Most parts of europ suffer from very cold temperatures. For the moment the Red cross and social workers are trying to give Asylum seekers a shelter.Can u imagine with minus 10 living on the streets. Even women with lil babies. And  i wonder why they want to come to Belgium. This is not paradise. But then i heard….

Crazy guys in their homeland promis a heaven on earth. An appartment and a monthly income. Even a job (  U have to realise that in Belgium there’s a lot of unemployment
Desperate ppl sell everything what they have in their home land and risk the jump in the deep.

But then when they arrive here ….. No Appartment  No money..No place to sleep.

Only a street…

2 men died on the streets these days in Brussels . Froozen to death.

No one took them inside. Crazy What a world.

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11 Responses to Wintertime

  1. Heartbreaking, so sad. If only I had a Magic Wand. Huggles 2u, Luv PF XXX

  2. Joe says:

    That’s very brutal indeed and the story of those that seek some impossible dream in a new place isn’t one I’ve never heard before to be sure. Here there’s a Christian organization that takes people in and gives them food and shelter. It’s called the Rescue Mission…as usual private charity trumps the government. They only require that people must find some kind of employment after one month and make room for others that need the shelter. This world and it’s brutality/beauty never ceases to surprise me that’s for sure.

  3. arcticwl says:

    ppl look for their dreams and just ignore what they already have, i don’t know either it is worthy… especially in circumstance like this.
    the world seems to be upside down, polar region is warming up at an unexpected rate and warmer areas getting extremely cold once a while.
    keep warm my friend, you are more lucky than me.

  4. prenin says:

    Hi hun!

    Yes, it’s the same here in the UK – we get people going to extremes to get here, crowding into trucks, rail freight cars – anything they can do to get to where the streets are paved with Gold, where you get a free home and great riches, even jobs that pay a fortune!!!

    Sadly many do not make it and some even die never having made it into England.

    Those that do end up on the streets, or used as slave labour in sweatshops etc. only to be caught and sent back with nothing, but a desperate need to get back because, bad as it is, it’s far worse in their homeland…

    God Bless!


  5. Beth Marie says:

    It is the same here in the USA. The world over I am thinking. Very sad.

  6. So many people I have met and lived with (shared accomodation) come to the UK with the impression our streets are paved with gold so to speak. Of course they are not and such people are deeply disappointed when they get here and discover it really is not so different to back home, and their hopes and dreams are shattered. Many do not speak any English and cannot find work, young girls often offering land lords sex in exchange for accomodation because they cannot afford to pay rent money. At this time of year homeless people here also freeze to death on the streets…it is a tragic reflection on the state of our society. With tonight’s temperature’s said to be dropping to -8 deg C in London/SE I am SOOOOOO grateful to have a safe, warm roof over my head…and yet at the same time I feel deeply sad and GUILTY as sin that there are people who may well die on our streets tonight. Times like this we should give thanks for what we are fortunate enough to have because too many do not have anything.

  7. prenin says:

    Hi hun! 🙂

    Yes it is the same here – about 15cm of snow on the streets, lots of ice and currently some -1.2’C with deep cold threatening tonight followed by freezing rain which will coat the ground with black ice.

    Seth’s got the right idea – keep warm and drink lots of hot chocolate – maybe with a bit of rum!!! LoL!!!

    Have a great weekend my friend – it’s no time to be out!!!

    Love and hugs!


  8. jennyozzy says:

    so sad to hear of people on the streets and no hope britain does try helping but a lot are past help and have surcumbed to darker methods xxjen

  9. SethPopowich says:

    It’s time to start looking at what causes homelessness (replace with hopelessness). Many of these people missed a couple of paycheques, have lost jobs or run in to one of life’s many speed bumps. All they need is a little help. Would it not be better to help the senior citizen before she moves on to the street? Would it not be better to help the single mother before she is in the projects? Would it not be better to build communities where people can find help and support in their daily lives so they don’t have to depend on drugs or alcohol to dull the pain.

    • SethPopowich says:

      Nobody wants to sleep outside… but not everybody can accept the conditions in homeless shelters, safety, health. Yes, we need to help the homeless. We need to mobile triage units… assess each individual and put on path to appropriate aid. We need to eliminate homelessness before it starts… help the needy. We provide humanitarian aid to third world countries when there are people living in conditions that rival third world in our own cities/countries. Here in Canada, we need to unite the federal, provincial, municipal leaders with volunteers and community groups to work together to battle the issue. What we really need to do as a society as a whole, is to return to a higher moral standard.

  10. chicasl10 says:

    it is Seth
    did u know that ppl walk around them …now today again in the news
    a guy died on the street Can u imagine?? what a way to leave this world.
    i feel so sorry

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