We are all in the same boat i guess. Still havent found out where that i find my foto album ( WLS)

Where i find my list of friends?  Are they gone now?  I have been 5,5 years on WLS  with all the ups and downs.

When i get a comment ..i want to answer again.  How can i do that??  i get page not found.



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17 Responses to Blindfolded

  1. jacqui says:

    I found you. I just clicked on your blog title & it took me here. I’m relieved it stores all the archives but I’m not jumping just yet.
    If you find your contacts perhaps you could tell us all?
    Have a great dat!!!

  2. nikkihart says:

    Hi MJ,
    I havent signed up with this yet but will in a couple days. Then I’ll be able to begin to try and figure out all the new things about it.
    I left you a comment in your blog post here a few days ago, now it seems like that post is gone, not in your blog list and so the comment is gone too. I think you called the post “I don’t know” . Did you remove it or was it removed by wordpress?
    I have a feeling we might have to do friends list the old way we did before…..put in a list, name with link. But comments, wow thats important to be able to see and reply, I’ll try to get that worked out when I have the account here.
    Bye for now, hugs, Nikki

  3. penpusherpen says:

    HI there Sweeti,
    I have no idea where the photo albums have gone. I can’t find mine either.
    Seems that ‘Dashboard’ under ‘My Blog’ is where all the action is, from the top of your page. IT’ll show you all sorts of links, including recent comments. When you’re signed in it’ll show you your recent comments, and any from other people who’ve visited and left one. Always try and ‘subscribe’ when you find a friends place, and you should get emails saying when they’ve updated..
    It takes time and a lot of going in circles, or so it seems to me, to try and understand the differences from WLS. and I’m still trying to discover how to make a friends list.
    I’ll keep you posted MJ,
    xLadyP, aka. xPenx

  4. andro51 says:

    Sweeti your photo’s are still at WLS and if you wish to add any here then you simply download them to your pc from your own photograph albums at WLS and then add a page here (A GALLERY OR A PAGE) so don’t worry they are not lost my wicked friend…

    Also if you want to be able to see blogs from your friends here on WordPress all you have to do is Subscribe to their blogs and that way you will get an e mail eveytime that friend posts something new, so that you can add your thoughts to it and vice versa, if your friends here do the same…

    Another way of following comments from WordPress is to hover your mouse over your (MY BLOG) at the top of your Space here at WordPress… Also track your own comments from the (MY ACCOUNT) at the top of your Space, where there are options for both, don’t you worry Sweeti, nothing is lost and you can add your photographs…

    As for friends the merge between WLS & WordPress means that your Friends Listing is still located at WLS and as each of our friends migrate here to WordPress by clicking on the Upgrade we pick them all up with adding their Usernames… Its just a bit different here, but together we will ALL find the answers to each and every concern…

    Be good now and I hope this info helped a little? Androgoth XXx

  5. andro51 says:

    Sorry Lady Pen, You’ve Already added this Info… Trust Andro Not to Look At the Other Comments First… lol But It’s Really Great How We Can Help Each Other Find Our Way Here Don’t You Think Sweeti? Be Good Now… Oops i Said That On My Other Comment… lol Androgoth XXx

  6. Princess says:

    hi sweeti welcome here… you’ll soon love this environment.. it gives a lot of options for sidebar widgets and all…


  7. andro51 says:

    Hi Sweeti can you still access your e mail on WLS? If you can get into that, you can go to your Profile on WLS from there and so… From your Profile inside WLS you can click onto your Photograph Albums… Then you can take ALL or just a few of your Photographs as and when you require them (Downloading them directly onto your computer), try having a go that way and let me know how you get on?

    Here at WordPress when you try clicking on a username (If that person’s username is not highlighted when your mouse pointer runs over it, then that user is either NOT upgraded to WordPress yet or their Profile / Space here is set to Private, so don’t worry we will keep thinking of ways to sort any issues out as and when they arise. Have a nice rest of day now Sweeti and if you have any further problems just ask me and I will try to figure out some solutions… Androgoth XXx

  8. andro51 says:

    BTW – I am deleting that most recent Script I wrote as it’s maybe just a little too naughty for here, I am just saying this as your comments to me will disappear along with the Script so I don’t want you thinking that I didn’t appreciate you adding comments to me there, as I always appreciate all of my wicked friends comments… Be Good Now… Androgoth XXx

  9. Michiko says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    I hope you will works out with andro51 ‘s helps?
    I like your front page Sweeti san:-)
    Big Hugs,

  10. Sweeti says:

    We took this foto in Java in 2006 Jjust after the earthquake there
    i loves the foto…original he is more beautiful than here
    yes in happy with Andro’s info
    now im gonna test the quiz and will try to morrow here on Word press

  11. arcticwl says:

    hey Sweetie,
    Those are not only your questions, but shared by many, there is no photo albums here , instead, there is a media library,but seems no way to display except at your header.
    put your urls of your friends in blogger surfer, they you can see them in one window.
    comment is not a problem, i guess you have figured out.

  12. Hello sweeti 🙂 Well I have finally got in! Nothing short of a miracle…I have been trying for the last couple of days! Don’t worry…all will become clear in time. It would help if there were more hours in a day but since most of us are in the same boat of confusion we will be able to learn together and share the new things we learn as we go 🙂

  13. Michiko says:

    Sweeti San,
    The friends list, may be we could list ourselves just like an old days?
    Sweeti She like a butterfly….
    I feel pretty much up in air with these big change…
    But I need few a good friends not hundred of friends Sweeti san.
    see you,

  14. jorge medico says:

    I’ve not yet switched over for the same reason you are experiencing all these problems, but I’ll try and learn through your sad experience 🙂 I’ve just returned from a great 2-week vacation. You can find the photos on my old site.
    Be well,

  15. Hi Sweeti,
    I’ve done it, got my new wp site, I havent work out how to do much with it yet but only because I havent had time, I think it will be easy once we get going and maybe better than spaces too. Here is my WordPress url
    I think we put wp spaces in the Subscribe thing, its sort of like our friends network was I guess? See you soon MJ, Have a great night, big hugs Nikki

  16. mystafied says:

    Hi Mj,
    Good to see you up and running with wordpress. I haven’t had much spare time to figure how things work yet, but hopefully over the weekend I’ll have some free time to upload some pics and rearrange my site.
    I think this will be a lot of fun!

    Mj…have a fantastic weekend!

  17. billgrant43 says:

    Hi .
    I had a ” Space” on Windows Live but am now, myself, with WordPress. It takes a bit of working out, but you will soon find your way round.
    Sorry to bother you. I am trying to find out if anyone has heard from Zeynep Ankara since July 09. I know she used to take lots of time to her self when writing, but not for this long. Pretty soon all blogs on Live will cease to be and all her material and contact list will be lost. I would be pleased to hear any news, however slight.
    Many thanks .

    Bill Grant

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