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The Ten Commandments

Since last night i want to add one Thou  shalt not snore. With all respect of course..

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Selfish or not?

In the Netherlands a 63 year old woman gave birth to a baby girl Meagan Beside Congratulations the new mom got a lot of critical remarks. She got pregnant after an egg donation carried out by the Italian controversial dr. … Continue reading

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The Popcorn Golden Gate, The Champou, Boum Boum and the Viertap, ringing names on the Flemish disco-scene, were the founders of a unique style in music that appealed to thousands in the seventies and eighties. Each weekend was a smashing … Continue reading

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A prayer for the ppl of Japan

In the land where the sun doth rise A day of fury natures unfair price A day of darkness in human heart The pain to fade a prayer sought Courage may be just a word to tell The people in … Continue reading

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 In the turn of earth revolution born  People of nations life torn and worn  Freedom from corruptions dark to prosperitys morn  revolution a seed of crushed hearts born  Rulers bleeding the nations to rot  Famine made by men in a … Continue reading

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