The cricket horror

Yesterday the worldcup final was held in Mumbai.

The Final teams were India and sri Lanka.

And as everyone knows i have friends here and there. So a bit difficult for me to support for one of them..It felt the same for me as when we have a football game between the Netherlands and Belgium.Its kind of  hmmm when im at office (Netherlands) they call me the Belgium supporter and when im home  in Belgium friends say ur supporting the dutch no? What to do?well now  its kinda same.

 In the middle of the fire and the water. lol

What i felt a bit strange that the final was held in India and not in a neutral place. Now the Indians played a home match.  ( well thats my opinion)

India is celebrating now with fire works.The Srilankan guys played well

so no worries guys  One had to win. 

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19 Responses to The cricket horror

  1. penpusherpen says:

    I saw the highlights on TV Sweeti, and it’s always hard when you can’t pick a team and say you want them to win if you’d hurt someone else’s feelings. A very tricky situation to be in. I sympathise my friend, but it’s over now and there’s always a next time. (I know, if you said that to me after Man United lost I’d still be sobbing!! But that’s entirely different . NO? 😉 ) …
    I can’t really say I follow cricket, I like the football so much better as you know. xPenx

    • chicasl10 says:

      well i dont follow cricket that much But having friends in India and SL its not easy to ignore it.
      we bought once cricket bats for the kids in an orphanage in SL and one second later the games were on lol
      yesssss Man u ..Dont worry they will play the stars out of the sky
      Ur a true fan Lady P.

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    I confess – cricket is a game I never truly appreciated, but even I have been caught up in the excitement of the sport, spurred on by a number of friends from both India and Sri Lanka, As you said, there always has to be a winner, and from what I heard, everyone acquitted themselves well.
    Hope the sun is shining on your life.
    Be well,

    • chicasl10 says:

      so u have also friends in both countries
      well then its a bit difficult no??
      well the best won..
      and whats so special….no fights or criminal actions after it
      only party with fire works and flags. Thats what i like to

  3. Androgoth says:

    Yes I agree it should have been played somewhere else,
    but still it was a very good show of sporting excellence…
    Have a really nice start to the week Sweeti and… Hey it’s
    nearly Easter Bunny Time so I hope you are collecting a
    few Easter Eggs… Well just be careful that it’s not one of
    those Wampire Wabbits, you know those with the Fangs?

    Be good now, well if you can I mean? lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • chicasl10 says:

      haha my God Andro
      where do u get all those funny things..Welll
      my easter eggs are still on the second floor..
      in a
      well 23 april we go and search ingarden
      Maybe a wampire wabbit visit us lol
      jesus its fun havign comments of u

      • Androgoth says:

        Those Easter Eggs would not be very safe if I were
        there Sweeti, did you know that some Vampy types
        have very sweet Fangs? Swooping around is one way
        of catching hold of them, but I favour sneaking up on
        them and… Yes I am still talking about your Easter
        Egg stash… How naughty of you to think otherwise?
        Just kidding, in fact I have just eaten an Easter Egg
        this evening it was one of those Crunchie types, but
        you know I could just eat another one… And now
        you know two things about Vampy types…

        Sweet Fangs and also greedy with it… lol

        Have a lovely rest of evening Sweeti and don’t forget
        to find another hiding place for your Easter Eggs as I
        fancy some of that… Chocolate next… lol

        Androgoth XXx

  4. prenin says:

    Hi Sweety! 🙂

    I’m not big on sports, but the final was between two good teams and one had to win…

    Thanks for the visit and comment as always! 🙂

    Yes the news seems to go from one bad thing to the next.

    Nuclear power is one of my bugbears because there are far safer reactor designs, but they seem determined to use cheaper and more dangerous systems, so when bad things happen the whole world suffers…

    Libya has been a pariah for decades which supported terrorism and committed many crimes, so why are we at war with them?

    OIL – and Cameron needs a war to direct attention away from what he’s doing to the UK…

    Yes, I agree about the weak being killed first…

    Love and hugs!


  5. You certainly have a bit of a problem , stuck between two places , at least you got to see a great match between two great times.
    Much love to you dear friend

  6. The cricket I don’t watched them and i don’t understand either….
    sorry Sweeti san, I do know one thing is you can’t winning all the time:-)
    Hope you have a nice spring weather by now?

  7. chicasl10 says:

    I dont understand that much either Michiko san and spring???
    temperature jumps from 24 to 12 C
    so we take boots and short pants with us lol

  8. jennyozzy says:

    lol i thought you meant invasion of big creepies lol you know like grass hoppers silly me so you like cricket i hate sport of any kind except being chased lol have a great week sweeti xxjen

    • chicasl10 says:

      haha chased by
      he running behind u….u run faster Jenn ??
      well those creepies are handsome young dark guys.
      check the foto
      tc sweet friend

  9. Seth@ChaosHQ's says:

    Cricket World Cup is probably up there with the Super Bowl, Soccer World Cup, and so on. Brilliant victory no doubt – excited scenes of celebration everywhere. Congrats India!

  10. shyam says:

    India rocked !! 🙂

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