Loud music in mY CaR???

When we sit on a terrace having a cool drink in summer. ( Last year)  This year we probably skip summer) 
it looks like autumn now instead of spring. Ontblote tanden
A lot of ppl walking from here there,we call it ….sit and watch ppl.
Everyone has eyes, nose, mouth..arms,  legs..and not one is same.
and all of a sudden we wake up out of our thoughts. Cars with loud music on slowly pass in the small jam in front of our eyes.
its a kind of drumsession what we hear Only the heavy bonkabonk tunes come to our ears.
we always ask ourselves if those young guys hear any sounds of the street?
But  next!!!!
When i drove at the parking place at work a colleague of mine told me..He ur always playing Bryan Adams or Santana
when u drive ur car???
I asked  why u ask???…well  he said ..i can hear ur car coming..100 meters far.
Oepsie  daisy…im also  such a bonkabonk  driver.
So from now on….i need to watch the mirror first…and then complain.
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17 Responses to Loud music in mY CaR???

  1. Beth says:

    Loud music in the cars is the normal thing in America; the louder the better. The cartoon is so cute.

  2. Michiko's says:

    Sweeti san, I don’t believe your music are not likes BONKABONK lol! at reast Bryan Adams has nice voice and beautiful sing songs to listining too:-)Have a great Sunday,Michiko

  3. ajit says:

    Music on the movebryan adams tune on a stready drivecountry on a long drive pety

  4. Michiko's says:

    Ha ha ha Sweeti san! we both comments each other in the sametime at our space :-)Millie’s going to be big sis for a boy or girl sometime in the next week her mother’s due on the 15th May.and I’m an anxiety time which I have been too.

  5. Enter says:

    Record a police car’s siren and play it…at least the roads ahead will be clear n orderly. If caught, say u’re a fan of that music 🙂

  6. Joe says:

    I usually play a lot wilder music when I drive but I do have to watch my speed then LOL! That’s kind of like driving while listening to Loreena McKennitt…I love it but it might make me drive too slow! My sympathies with the weather…exactly the same for us…I never hear the end of everyone talking about their temperatures that we don’t get until July…how annoying! Have a great day anyway my friend!

  7. Princess says:

    Hehehhehee, I like my music loud! Hope u have a Wonderful Weekend! Luv PF XXX

  8. Androgoth says:

    Sweeti..I Like The Music Up Full Blast Too.. lolWell It’s Not Full Blast Like Years Ago..But i Still Prefer To Hear It Played LoudHave A Wicked Rest Of Weekend.. I LikeThis Blog It Makes Me Chuckle.. lolAndrogoth XXx

  9. Enter says:

    http://www.cricinfo.com/ is a good site to keep track of anything cricket related

  10. Michiko's says:

    Good evening? Sweeti san, Sorry about Millie’s pictures it should be under the flowers that confusing you :-)I nearly changing around then my thought was it may disapered totally?I may needed to listen to my favoreit music now (Full Blast way and make sure all windows are closed:-)10- 45am. Sunday morning in here.Big Hugs, Enjoy your day,Michiko

  11. Marilena says:

    hehehehe that was funny!! Sometimes I have loud music in my car but I turn the volume down when I see people 😛

  12. Michiko's says:

    My favorite singers are very similar to yours:-) Nat King Cole, Geroge Michel, Bryan Adams, Michael Jackson, Marian Carey,Barbra Streisand, Whitny Huston. Celine Dion, Dido. I likes some of their songs not all them;-)Enjoy your day Sweeti san,Michiko

  13. charming says:

    Hi M, Loud music.. alas..here some buses play very loud music which i hate..but some buses play very soft music which makes us forget the traffic…Not only loud music …. loud blabbering also a disturbance to your neighbours… my neighbourhood ladies are always converse in very loud voice and i always think when they are going to stop it and will let me have a quite moment…. …Cha

  14. Lady says:

    I suppose everyone likes loud music, to listen to, but when they hear someone else , well, they never think they’ve had it that loud. Maybe it’s a modern thing, with everyone wanting to share ;-)Hope you’ve had a great week-end Sweeti, I watched a lot of football, and my team won, but didn’t hold onto their title. Better luck next time!!. LadyPx

  15. Newman says:

    Hi MJ I think everyone loves music,and I know some drivers like to put loud music on while close the window and keep all music inside.lol. Maybe it’s better. I think when music becomes too loud,they become noise.So better keep them down.Richard:)

  16. Arctic says:

    hahaha, you can keeping loud music when you drive on highway no one else around, i like making music loud when i driven, but my wife doesn’t. is weather still bad? if i tell you ppl hear still live in white world, you will cheer up are enjoying autumn now, kidding,.hope the days lets you enjoy cool drink on terrace come soon!

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