The Last Dictators

At this moment the world has 25 dictators  Most of them are safe in their own big palace.

Its like they have no limit in doing crazy things.


So Kim Jong -il from North Korea demands his people to cry for days cos his dad died.  General Khadafi is always surrounded with only female bodyguards and Berlusconi the Italian Prime minister ( the womanizer) has more eyes for those ladies then for the official matters.

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe ordered 48.000 boxes Ferrero Rocher for his birthday while his ppl die from hunger.

The Egypt Mr.Moubarak’s wife gets 4 miljard euro a year. She did such a crazy thing  she wanted sand from a golfstate for a private beach for her. The egypt sand was not good enough.

The family has 30 miljard on Swiss and UK accounts.

Omar al Bashir  Soedan. He tortured and killed thousands Men women and children.

when he thinks his reputation is violated he turns into a furious person.

and then the last example

mr Aleksander Loekasjenko from white russia

One line  …..Hitler is his example..Do we need more?? i dont think so

well if some one doesnot agree with my writing here…Sorry then  I just listen and absorb the things i hear.

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19 Responses to The Last Dictators

  1. Joe says:

    It’s a puzzling thing how many of us are enslaved one way or another. I often think that the age of the dictators in one form or another will never pass. Mob rule isn’t much better and so many revolutions end in something as bad or worse than what there was before. Signs of the times my friend.

  2. prenin says:

    People should not fear their Government – the Government should fear the people.

    V for Vengeance.

    God Bless Sweety!


  3. penpusherpen says:

    It seems that power corrupts …Sweeti, not everyone I have no doubt, but your examples above show how they become so sure of their position they feel nothing can stop them. They’re only able to keep this power going through the people who follow them… and alas, it seems evil draws evil to it, making them stronger and their people less able to overthrow them without outside help…But when this happens you have a position like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, simply no way of helping, as the factions fight amongst themselves. and I think that’s what we’re all doing Sweeti, watching and absorbing mans inhumanity to man… xPenx

  4. arcticwl says:

    This might a turning point for those countries under dictation to reform or forced to reform into a new era, but as long as human being, dictation will never die out.
    Italian Prime minister is a womanizer, so accurate!
    enjoy a good weekend MJ.


  5. ajit peter says:

    The corruption of democracy leads to greed of communism
    and communism leads to a birth of power
    power with one man a dictator
    The drug of power is so addictive
    The one man longs to keep it all all cost
    leading away from love to create beast
    like a vampire bite leading to more vamipires
    sucking the blood of innocence

  6. Michiko says:

    They are just like nice gangstar it seems never died for many years, and they are selfish nothing about themselves.
    It is shame to messd up such a beautiful countries for by those greedy persons.
    Thank you for visit and I had answer for your quetion at my comments place,
    when you have time just popping to please read it.
    Have a nice day Sweeti san,

  7. prenin says:

    Hi Sweeti! 🙂

    You are right of course, but it is taking time to recover – and games are still being played, so until I have peace and it’s finally ended I guess I have to live with it…

    Love and hugs always!


  8. SethPopowich says:

    Many there were and how many more will be… Uuugh! Sometimes the headlines and history books make my head ache. I shudder at the idea of so many dictators and powerful leaders who committed monstrous acts against their fellow men and women.
    I really don’t appreciate the idea of ranking the dictators, as any brutality involves the killing and the taking away of fundamental freedoms that many have been/are deprived of. Ranking these individuals is wrong and how can we actually say that one moron is any better than another? We shouldn’t. I recommend to catagorize them in one group, a group of NO-GOOD-EVIL-DOERS!!!

    • SethPopowich says:

      One day, the people of the world will want peace so much that the governments/politicians are going to have to get out of their way and let them have it. That will most likely happen when ‘hell freezes over’, so lets all hope that there’s no real truth to this global warning. 🙂

      • chicasl10 says:

        It is Seth
        Freedom and a normal life with peace thats what we all want
        seems its not possible???
        well it is Seth when we respect and share with each otherBut molst of the time ppl are greedy with power

      • SethPopowich says:

        ☆☆ I don’t see how it is the responsibility of the ‘average joe citizens’ to ensure that the government/dictatorship does not resort to corruption. It’s called taking ownership and responsibility for one’s action and I can be held no more responsible for the way you go about your daily affairs than you are of mine. It’s not always easy for your ‘average joe citizens’ to stand up against ruthless dictators MJ. I guess it would depend on what country you are in and the mind frame of the dictator in power. ‘Off with their heads!!!’ is so real, in many countries. “Good Dictatorship?”, isn’t that an oxymoron? ☆☆

      • SethPopowich says:

        ☆☆ I think it is possible to have one good ruler (… Roman emperors, like Augustus or Trajanus. They were actually dictators, but they were good for the people.) who cares about his people and acts with their best interests and not his own. Not likely but possible, at least for a short time. But it’s too easy for someone to become a dictator or tyrant, someone who uses oppressive and abusive ways to rule people and claims to be acting for everyone’s benefit but only is interested in his own. I would prefer even a bad democracy over a dictatorship rule because being there is a “democracy” we can and should always fight against what has gone bad in such a government and thus gain the true government we have voted for.
        In a democracy you have many different people standing for every kind of person and arguing what’s best for everyone. In a dictatorship you hand down the power so you could be someone who has no idea what their doing and is ruling a country. In a democracy you elect who you think will make a differnce and make the country a better place for everyone and even though it may take forever to pass a law or for everyone to agreee on something, it’s for the good of the people. Dictatorship does whatever the ruler thinks is best and doesn’t hear imput from other people. ☆☆

  9. vijay says:

    Dictators are okay as long as their people love them 🙂 That’s when they’re actually cleaning up the system of corruption, and building the base for a stable democracy. Then, it’s the responsibility of the people to prevent its corruption, to be ready to fight for what is right. Till the people stand up, the corrupt will.

  10. Well written and a great observation on dictators in the world today , now at the time of writing we see the Egyptian dictator forced to step down and at the same time the Swiss bank is freezing his account purportedly to contain over 30 billion dollars.

  11. SethPopowich says:

    ☆☆ Just checking in on you. Hoping that you are keeping well. ☆☆

  12. dictators are insane people who seem to crave the attention but although its bad that mugabe ordered all those ferrero rocher on his birthday while his people were starving, it is a great idea for a birthday! great post

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