Bacha Basi

U heard of this???  Probably not.  I read about it some months back in one of my books about other cultures.
I think im on a dangerous path now..but i have to write about it.
Bacha Basi 
Populair in Afghanistan. 
They call them Dancing boys  But actuallly they are sex slaves Lured off the streets by pimps, taught to dance and sing. Performing before men. All of them are sexually abused.
TAliban forbid these actions. But rich powerfull business men pay a lot of money to have their own boy.
When such a boy disobey the "owner"they are killed or brutalised.
United Nations knows about these issues. And knowing who is funding this practices and why the police cant stop this, nothing happens till now.
Kids.. I know i write a lot abt them.
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12 Responses to Bacha Basi

  1. Beth says:

    How very awful. This is sickening and the fact that government knows and does nothing about it is reprehensible.

  2. Michiko's says:

    You would think why these things exist in todays world? the picture of the boy is very handsome but it shows on his face is a sadeness.The sex coase a lot of in this world, We were lucky to not born in these countries Sweeti san:-)Hope they have a bright future to coming near future.Big Hugs,Michiko

  3. sillygloop says:

    A very sad situation indeed!

  4. ajit says:

    abused an innocent puts heavens to ragein the hells torment they will earn the wage

  5. Newman says:

    In middle east the religion is very strong,ppl can’t show their desire for sex which result in more gays there. However dance kid is a very sick idea,but when a man is rich and powerful, it seems very few ppl can stop him being cruel…oh these god damn sick bastardsRichard

  6. Androgoth says:

    It Is A Very Sad Life For Many Of Our Worldly Children, Suffering With Every Sin Known To Mankind In A Frenzy of The Cruel… Your Love Of Children & The Highlighted Plights of Their Young & Innocent Lives Is A Credit To Your Humanity Sweeti… Have A Lovely Rest of Weekend Now.. Androgoth XXx

  7. Jorge says:

    How sad those eye are! And for such horribly sad reasons!Be well,J.

  8. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,Last night we had federal elections and the results at night after six hours on TV showsAND both came up the same ….we are waiting for the results today? or a later weeks?The Labor & the Liberals, they are much the same…..They don’t keep their promise anyway lol!Did you contact to Vijay? I may send to him massage? Have a nice weekend,Michiko

  9. Arctic says:

    Hello MJ, I never know this, this world is full of evils even today. back to work now and commencement of another busy season. how is your summer so far?have a good Sunday!Wolf.

  10. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti san,As you said I’m relax that when I having a holidays and you were too.We both have shows on our profile photos…Good luck to us ha ha haI go to play golf today:-)Have a great day,Michiko

  11. ··¤ SETH says:

    Maybe if muslims (not all of course) weren’t so afraid of women, they might have a healthier attitude towards sex. Real women they hide in bags and then dress up little boys as women. Something is terribly wrong.

  12. ··¤ SETH says:

    The authorities may be unable to do anything much right now…but thank God there’s a day of reckoning for all who do these things not just in Afghanistan but everywhere.

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