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Shaun Ellis

As i am a  National Geographic fan and everything that has to do with culture and nature, we watched Yann Arthus Bertrand ( Watch the trailer when u have time) Shaun Ellis. Really Crazy Guy  …. Living with wolves. My mouth was open … Continue reading

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MSg to U !!

Cos of serious circumstances we cant leave for Sri Lanka My sis her hubby is life- threatening ill instead of a plane to catch we wait….   Life is not permanent So Always live in the Now Express ur gratitude … Continue reading

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Friendship in a not sissy way.I LOVE It

Friendship  ~ None of that Sissy Shit ( tx Deeps)  I love this. The last line is the best hihi. Are  you tired of those sissy ‘friendship’ poems that always  sound good, but never actually come close to  reality?  Well,  … Continue reading

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No Balloon

Till 5 PM we were waiting for the final foon call. Will the flight take place or not. The pilot did not take the risk. The wind was and is still 4 beaufort..and with 3 Beaufort its dangerous to fly. … Continue reading

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Air balloon

TO morrow  Wednesday evening around 8 PM Cross ur fingers When the weather allows  im in the air…In a balloon

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