  9. Bea says:

    Ieps !Alles goed met je?? Met mij gaat ‘t wel, alleen mis ik Dipyaman zo erg :(Hoe komt het dan dat je nu weet dat ik Dipyaman ‘mijn kikker’ noem??Succes met de competitie! Al heeft verdorie bijna niemand zin om te komen stemmen :o’k Dacht van oh jee ik ga al die stemmen niet kunnen bijhouden, want ze mogen 1x per elke dag stemmen… maar nee 😮 prrrt, wat een flop!Dikke zoenen xBea

  10. ηικκιħart says:

    Hi MJ,So cute these photos! I remember seeing something on tv once about a gorilla who had a little kitten friend, it treated it like a baby, it was amazing to see such a big powerful wild animal be so gentle and loving to something so small and fragile. No problem for that nomintation, hope you didn’t mind! I think your charitable works and kindness must add alot of joy to many so you were the first person I thought of for that contest. Hope you have a wonderful day, hugs, Nikki

  11. Bea says:

    Iepsepieps!Alles goed met je?? Ik ben ziek.. prrt :(Maandag is Dipyaman terug.. goh ik kan haast niet meer wachten!!Precies begint iedereen eindelijk wat te stemmen.. ‘t werd tijd :’]Heb je plannen voor het weekend?? Hopelijk komt het zonnetje er terug door!Dikke zoenen x

  12. ··¤ SETH says:

    Humans may be more civilized and "more advanced" but actually animals are much better behaved under most circumstances/situations. Have you ever noticed in movies that hundreds of people can be brutally murdered but if one animal is… it immediately becomes heart breaking? I think it has something to do with the seemingly inherent innocence of animals. They are eternal children. When they do something wrong, we correct their behavior like children, and we protect them like children or depending on their species… we just leave them the heck alone. Otherwise, they are like a child that never ages (Or rather, a child that never becomes an adult). Notice the difference in how people act toward children and how they act toward adults which, I still think they sometimes treat animals better than children.Also, for those who don’t like people, which is a very easy thing to do… animals are nothing like people. The relationship is easier to define. If they are going to bite you- they growl and bare their teeth. If they are going to love you, they drop their ears and run up to lick you depending on the species. You almost always know EXACTLY what they are going to to do based on their species and natural instincts. There aren’t really any surprises like there are with people. People are grey. Animals are black and white.

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