International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

25 november

Violence against women includes sex trafficking, honor killings, domestic abuse, female genital mutilation, violence against migrant workers, rape, and torture. In recognition of the prevalence of these problems, in December 1999 the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to create the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, now celebrated every year on November 25. This day demands that women not be treated as second or third class citizens, but as equals among the rest of the global population

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17 Responses to International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

  1. Joe says:

    I truly believe that this is the most overlooked form of discrimination in history to this day. Good to know the truth and do something about it.

  2. Not a day too soon. Throughout history and to the present day…sadly into the future too no doubt, women have been treated as underdogs to be used for violence and abuse…and if the tide is not turned soon women around the world are going to take up arms and take back what is rightfully theirs! ie RESPECT EQUALITY AND FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND SEXUAL ABUSE. We do not deserve this. We were not born into this world for such. We have the right to stand up and be counted and to say NO to this continued vicious discrimination and degradation.

    • chicasl10 says:

      a friend and myself we joked a lot of times to start a group
      the WLF Women Liberation Front..
      The worst thing is that a lot of times when women ask for help they clash against a wall.
      This has to stop.
      be well and enjoy the weekend Wolf…

  3. jennyozzy says:

    i think violence of any sort is inexcusable but sadly it will always be with us and the leaders of this world are the main ones who provoke it xxjen

  4. Babyman says:

    cOucOu! 😀
    BonjOur Sweetiiiii !
    You arE pErfEct! I m a mAn And I nEvEr usE viOLencE in my Life Or I LL nEvEr dO it…. Same as a wOmEn. FLowEr,hEart,cLassic music,pOetic tExt and hElp personn tO Learn,it s already good and difficuLt. I wish yOu a Good St NicOLas timE in few dAy with yOur wOmEn and dOn t eat many chOcoLat! Hi! Hi! 😀

  5. ajit peter says:

    women of tis world sold
    tales to abuse tears to hold
    crimes of ages against women
    rage and rage in acts of men
    unchained slave in societs greed
    from birth she doth bleed
    A mother to us a women
    yet abused by inhuman heart of men
    in lands girl child killed in birth
    in lands women abused till death
    blind are many a eyes that see
    a woman complete a man to be
    oh to stop tis inhuman deed
    hearts be planted with loves seed

  6. penpusherpen says:

    I hope the day will dawn, when women are not afraid any more, when their rights as equals will be first and foremost on everyone’s minds, and not just for a day. xPenx

  7. prenin says:

    Given that my father was a violent, abusive and sadistic parent who even tried to sell me into sexual slavery in my early years, I have a lot of experience of this kind of abuse.

    When I was a child though it was accepted and largely ignored, even when dad was investigated for child abuse he was still able to escape censure by blaming his abusive behaviour on my mothers claimed ‘infidelity’ even though he was walking around with a pocket full of condoms…

    It’s not only women who suffer abuse, but I for one am proud to support such a worthy cause because when mum suffered there was nobody able to stop dad because it was regarded as a ‘domestic’ matter.

    Maybe if he had been stopped when I was a child, then there would be far less violent abuse in this country…

    God Bless!


  8. prenin says:

    Hi hun! 🙂

    Life has certainly thrown me some curve balls, not only dad and his sick games (is it normal to tie your kids into their beds because they kept going to the toilet???) but also to be persecuted by those who should have known better when my neighbour Bob, a paid informer with a history of thuggish behavior that meant he had to move home seven times because of all the trouble he caused, selling me to the Police, Press and Media at the behest of a local gangster family as a drug addict, then when a neighbour collapsed with a stroke and I broke his door down because the attending Police Officer ‘didn’t want to damage the door’ and he was carried off to hospital, Bob went around claiming I was a burglar.

    He had wired my home for sound and was recording every visitor, noticed my God daughter Becky and her older sibling Emily were coming up to have me help with their homework, so guess what he called me then???

    Kids I had looked after from birth.

