In these 6 years i am on the net i learned  a lot abt.culture, traditions in other countries.

As my provider says..We open your world. i say YESSSSSSSSSSS u did..mr  Telenet.

But India has so much.I think every month they celebrate something.But Diwali is more then just a celebration Deepavali ( Diwali) marks the end of the harvest season in most of India. Farmers give thanks for the bounty of the year gone by, and pray for a good harvest for the year to come. Traditionally this marked the closing of accounts for businesses dependent on the agrarian cycle, and is the last major celebration before winter.

so i wish all my Indian and  SRi Lankan friends a fantastic time.

In Sri Lanka, this festival is celebrated by the Tamil community. On this day, it is traditional for people to wear new clothes and exchange gifts

Enjoy and give the light

Happy Diwali to All ...

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24 Responses to DiWaLi

  1. andro51 says:

    Hi Sweeti,

    Another interesting posting that enhances our knowledge base and also celebrates a tradition of India… Very nicely added my great friend…

    Androgoth XXx

  2. Hi MJ,
    Oh hon I’m really shocked to read your comment that your “friends” girlfriend reads his emails!!! That’s just going way too far, she seems more a prison warden than a girlfriend if this is the type of things she does! Hard to believe anyone would put up with that but so it seems he does. A persons mail, real letter mail or email is private, and if people want to share it and let their lover/partner read it then it’s ok, I would probably let my boyfriend read whatever he would want to because I have nothing to hide unless a friend confides something she wants to keep private, then I respect that too. It’s all about respect and trust. Those 2 things are needed in any type of relationship between people. It seems clear that you and he were only plutonic, no romantic feelings ever, plus of course you’re married, so I cant understand why she felt so threatened by your friendship. Maybe he didn’t explain that to her, maybe he secretly had romantic feelings for you? I don’t know, but perhaps he did or said something that made her act in this way. Or maybe she is just this way and thats that. either way maybe this guy is not the type of good friend you deserve in your life. And I suspect one day not far off he will grow tired of having a warden dictate what he can and cannot do and realize his mistake, but the damage he has done to your friendship may not be repairable at that point. Still I hate to know your sad and hurt about this and just hope whatever happens you’ll feel ok about it and know that the issue and problem was not yours it was his, you dear MJ are not the one who proved to be a lousy friend!
    Di Wali sounds like a good celebration, but then I like any tradition that involves getting gifts! lol
    Big hugs, Nikki

  3. Joe says:

    I think that you are right about the colorful life of India. During the time I lived there it seemed if it wasn’t one holiday it was another and even if there wasn’t something going on nationwide there was something locally. I pray you have a blessed day my friend. I’m preparting to leave for America tomorrow…I think it is likely to be a very, very long day.

  4. penpusherpen says:

    Happy DiWaLi to you , Sweeti,
    and yes, India has so many colourful traditions that teach us how we should be thankful for the natural bounties the Earth gives us. and without the internet how would we share all this knowledge, just at the click of a ‘mouse’…’Tis wonderful… xPenx

  5. Hi MJ,
    Thats true about the word friendship, it’s a shame the friends gf doesn’t see it that way. I’ll still keep my fingers crossed for you that it all gets worked out.
    Have a wonderful day, Hugs, Nikki

  6. krupaksh says:

    excellent about the deepavali..thanks for nice words

  7. ajit peter says:

    yes diwali the festival of light
    may it burn with the oil of love making
    future bright

  8. One of my housemates was a young Indian lad, fresh from uni and busy with the great…lol…experience of working in the UK. He spoke much of the Festival of Light (Diwali) and it was fascinating to learn more about it and gain insights into what it was really about. He was able to find a place here in the UK where he and some friends were able to join in Diwali celebrations and the photos he returned with were amazing in their colour and life.

  9. Happy Halloween dear MJ!

    Big hugs, Nikki

  10. SethPopowich says:

    Best wishes for every joy and prosperity. Here’s hoping, that the beauty of this festival of lights brings a world of joy, happiness and contentment to you, your loved ones and all your friends MJ… to last the whole year through. Happy Diwali.

    • chicasl10 says:

      It will Seth..Friends mean a lot to me as u know.
      all these years we are here on spaces i came to know a world of friendship
      even its a long distance friendship.I cherish as diamonds.

      • SethPopowich says:

        There’s a lot of truth in the saying, “… Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart…”

  11. jennyozzy says:

    sounds like a gret festival i hope some nice gifts are exchanged lovely to hear how different cultures celebrate have fun sweeti xxjen

  12. prenin says:

    Hi Sweeti! 🙂

    Hope you have a great Dewali holiday!!! 🙂

    Thanks for coming and visiting my blog – always good to hear from you!!!

    Wish I was going with you – I could use a beer around now!!!

    Love and hugs!


  13. andro51 says:

    Are you having a fangtastic evening Sweeti, hey you’re probably getting ready for a Girlie Night Out or maybe having a Curry Night in honour of Princess Frogget’s arrival onto WordPress… Whatever you’re doing have a superdoopertastic time…

    Androgoth XXx

    • chicasl10 says:

      No Gurlie’s night out Andro..lol…nono we have dim light dinner…hihi
      and welll the rest u can fantasize no???
      i wish u and ur lady also a fantastic weekend..Ciaoooooooooooo

  14. arcticwl says:

    it is always pleased to see people celebrating some special days in their lives, which is clear happy event one way or other.
    just back from duty travel for whole week, looking for northern lights in a famous northern lights observation spot in North American, but unfortunately i did see nothing, it is so mysterious.

    • chicasl10 says:

      OOhhh so ur sitting waiting for the Northern lights u wrote abt that years back no???
      haha the Indians ( not the red Indians ) have so many festivities Wolfy
      i lost counting hihi.
      enjoy the winter time…wish i was sitting under a palmtree now.

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