I need to be PeRfEcT

A baby in a womb…   My ear against my moms belly   sstttt I hear my parents talk about me.

Darling  he needs to be perfect..Yes Darling our baby has to be. But What if not?? Well Darling we went 8 times to gynecologist and he did 8 tests.

Ohh  Imagine my eyes are not blue…Or my nose to big? What then? Im worried. Even im not yet in that crazy world

Darling  Would u still love me when the baby is not Perfect?

What a question darling…( But not a yes)

And i was supposed to be a baby of love.

I write this as a result of a charge against a gynecologist here in Belgium.

Parents did that cos their baby was not as cute as they thought he would be. Crazy no?? In future we order babies…I want a dark one with blue eyes  and very clever like Einstein. 

And im not talking about heredities sicknesses. Thats another topic.

we need a diploma for everything. But not ….

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14 Responses to I need to be PeRfEcT

  1. penpusherpen says:

    You are so right, Sweeti, the thought of ‘designer babies’ makes me feel totally horrified. The gift of a sweet new life and for some it all comes down to,’ is it pretty?’ … I despair of the human race when it sinks down to this level. xPenx

  2. Joe says:

    I figure that people will always end up in trouble when they play God. I could never have known how my kids would turn out. God did a way better job then I ever could have.

  3. Ajit says:

    Choices do we have to choose a child or the parents the color and intelligent nothing in this turning world is perfect to love what we have and what we get every child cute or ugly is special

  4. Beth Marie says:

    I feel sorry for any children that couple may have.

  5. prenin says:

    Designer babies are happening now as embryos are screened for disabilities, in India girl babies are routinely murdered so there are now not enough women to go around and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

    God knows where it’s all going to lead – maybe one day women won’t need to carry the child for nine months, using a glorified incubator instead?

    Weird stuff…

    Love and hugs!


  6. Michiko says:

    I think very sad to people who wish their baby for perfact which they shouldn’t do that…best way an nutural way is more appreciate to the couples?
    My times was just wish for healthy baby 🙂
    Some baby are doesn’t look likes their parent because mother had plastic surgery ….
    Poor child she/he would think why I am not like my parents?
    In otherway we might have only good looking men and women in the world ha ha ha

    Sweeti San, I felt sorry for Justen today …next one for Kim..and couple of mens:-)
    Big hugs,

  7. Creating our own “perfect” little race…sounds scarily like female Hitlers at work…all the more distorted that women who want this are mothers or will be…the vessels of life and yet at the same time destroyers of lives that do not fit their ideal…very scary.

  8. Creating a perfect race sounds like the idea of one other maniac that came to power in the second world war ,trying to change natures course has never bought any good but creates more problems for man by man.

  9. Michiko says:

    What a relive that Kim ‘s won the match but I don’t think that she is going to win out?
    How is your day Sweeti san?I believe still cold up your place…
    In here still lot of people are still on holidays until the school start on early February.
    AND I better back on my golf too:-) up date Tennis report….
    Take care,

  10. gmarilena says:

    OMG… really… no comment :/

  11. Jorge Medico says:

    It is amazing, how any moron is allowed to have child, but we require licensure for all other activities requiring a special skill. Not that anyone has ever defined what skills are required for parenting besides caring!
    Be well,

  12. babyevelyne says:

    ‘t is idd lang geleden. Heel vaak kom ‘k hier wel niet, want ‘k heb ‘t nu druk met m’n cursus. ‘k Volg elke dinsdag een cursus van Digitale fotografie. Daar steekt m’n tijd nu in. Plus nog gaan werken. Je zou er van verbaasd staan hoeveel tijd je er moet insteken 🙂 Ach ja, zo blijven we bezig, hé.
    Hoe gaat ‘t nog? Blij dat je terug naar Sri Lanka gaat. Je hebt er echt je hart verloren, hé.
    Maar nu moet ‘k je laten, ‘k moet naar ‘t werk vertrekken 🙂


  13. andro51 says:

    This is a very interesting topic that you have chosen to add here Sweeti, and you are right it is wrong to interfere with nature, every baby should be loved as is and not subject to such unbelievable criticism, what a strange world it is when one desides what a baby should or should not look like in the womb… Very crazy happenings me thinks? Thank you for adding this one it is something that we as human beings need to know about and reflect upon… Nature should be left to evolve and not corrupted by Frankenstein couples with big ideas on what is deemed as normal…

    Androgoth XXx

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