    With the Police, Press and Media eager to get a story I was victimised for a year and a half, Bob even beating me up, before they realised that they were in the wrong and offered me £60,000 compensation, but I had, had a nervous breakdown and developed Paranoid Schizophrenia so I refused the money.

    Unable to buy me off they dug into my childhood and discovered I had been raped at the age of eleven, so victimised me for six months and harassed me in my home, driving me to suicide.

    I was found by my friend Joe who called Lillian and Margaret who got me into an Ambulance and I spent two days in ICU.

    On the second day, when they knew I would live, Bob kicked my door down and searched my home before fixing the door and making a duplicate key so he and my tormentors could get in whenever they wanted.

    I was transferred to the Psychiatric Unit where I was victimised on a regular basis, two of the staff put on the roster to keep an eye on me and provide access to my tormentors.

    Six weeks later I was released into the care of a CPN who looked after me, visiting every two weeks, Bob recording every visit.

    After six months they started victimising me in my home, doctoring my bottled drinks and interfering with my food and left Chinese Triad Tong sign on my window.

    They even put a large white dot on my glasses as I slept on my couch, drugged by 400mg of Chlorpromazine and helpless.

    Finally I changed my locks to keep them out, so they smashed my window and sent one of their scumbags with the glazier to prove they could get to me whenever they wanted.

    They still couldn’t get a result, so they poisoned my water supply with a fungus that turned me yellow and sent me off my head, a trick used by the Triad to mark somebody for execution.

    I phoned my mum for help, but she and Hugh (a retired officer) were siding with my tormentors so I was ORDERED to walk to the Hospital.

    How I got there was a story in itself, but I got help from a taxi driver who got me to the hospital.

    The Psychiatric Unit had been told to expect me so they repeatedly redirected me to Casualty which took eight attempts because I was off my head with the crap they’d poisoned me with.

    Eventually I got the message and went to Casualty where the Police, Press, media and my step-father in a wig were waiting.

    I was searched for weapons, stripped, examined and X-rayed before the Doctor passed his findings to all concerned because my step-father was acting as my next of kin when he wasn’t – my mother was.

    Confirming my darkest secret, that I had, indeed, been raped at the age of eleven.

    I was allowed to dress, was messed around with mentally, sent home and then the apologies came, carried by my treacherous friends.

    Bob even sent me a message via my gutless friend Darren, that it was nothing personal he just needed the money when Bob made a habit of victimising the vulnerable for his jollies.

    I was then left to my own devices.

    I spent seven years clinically insane, Darren taking advantage of me as a free bedsit because he was too afraid to go home after messing with a fake gangster, was assisted back to some degree of normality by the ladies of the Tenants and Residents Association and served three years as the Chair of the T&RA.

    From that I got final proof of my innocence – An Advanced CRB check certificate which proved my pristine criminal record and cleared me to work with the elderly, disabled, vulnerable adults and children.

    Needless to say I will never work with children ever again!

    This, you might think, would be the end of it.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    My God daughter’s family used my God daughter Becky as bait in a honey trap after I came out of hospital and over the past couple of years have set me up time and again because it’s an easy way to make money and they tie into the local gangsters who have a far from pleasant history – and guess who my father tried to prostitute me to???

    I also have a neighbour who regards himself as a ‘Big Man’ because he used to work with one of the gangsters when he was a taxi driver, who tried to jump on the bandwagon a few months back and it fed right back to my God daughter’s family who keep telling me how wonderful I am while repeatedly setting me up.

    As a result I will be spending Christmas alone this year because I have no friend or family member I can trust as they are all either bent or bought…

    Ironic given I gave 35 years of my life to caring for their children and even tutored Emily in English to get her through University from where she got a 2/2 Degree and became a Primary School teacher before falling pregnant and becoming a housewife with a fine partner and beautiful daughter called Isabella.


    It has been a long eleven years, but I guess I can manage on my own these days, so long as I stay away from my treacherous friends who see me as an easy pay-day and people like Doug who are basically weak and cowardly, so need powerful ‘friends’ who owe him a ‘favour’ or three.

