May peace fill all the empty spaces around you
And in you, may contentment answer all your wishes.
May comfort be yours, warm and soft like a sigh.
And may the coming year
show you that every day is really a first day,
a new year.
Let abundance be your constant companion,
so that you have much to share.
May mirth be near you always,
like a lamp shining brightly
on the many paths you travel.
May you be true love

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12 Responses to HaPpY NeWyEaR

  1. Joe says:

    Happy New Year my dear friend

  2. michiko san says:

    Happy New Year to you Sweeti san AND Chica too.

  3. andro51 says:

    Have A Hap Hap Hap Hap Happy New Year Sweeti and Be Good Too… lol I’ve hardly been on here at all my great friend but in the new year we will all be getting back to where we left off… And that is amongst some very excellent friends, and you are one of those Sweeti so have a ghoulishly delicious party and don’t be getting too merry… lol Just kidding…

    Androgoth XXx

  4. penpusherpen says:

    a wonderful New Year wish,
    all the best to you and yours seeing the New Year in, Sweeti, and may 2011 be just that…New and sparkling bright with promise, a page to be written , exciting I think..!!

  5. SethPopowich says:

    A New Year is meant for celebrations and spending joyous time with our loved ones and those that matter the most. May the beauty of this upcoming New Year be with you MJ … forever and your wishes of peace, health and happiness ring true in 2011. Happy New Year Sweeti!

  6. Happy New Year!! 🙂

  7. arcticwl says:

    May year 2011 be the most prosperous year for you Sweetie, and it has been my great pleasure to have connect with you.


  8. jennyozzy says:

    hi sweeti are you over the celebrations yet another year to look forward too so come on lol have a gret week xxjen

  9. chris says:

    I hOpe yOu a happyyy new yEar to yOur friend$ and aLL yOur famiLLy Sweetyy! 😀 best wieshes! 😀

  10. gmarilena says:

    happy new year!!! 2011 looks promising so far 😉

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