When friends leave

Today  was a day i will remember long time.

i never had the idea to loose friends cos of the fact they have a girl friend.

The new GF doesnot like any friendship of another woman/girl. Its now the second time that i experience this. It hurts like hell. 5 years of friendship…No fight…no argue. Just healthy talks. What does this friendship means to them?? My GF does not want me to have u as a friend??? Girls dont like their BF to have friends?I think i have to take a deep breath, now. Am i a threat??  No no.  i was so happy for him. I am an adult..I could be her/his mom.I wanted to share his happiness.. This came as a cold shower.

U can say im to much emotional..Maybe i am. Jesus i have tears now. Why??

I remember now a saying.. if u have sand in ur hand and u close….sand will come out.

Love can be choking  no??   But i can say..Inside me the friendship will stay  …..for ever and a day.

One day…….

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29 Responses to When friends leave

  1. arcticwl says:

    I know there is this kind of GF/WF, but still hard to believe around you or me someday!

  2. andro51 says:

    Hi Sweeti,

    I guess that this kind of issue is really down to your friend, who should not be allowing this friendship, this girlfriend of his to determine who and who not he can have as a friend, whether it be a female or male friend is of no importance, or it shouldn’t be. It seems to me that his girlfriend has some kind of identity crisis, or perhaps she is just ruled by jealousy, meaning that she alone owns her man? This characteristic is most definitely a selfish one, and not something to be proud of…

    Of course this is only my own opinion and I am talking generally as I do not know either of these friends of yours, but I do know that where the friendship is just friendship then there is nothing wrong with that at all… Sorry to see him take her side in this Sweeti… Be well my great friend…

    Androgoth XXx

  3. andro51 says:

    I meant to say I don’t know your friend…

    Androgoth XXx

  4. andro51 says:

    Hi Sweeti…

    I am just replying to what you mentioned on my Space, as I wasn’t sure whether or not you wanted me to comment here or on my Space…

    Of course you are hurting, he is a very good friend of over five years and a friend that you really like, and the crazy part is, is that he likes you too, so why his girlfriend is being so blatantly negative over your friendship I have no idea, I suppose she is insecure or just jealous of you but she has no cause to have those feelings…

    It’s not fair when that happens but really I blame him, as he should make it especially clear that your friendship means something to him and that you are just platonic friends, he needs to talk to her and make sure she understands what this true friendship is all about…

    I think that your friend is incredibly weak, he should not give up on you as his friend just because of her say so, I mean there is nothing wrong with having a friend of the opposite sex is there? I truly hope that he does have a discussion with her Sweeti… Be well my great friend and do try not to be worrying over this as it is down to him to sort this out and if he doesn’t then perhaps he is not worthy of your friendship?

    I hope that I have not said the wrong thing here, but I am just thinking that neither of you should lose out on this very good friendship just because his new girlfriend doesn’t like the idea…

    Androgoth XXx

  5. shawnskc says:

    Hi mommy good morning, as per our conversation yesterday, your friend oh sorry should i mention your Xfriend should understand that he can’t step into the same river twice, losing you as a friend his loss, trust me they are many different type of fish in a pond (some of the fish scared of their gf) and some of them are not, some want to be free and some would like to explore. God bless my angel should be positive cause you always are, you help me up and i down want to see you down. Take care.

  6. Having had recent experience of this deeply upsetting situation I do sympathise. Hopefully your friend will see the light before it’s too late to salvage a valuable friendship. It seems to me they are so caught up with their feelings for the new woman in their life, who in these situations is usually dominant, controlling and very very very jealous and possessive, they are quite simply totally blind to what is really happening. Once the blinkers fall away they do tend to see the situation in it’s true form and are somewhat horrified as they realise what they were about to throw away in terms of loyal long-standing friends. Once it finally filtered through to my friend that this woman was demanding he give up ALL his friends and have no contact with anyone but her he ended things there and then. But it wasn’t till she pushed him to a certain point, that he saw the light for himself. So don’t give up sweetie. Hang in there…good things come to those who wait. Wolfie hug for you 🙂

  7. Babyman says:

    HeLLouuuu Sweetiii! 😀
    Friends it s a prEsents fOr smiLe,
    ve a nice week end fOr yOu and yOur friends! 😀

  8. Yes…it does hurt…like hell. And it’s lonely too. Trouble is very few people seem capable of understanding or accepting that a man and woman can have a close friendship without it always having to be a full blown relationship. I really feel for because your situation echoes my own recent one like it WAS my own. It’s never wise to dump your friends for a relationship…if it doesn’t work out as so many don’t, and especially if it wasn’t your choice to end it, it’s a very lonely place to be at when you’ve lost all your friends too. But you can’t reason with jealous controlling girl/boyfriends…

  9. The one thing I would say was unless you really know, deep down in your heart of hearts that there’s no chance for you and your friend to come out the other side of this to continue a valued friendship, then don’t give up on him…like you I was no threat to the relationship nor did I try to hurt anyone but it took some time for him to see for himself what this woman was really like…and I didn’t know if he ever would but it WAS worth hanging in there and I’d love to think it would be for you too.

    “Listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye…listen to your heart, it’s all you can do…I don’t know where you’re going and I don’t know why…but listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye…” x 🙂

  10. Joe says:

    I know for sure jealousy is no help to a relationship at all. It does for sure choke the life out of the person you’re in a relationship and it can be devastating. Sorry to hear that this is happening to you.

  11. Vijay says:

    Can’t really understand this…a guy wouldn’t let his GF decide what he wears, but feels threatened enough to scale back on his friendships?

