The Kylemore castle.

Ireland is loaded with castles and abbeys.
we where so happy we had  a guided  trip..cos then u dont miss a thing..Thumbs up for our guide.
One of the most beautiful castles is Kylemore. Every room is furnished. wow  those firceplaces…awesome.
The Story of Kylemore…Castle and Abbey – is a truly remarkable one. The twist of fate which its occupants experienced from moments of romance and happiness to sadness and courage have all combined to create a fascinating history spanning over 150 years.
The lake on the front side of the castle
Kylemore is home to a community of nuns of the Benedictine Order who came here in 1920 after their abbey in Ypres , Belgium  ( yes  Belgium MY Country lol) was destroyed in WW 1.Settling at Kylemore, the Benedictine Communicty opened a world renowned boarding school for girls and began retsoring the everything tot their former glory.
See this open fire.  Must have been very romantic in those days.
and what about this .
U wanna join for a chess game??
and then
the door to the garden..
i asked my husband to copy this garden to ours …hihi..nice try no???
and then
we row away to the next
lovely  aint it…
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16 Responses to The Kylemore castle.

  1. Joe says:

    Few places in the world appealed to me like Ireland. It felt so homey yet exotic…just love it! Great pictures my friend!

  2. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,Loved the Ireland just beautiful though never get dry out from hot weathers?as you know I love to spend time at out door all the time:-)You makes me to visit there? in dream…. you had a good shot with your pictures both thumb up!Have a great weekend,Michiko

  3. Michiko's says:

    My space is back to normal that after 15 days:-) but would stay this way? who knows …..Well I still like this place…after all that years my friend Sweeti san:-)Lets stay with together shall we:-)Big Hugs.Michiko

  4. Androgoth says:

    You certainly enjoyed your stay in Ireland Sweetihope you have a lovely Friday and equally a wickedweekend.. Be good now.. Androgoth XXx

  5. Beth says:

    Beautiful pics! I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  6. ROCKET says:

    It’s beautiful! Thanks for taking us along with you.

  7. sillygloop says:

    Thanks 4 the beautiful tour 🙂 Sounds like an idyllic place for a summer vacation!

  8. Lady says:

    HI Sweeti, looks like you’re having a wonderful holiday looking round the splendour of Ireland..and , yes, that boat looks very, very inviting…The garden looks fabulous. but imagine?…all that upkeep, all that back breaking work…best to let them do all the work and we just enjoy the view…Was there an ‘atmosphere’ to the inside of the Castle?.. the sheer age of it screams past adventures. So glad you’re enjoying the trip … Sweeti…and looking forward to more updates.. x LadyP x

  9. dying2die says:

    Hi sweeti wow Kool pics indeed its really worth goin there and how are you doing deardo take care Regards D2D

  10. Androgoth says:

    Thank You For Calling By My Gothic Realm Sweeti I’ve Just Been Looking At All These Wicked Pictures Again, I Wonder, Did Your Husband Rush Into The Garden Shed And Begin A New Diagram For Sweeti’s Garden Request? I Bet He Is Still Out There Trimming The Hedges, Mowing The Lawns, Planting The Many Flowers And Wondering Where You Want The Swimming Pool? Have A Most Exciting Rest Of Evening Now My Great Friend.. Androgoth XXx

  11. Bea says:

    Ieps Marijke!Alles goed met je? Met mij gaat ‘t wel.Echt warm he, man man man.. ik zweet als een octopus :’)Ja, voor het water heb ik het meeste schrik.. daarvoor zal ik serieus mogen oppassen!Deze week laat ik de eerste inentingen zetten… .Oh, wat erg van je schoonzus *knuff* Mijn deelneming!Mooie foto’s in je blog trouwens!!Zoensel x

  12. Lady says:

    thanks for dropping by , Sweeti, I’ve seen a little of Ireland…, and my brother lives near Bunclody, Northern Ireland, that’s where he gets most of his marvellous photo’s from…the area round about him is teeming with flora and fauna alike… Trouble is he;s miles from anywhere, so visiting is a bit out of the question at the moment.. he loves it there though……Hope your holiday weather stays dry for you….and sunny too, of course..xLadyPx

  13. ··¤ SETH says:

    Wow – stunning pictures and great information. Truly beautiful! I hope one day to be able to visit Ireland.

  14. ηικκιħart says:

    Wow MJ what a wonderful looking castle, i’m fascinated with castles, so massive and old and beautiful, they can be spooky too, probably due to the fact most are so very old.I love these pictures! Hugs, Nikki

  15. Newman says:

    I like castles! 🙂 Remind me of knights,king and princess haha. And I like Irish jokes. Also nice pictures here xxxRichard:)

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