How will i start???

as everyone  on WLS  had to say goodbye to the old ways of adding  ..the way u visit the friends..add photoos. Whatever  we did everyone was there.But Nowadays  one is on blogger The other is on Wp.Most of my friends stopped with spaces.

i cant add  a foto album  I transfered even my aidsrilanka  space to WP…Where are my  links to my projects  ??? Gone  ..also my fotoos connected to those projects

I feel a bit…hmmm  whats the word.  EMPTY?

I miss the old WLS  a lot. my connection with friends..When i want to react on a blogger it says SPACE not found. And this in the  Xmas time..HELP.

The new Year is in front of me. Where are the old days. Jesus im getting emotional.

i hope that the New Year will bring love and peace to all of u my friends.

We saw on tv the review of last year.

Horrible..Not one positiv thing.

it was loaded with pain.and one thing  One example..We collected so much money for HAiti..and still  hmmmmWhere is that money??On bank accounts?

ppl in need in Pakistan….we did fundraising  no???

why do we see ppl in the same position as just after the flood Oh yes ..hmmm on the bank accounts..With the rest  ..The tsunami money..This make me SO  MAD…

I dont understand.

oh my god  im again in the  down mode.

but  no worries oke???its just temporary

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16 Responses to Missing

  1. prenin says:

    There is so much greed and corruption in the world hun and we are suckers time and again as we give when we can only for it to be siphoned off into offshore Bank Accounts…

    Have a great New Year my friend and God Bless!!!


  2. Joe says:

    Having a hard day of it eh my friend? Well, let’s hope you’ll use the lemons for lemonade so to speak. Lot’s of people struggle as we move from one year to the next so I don’t think what you’re going through. The good news is that though one year is dying in a way still there if fresh new life next year. God bless you my friend.

  3. mystafied says:

    Hi Mj
    Sounds like your having a bit of a hard time at the moment,
    things will be better soon!
    What you need is some hot sunny days,
    and a mojito 🙂

    Take it easy mate !

    Garry xox

  4. ajitpeter says:

    Borders stop acts of kindness
    corruption kills the helping hands
    millions in bank is it worth the life
    greed doth lead men to strife
    act time its time to act
    fences down and boders redraws
    the hands of corrupt be tied in chain
    helping hand to save those in pain
    one mans thought be just a drop
    many doth think in their heart
    unite unite is the cry
    not for war but to help near and far

  5. Take a deep breath my friend and slow down a bit ,yes the year was full of tragedy and wars and bitterness and sadness , money does go missing but some trickles through , for all the huge tragedys we read about there are billions of little acts or deeds that occur day to day around the world that bring a smile to a face or pits a shine in someones heart
    May your new year bring you much love happiness and joy my friend , and may the new year bring all your dreams and hopes alive , have a great new year and may this greeting put a shine in your heart

    Ian aka Emu

  6. penpusherpen says:

    so many questions, MJ, and I’m afraid for most of them there’s no straight answer…
    I hope the money for all the disasters finds it’s way to where it was destined, how can anyone hold on this money which donated as aid for so many people beset by tragedy? Surely their consciences must point the way to doing the right thing?
    AS everyone else says, the scales tip both ways, there is good and bad in this world and we have to believe that the good will outweigh the bad…or else there would be no hope..
    and I for one keep hoping, and always will.
    and I know, as you say it;s only temporary, we all get times when we seem to be hit by negative thoughts, but 2011 is around the corner, lets hope that it’ll bring a good year with positive deeds to lift our spirits…
    all best wishes to you and yours, MJ… xPenx

  7. SethPopowich says:

    Chin up MJ. If we pull together, we can do just about anything. Is there someone that you are looking for inparticular and if so, just let as many people know as you can… the more eyes looking the better. Yes, wordpress is not like WLS. because we were not given much choice, some of us moved on to find a new nesting place such as here on wordpress.com I think that in time, wordpress will become just as familiar to us as WLS… as there is much to learn and one of the best ways to learn, is to ask. Is there something that you are wanting to do on your page/space?

    • SethPopowich says:

      To make or to add photo albums to you page, we first need to get you signed up for a free Flickr account… then upload your photos… create `sets` of albums for your photos and then simply add them to your space. Time consuming, yes a little, but it can be done. I`d be happy to help. 🙂 Also, try not to stress out too much about WLS. I realize the transition is not easy and we all lost photos, links, etc. But hey… we are still here, one big blogging community!

  8. SethPopowich says:

    Some folks are experts at taking advantage of disasters. What can you do? I hate to see people who never had a chance suffering on account of corrupt government officials, etc. If any donated money actually reached Haiti, it will have gone into the hands of the corrupt officials there, who far exceed the good ones. Or… the money and supplies will have been looted by the thugs who have always abused their Haitian countrymen. I just know that perhaps and hope that a small percentage will get through to the poor, who will remain poor. Very litttle money will reach the purpose it was intended.
    Unfortunately, this all too true and is played out too often when it comes to disaster relief funding. Two thumbs down.

    • SethPopowich says:

      I would rather dare to believe.. that there is still more good in the world than bad. We always hear about random acts of senseless violence and corruption in the news all the time. Really, the media needs to focus more on random acts of senseless kindness and generosity. People who do good, often do it anonymously…but our children need to know that there are good people in this world… that there is still hope for a brighter tomorrow. Absolutely, the media needs to report more good news than bad…. at least have a balance.

  9. Beth Marie says:

    Here is praying for a brighter New Year!

  10. prenin says:

    Hi Sweety!!! 🙂

    Yes, I get the same way when I hear about children being harmed – been through it myself and it brings a lot of bad memories and anger at the people that do it! 😦

    You are a beautiful soul sweetheart and boy does it show!!! 🙂

    Echores are anything to do with the electronic universe I connect to via my PC! 🙂

    I’d drink more horlicks, but I have enough for just one more mug, so I’m saving that for tomorrow night as Thursday is a shopping day.

    Meantime I am drinking Bucks Fizz (Orange Juice and Champagne) and feeling no pain! LoL!!!

    Love ya!


  11. prenin says:

    Glad I can make you smile Angel – you are one of the special people and it is good to know you!!!

    Love and squishy hugs!


  12. Artswebshow says:

    I know exactly what you mean on both accounts.
    Blogger is claiming so many of my WP friends.
    The other, enough said

  13. Princess says:

    yes it is only temporary.. dun worry sweeti ..
    i hope and wish this new year brings all ur friends back..

    tc happy new year..

  14. Oh dear….Difficult time of the year this…think it turns us all into a sack of mixed emotions for so many different reasons…but we will all return to our individual idea of “normal” once the New Year gets underway so don’t worry too much. With WLS/WP I felt much the same way at first but now I’m really enjoying it and I feel comfortably at home more now. Your friends should hopefully have links at the side of their WLS pages to W/P and if you subscribe to their blogs once you’re there you’ll be able to know when they post new blogs. (Read My Subscriptions – under My Account at top of page) You can keep track of any comments following yours (with Track My Comments also under My Account at top of page) or subscribe to the actual post and get email updates.
    You can add pages (Pages-Add New in sidebar on Dashboard – under MyBlog at top of page) That way you can have pages for photos and links etc. If you use Live Writer you can do it from there too. Apart from that…big sympathetic wolfie hugs…it WILL get better soon! 😉

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