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We cant….

  Tx Pety for sending me one of ur creations   the world we human create is never perfectwe cant plug oil leakswe cant cure cancer or aidswe cant make 100% earth quake proof buildingwe cant stop floodswe cant…………. do … Continue reading

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Years ago i wanted to make entries with only good news. well its kind of difficult. And today was a bad day for me but whats worse??   I read the news abt the 33 guys in Chile. Those guys dont suffer they say…well i think … Continue reading

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Bacha Basi

U heard of this???  Probably not.  I read about it some months back in one of my books about other cultures. I think im on a dangerous path now..but i have to write about it. Bacha Basi  Populair in Afghanistan.  They … Continue reading

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Coincidence??? I dont think so…

I know for sure now that my friendship with certain persons is meant to be. Simple signes i will give u an example   I have a friend Sisira in sri lanka ( disabled teacher sunday classes) a super motivated person. We … Continue reading

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