  12. chicasl10 says:

    tx a lot everyone for ur reactions. i Searched on wikipedia what the word friendship means..Its being there when ur down…Its laughing when he/she is happy.
    the simple things the REAL things I know one thing. I have reral friends here.
    tx again guys.

  13. Streetwise Billy says:

    Hi Marijke

    I can empathize with you on this. But you know… people come, people go. I learned a long time ago, there are 2 pre-requisites to happiness in relationships. (1) Not to expect a relationship to last forever, therefore not to “cling on” or get ourselves too attached to the point of expecting it to be permant. People change, things change, circumstances change, priorities change. (2) Make the best of what we have and when we have. We cant always be with the one we love, so make the best of what we have while we have.

    Here are some wise words from the Dalai Lama…

    “Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.”

    Learn to let go. Not give up… but let go and detach. That is the key to happiness.


    • chicasl10 says:

      Tx a lot Billy Wise words indeed. I need to concentrate more on that.
      im to emotional i know.
      I want to visit ur space but cant open??
      pls send me a link oke???

  14. Princess says:

    Hi sweeti, it really hurts like you say, why do people avoid understanding true friendships!!
    I wish your friend comes back and be a good friend with you as before.

  15. Hi MJ,
    I wish the police could find and arrest hackers, seems not much is done about them and we are all always at their mercy like sitting ducks just hoping they dont key in our password! Hopefully we’ll be ok but for Seth it’s come at a time when he has exams all week and the last thing he needed was to deal with a hacker. He won’t let it get to him though, he’ll get it all sorted.
    About your blog, I can see the pain you have feeling you lost your friend, i’m sorry hon.
    I hope it works out for you soon. Hugs, Nikki

  16. penpusherpen says:

    I am so sorry, Sweeti, but that’s the way with some women, they see a threat in another female, any female in fact. Maybe she feels very insecure? You are sad, very sad at the loss of your friendship, but hopefully as this woman becomes more secure in her relationship you’ll hear from your buddy?..I do hope so, ((hugs)) xPenx

  17. andro51 says:

    Hi Sweeti,

    Just calling by to see how my wicked friend is getting along… How do you mean WHO? You of course… lol Have a wonderful rest of evening and an equally excellent Thursday… Be well my great friend…

    Androgoth XXx

  18. Michiko says:

    Hi Sweeti San,
    Sory to hear that you are lost your male friends, I think what happent is “says
    if he is on the computer’s so often then she has nothing to do with by herself ??
    she might be jealousy? best way dont hurt yourself Sweeti san.
    if he want to keeps up to your friendsships he will but he is not just forget about him.
    Big Hugs,

  19. Hi Sweeti,
    Have you had a chance to talk more with your friend and work things out? I hope so.
    And I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Big hug, Nikki

  20. shawnskc says:

    Hi mommy,
    Yes no problem, we can replace it with peas ahahahaha, I agree with you, the traffic is working in both ways, i have a bundle of problems and life issues, you’re there for me and now i’m glad i can repay you, it’s make me feel happy to see you happy. Hope you’re fine. Love you xOxOXoXo…

  21. SethPopowich says:

    This is actually pretty sad. Sounds to me like she is highly insecure, and why in the world would a man want a significant other like this? She should be told that she is not allowed to talk to nor have friends of the opposite sex herself! She sounds needlessly controlling. Relationships are built on trust… a key element in a successful relationship and if she’s not willing to let that happen, then she might not be with the right girl for him.

  22. SethPopowich says:

    There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will…. and let’s not forget that relationships aren’t about whom you have known the longest, they are about who came, and never left your side. I think he will come to regret not keeping in more contact with you. For the record, I would never let a woman come between our friendship. ::insert big smiles here::

    • chicasl10 says:

      Guys all these comments mean so much to me..I had a feeling..Did i hurt.. did i do wrong.
      but iwas there in sad times…i was there when he needed a talk.
      as u all write…. Love cant be a reason to CONTR Alt Delete ur friends.
      even if they are male or female. Friends stay…..they want to be invited on ur wedding NO???

      • SethPopowich says:

        You’re his friend and I think you have the right to say what you want regardless of his relationship… since it obviously affects you on an emotional level. Sure you can’t go in their house and dictate rules to his girlfriend rules of their relationship but you can always tell him things like “you’re being treated like a child”.
        No guy should have to date a girl who would cut off his friendships, and vice versa.

  23. SethPopowich says:

    Relationships may come and go but true friendship endures all things, even when we are forced to take a back seat for a while. It’s funny how in the end, most people always go back, to the ones that have been there from the very beginning.

  24. Yo MJ! Aaaaw, so sorry 2 hear about this sad situation. My own thoughts on this subject are that even if u are in a relationship, it does not give ur partner the right 2 dictate who u can & can’t be friends with. A Relationship is based on Trust & Respect. A Partner should respect the friendships their partner has, regardless of sex of friend. Your friend is obviously torn between his partner & his solid friendship with u. All u can do is make it easy 4 ur friend, no matter how hard it is 4 u. U have 2 bow down, repect that he has 2 put his partner first & just hope that things work out. By putting ur friend first, u are showing him how much u do care 4 his happiness. Hopefully, his partner on seeing this, will be reassured u are a genuine frined & not a threat 2 her. It will also make ur friend eyernally grateful 2u, 4 making a hard decision that he didna wanna make, easy & less painful. Keeping my fingers crossed it all works out 4 u all in the end, Big Hugs, Luv PF XXX

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