JAsmine FlOwEr

Why women in India love to wear Jasmine flowers in their hair. 
i was talking to day with a friend about this. 
the fragrance is fresh and sweet. And i must say i love to see those white flowers in the dark hair  of the always  gracefull Indian women
I checked on Wikipedia.
Jasmine Flower sellers selling ready garlands, or bunches in case of the thicker variety (Motiyaa or Mogaraa, of Jasmine (and also flowers by weight) is a common site seen in most city streets, around entrances to Temples, and major business areas including bus stands, in many parts of India, majorly so beginning with Mumbai and generally from Maharashtra onwards in all of south India. In Kolkata too it is not a totally unfamiliar sight, though in north women and girls generally by tradition do not wear flowers in hair so the sales on roads are fewer.
  • Jasmine flower is mainly worn in the hair of ladies for its beauty and fragrance. Further it is used for flower decorations, in marriages and important functions.
  • Jasmine is cultivated at Pangala, in Karnataka, India, and exported to Middle Eastern countries.
    It seems different from area..to area
    But the cutest answer i got was…  Well they smell nice for their Husband.
    Wow..Sweet nah
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    20 Responses to JAsmine FlOwEr

    1. Bea says:

      Ieps !Alles goed met je?? Ondertussen vliegen de vliegtuigen weer!Goh, laat ons hopen dat wij dat niet hebben wanneer we naar India gaan !Hmm die bloemenblog.. je maakt mij nog meer curieus :’)Hoe verloopt je weekend? Vandaag heb ik van 10u tot 21u voor school gewerkt,omai ik dacht dat er geen einde aan kwam!Btw, vanaf half augustus zal ik op kot zitten :DMorgen spendeer ik een dag met Dipyaman :)Mwah x

    2. Joe says:

      I have seen it and think it’s really a beautiful flower and always enhances beauty. How I miss seeing that every day!

    3. Beth says:

      The jasmine flower is gorgeous.

    4. Androgoth says:

      Sweeti..How Sweetly Is The Night..As Vampires Often Say.. lolJasmine Is Better Than ThatGarlic.. Have A Fangtastic Eve..Androgoth XXx

    5. Michiko's says:

      I loved the Jasmine flowers fragrance though even I get heyfever from thatlol!I noticed the jasmine tea you can buy in the an asian shops.Have a great weekend Sweeti san!Michiko

    6. Arctic says:

      hey MJ, It is interesting to see women wear real jasmine flowers on their heads. i guess it at least could conceal unpleasant sweet smell in hot India.thanks for your concern over my exams, yes, it is a long time to wait for the result, but i guess there would be no problem to pass. hope you can enjoy flowers longer, but the reality is the northerner a place, the shorter the blossom season. we can’t control it.happy Sunday.

    7. ··¤ SETH says:

      Here’s hoping that this greeting finds you keeping well.http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc51/Seth_station14/weekend-1.jpgHave a blessed day tomorrow and thereafter! …… I shall be back! :o)

    8. ajit says:

      Jasmine as the tale goes even gods made a debate wether the fragrance in a womans hair is natural or by the jasmine flower madurai is famous for malligai jasmine

    9. T says:

      Your answer is quite original 😉

    10. ··¤ SETH says:

      Everyone knows that flowers can have speacial meanings and I happen to know that Jasmine means ‘Sensuality’ or ‘Amiability’… truly a fitting flower for a woman to wear in her hair… behind her ear… or around her wrist. It seems that most flowers symbolize positive things, but very few symbolize negative things, like a black rose, but it doesn’t exist in Nature.

    11. ··¤ SETH says:

      I have to agree, that ‘… the cutest answer i got was… Well they smell nice for their Husband…’ And I bet that he is a truly happy man.

    12. ··¤ SETH says:

      The most beautiful thing a woman can ever wear is confidence…. and if she’s wearing a flower in her hair – BONUS! Let’s face it, what man does not appreciate a woman who does that little extra to make herself appealing to her man. It does work both ways too. A man should want to impress her too!

    13. charming says:

      Hi M,Yes, Jasmin is very simple but beautiful and rich in its fragrance..May be it is a symbol of how a woman should be…Simple but make everybody refresh with her mild nature…We use jasmin flowers to offer in temples..but very hard to find them here.. and it is an auyrvedic treatment to use the water soaked in flowers overnight for eye irritation, infections etc…HugsCha

    14. Lady says:

      I Love the smell of jasmine, sweeti, we have some growing over an arch in our garden, as you pass beneath the fragrance surrounds you. I’m not surprised at it’s popularity, and I agree it looks wonderful worn against the darkest of hair. bye for now. LadyPx

    15. Enter says:

      So, when are u wearing one mozham (one feet i think) of the braided flowers to office? 🙂

    16. Lady says:

      I meant to say on my last visit, sweeti, congratulations on winning the caption competition. Hugs to you. and I came to smell the jasmine again!!. ah Lovely!! LadyPx

    17. Adrian says:

      Hi MJ,Very interesting info,..love the smell of jasmine! The Indian women got it right but, Seth said it all, "The most beautiful thing a woman can ever wear is confidence"Happy hump day and have a pleasant weekend.Adrian

    18. Michiko's says:

      Hi Sweeti san,I read the news paper it says Belgium bans Muslim veil in public by Belgian Mp’s.Peeople who ignore the law could face a fine of @?(it hard see the mark)15-25 and or jail sentence of up to seven days.Enjoy your day,Michiko

    19. Lady says:

      Hi Sweeti, I saw your comment when I visited Cha’s guestbook and I called round to leave you a gif , thinking your guestbook was up and running, I’m not that good at changing things on my site, but from what I remember, you click on ‘customize’ at the top of your page., a list drops down, and you click, ‘add modules’, another list appears, and you click on ‘Guestbook’, (it should have ‘show’ next to it and when you click it changes to ‘hide’ Click on ‘Save’ on the right side of your page, and then you can edit a greeting for your guests and ‘hey presto’ I can leave a lovely picture for you.I hope this is of help. Have a great week-end, my friend, LadyPx

    20. Newman says:

      Hi MJ,I think Indian husbands r lucky,perfume can never be compared with the fragrance of the real flower. In China I seldom see woman wearing any flower,I’d hope to visit India oneday.Richard:)

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