Parkour the new SpOrT

Young guys call it Parkour. Parkour is a kind of escape technic that was used by soldiers fighting in Vietnam to evacuate and keep the enemy at some distance. One of those guys a french gymnastic guy trained  his son with those technics and after some time it became a discipline.
The young guys in the suburbs of Paris had a new adventures sport. A new challenge was born.( but a dangerous one)
its an urban sport.
We all saw in JAmes Bond Casino Royale, the latest Bond movie…. Daniel was running/jumping behind Foucan.
Most ppl thought this is fake. But seems that Foucan is doing the stunts himself.
In Belgium we have now a group of guys doing these kind of sport..Its the most dangerous hobby u can have these days.
Now last week a guy named Olivio was climbing the library building of the university of Leuven and fell down.
Now the Parkour guys say this has nothing to do with their sport..cos they never take chances like that.
What Olivio did was very risky.
But what to do??  
Can we blame the movie makers????  No way… use ur common sense i would say.
If we climb a tree ….we can fall…no??
If we climb a mountain we can fall no?
If we climb a building we can fall deep  and hard…He had to pay the highest price for that kick.
We all do crazy in our lives  yes?? 
I feel sorry for those that stay behind.
Olivio doesnot get a second chance.
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9 Responses to Parkour the new SpOrT

  1. Lady says:

    True , Sweetie, we all do crazy things, but there’s no second chance in this life if you put yourself in mortal danger. NO button to press and halt the action like a movie. And as you say, it’s the ones left behind who mourn. IT seems for some the thrill is life’s blood, they need the constant challenge to feel alive. Their choice, but at such a high cost. LadyPx

  2. Arctic says:

    Hi MJ, like your new profile photo, sorry for late reply, i was out of town for few days,it was ok, but the results come out until June, too slow. i guess spring time is the mst beautiful time in Toronto.i really enjoyed lots.Hugs and good weekend.

  3. ROCKET says:

    I did a lot of stupid things when I was young and indestructible……or so I thought. The worst part about being that age is that people can warn you of the dangers over and over but it doesn’t sink in until something tragic happens.

  4. Lost in says:

    the things they do to get their buzz.

  5. ღ_BabyEvelyne says:

    Heey Marijke !hoe gaat ‘t er mee? Ja, ‘k probeer da te doen, maar dat lukt niet altijd. Enfin, ja. Voor ‘t moment gaat wel goed met me. Jammergenoeg wordt ‘t weekend niet te zonnig. Hopelijk wordt ‘t toch nog een beetje mooi.Niet dat we echt iets van plan zijn, maar ‘t is toch leuker met een streepje zon, hé.KnuffBabyEvelyne

  6. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,It is todays young people that their are living an excitment life that they have no tomorrow?I feel sorry for their parents though as same time I’ll be very upset for their attitude in the selfish ways.Have a great weekend,Michiko

  7. Aussie says:

    Well thats an eyeopener for this old Vietnam Veteran , I have never heard of it , but I sure as hell know how to run and jump when someones got a rifle up your arse .Ian aka Emu

  8. ··¤ SETH says:

    That is one of the biggest problems/issues that we have in today’s society…. taking ownership and accepting consequences for one’s actions. Accepting responsibility is nothing more or less than developing your response-ability. It’s too easy to lay the blame on someone else.. or something else… for the choices we make. It’s easier to blame other individuals for our disappointments. Heaven forbid we take a look in the mirror and acknowledge the role we played. Even when we find ourselves in situations that we feel are not of our choosing, we are still responsible for how we handle the issue and blaming another is an easy way to take the responsibility off ourselves.

  9. Newman says:

    Hi MJ,we all do crazy things in life,but if that comes with high price then we should really think about it’s worth or not.Climb a building is far more dangerous than climb a tree because of the height difference.We just live once so we got to be careful,everyone’s responsible for their own lives right. Have a nice Tuesday xxxRichard:)

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