    Now I’m going to church regularly, I’m mixing with a much better bunch of folks and making new friends who are truly beautiful people, but it still hurts to think I did so much for my God daughter and her family, acting as a free babysitter because Pat and Neil kept going out drinking at night leaving Dominic (8) and Rachel (7) unattended – a WPC even acting as a babysitter the first time – and eventually caring for Emily and Becky from birth.

    Oh well…

    Love and hugs!


  9. andro51 says:

    There are indeed some nasty cowardly brutes around my great friend, I like your posting highlighting this terrible way of living for some women, actually I think that there are some battered husbands too but either way it is something that needs to be eradicated forever, if only that could be so? Be very well now Sweeti

    Androgoth XXx

  10. MJ this is such a important day, and a very important cause to bring attention to around the world. I wish I had heard of this before, but I know of it now thanks to you. Big hugs, Nikki x

  11. michiko san says:

    This is a sad story and yet old as the hill, actuality still in here up the north where people lived an Aboriginal and we are now protecting Aboriginal children from abuse.
    In the three years since the emergency intervention,notifications of child abuse, physical,emotional and sexual – have doubled from 3000 cases a year to well over 6000.
    So what has gone wrong? the latest report should have been done immediately after
    the little children are sacred report indentified the extent of abuse but failed to address how to deal with it.
    The federal government should have committed more stimulus money to houseing ,because it is impossible to provide a safe environment for children in over crowdd houses occupied by two or three fanilies,where it is not clear who the responsible parents are.
    It happened in an old G-pa teached have sex with younger girl then keeps quite between with them, when health depart man visits the house they speak only their language.
    If you think all the problems can be sorted out by a department alone,well in 10 years time we will be talking about the same problems.
    I knew you has been busy with your project Sweeti san:-) Great post!
    Have a peaceful weekend,

  12. SethPopowich says:

    Men who use violence against women/children are not men at all, but scary animals with no souls. They have no idea what Honor or Respect means or looks like. Both men and women need to honor when and where honor is due! When a man or anyone for that matter acts with violence, disrespect, or lack of honor they live in fear themselves. When anger and violence controls an individual they have no control of themselves. Anger/violence is an emotion that is covering up a root of something else. I despise it when someone feels that they have the power to control someone else with fear and violence, when they cant even control themselves!
    Continuous hammering with the mass awareness campaigns is one of many solutions of this age old problem of our society.

  13. prenin says:

    Hi sweety! 🙂

    As you probably guessed, I missed out a lot of trouble and strife – there are some poems I wrote on my blog in the Archive which were written about this – but I have always been the good guy and this has stood me in good stead despite the efforts of some truly evil people who are nothing less than monsters!

    What astounds me is how they tried to point the finger at me in order to hide their own crimes only for them to be found out and threaten to shoot the parents of the kids they had been grooming – in some cases I know of with great success which led to the girls becoming prostitutes and essentially wrecking their lives!!!

    I know what evil is because I have experienced it and seen it first-hand, but still these people try to use scapegoats to evade punishment until they are found out and their true evil is exposed at which point they drop all pretence and either threaten the families, or just move away to carry on with their crimes in a new area.

    Despite all the stories in the press only a fraction of these criminals face the courts and fewer still are found guilty.

    Unfortunately I do not see this situation improving any time soon…

    God Bless sweetheart!!!


  14. prenin says:

    Yeah Damilola was a sweet kid by all accounts who came to the UK wanting to be a doctor, even though he was only 10 years old he showed a lot of promise!

    The Preddies stabbed him in the leg with a broken bottle and the poor kid bled to death in a stairwell of a derelict housing block.

    It took three trials to finally find the Preddies guilty and it turns out that they were well known to the Police as habitual and prolific offenders.

    God willing they’ll NEVER be released…

    Even among criminals a child killer is the lowest of the low so they will not find friends among the criminal fraternity.

    The weather here is finally snowy, but not as bad as Scotland and the East of England thanks God!!!

    God Bless Sweety!!!

    Love and hugs!


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