A prayer for the ppl of Japan

In the land where the sun doth rise
A day of fury natures unfair price
A day of darkness in human heart
The pain to fade a prayer sought
Courage may be just a word to tell
The people in pain bearing natures hell
sympathy from heart just a whisper
The people who endure lifes disaster
The dead hath left for hearts to pain
The dreams of many doth end in vain
Who doth answer for natures fury
Only the dead do remain to bury
Oh to the nation the tears to ease
A prayer for time to heal and pains to cease
Hands of the world to unite to fight
A fight to help the hearts torn in natures might
The time hath come for humanity to care
Pains healed only with love to share
Tx  Pety

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10 Responses to A prayer for the ppl of Japan

  1. penpusherpen says:

    Hi MJ,
    I add my thoughts and prayers for the People of Japan, hit terribly by the Earthquakes and the following Tsunami …. Horrific scenes, just horrific…xx

  2. Joe says:

    I’ve got family over there and many friends…we’re praying and praying. Thankfully my mother in law is alive and well in Tokyo…God have mercy.

  3. Beth Marie says:

    Prayers for them all!

  4. prenin says:

    I’ve been watching the news and the horrifying events yesterday.

    May God Have mercy upon them all!



  5. prenin says:

    forgot the notify flag…

  6. Jorge medico says:

    All I can say to your beautiful poem is “Amen.” We got only a very small part of the tsunami where I am, with a few boats being thrown out of the water or crashing together on the docks, but nothing near the disaster in Japan.
    Be well,

  7. Seth@ChaosHQ's says:

    Japan is a nation who has been our friend and ally – our hearts go out to the people and we grieve their losses with them. Natural disasters of this magnitude are devastating. It’s a sad fact of life that such things happen. Mother Earth is moving at a rapid pace, beyond mans comprehension… now we know who is in charge of good, bad, and evil in this world when it comes to disasters such as this.
    My deepest sympathies to all those affected by this.

    Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8601-202_162-20041987-2.html?assetTypeId=30&blogId=&tag=contentBody;commentWrapper#ixzz1GRmCWNg8

  8. Prayers dont seem to be enough, this is a disaster beyond comprehension and I feel that its not over yet and the world will witness more upheavals, prayers just dont seem enough.

  9. Beautiful poem…the nations of the world hold the people of Japan in their hearts…may the spirit of survival and true comradeship burn bright in their torn and battered spirits as they face coming to terms with this devastation to their lives and worlds…

  10. andro51 says:

    Let us hope that this awful scenario is dealt with quickly,
    the fears are growing my great friend and the world is too
    busy watching, it needs to act faster, to discard all of the
    red tape, the endless discussions on how to tackle the real
    life tragedies, the hurt and the pains of Japan… We are a
    witness to an catastrophe waiting to happen… I hope that
    there is a positive solution found, and fast…

    Be well Sweeti you’re a gem in Wordpres for offering us such
    real life happenings, as for the outcome, that is still unclear but
    with a collective awareness and a wanting for change… Just
    maybe there will be optimism and some positive results soon

    Androgoth XXx

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