Pink City

I learn every day..

A VERYYYYYYYYYYY good friend of ours  ( Pety the Poet) has to visit Jaipur.

He talked abt the pink city.Why pink city???…maye a lot of baby girls dressed in pink LOL?

To simple. No so lets go on a pink walk.  Pink is the official color of the city and every monument , institutions, shops  and u name it is kinda pink.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state. The city was painted in pink in 1883 to welcome the prince of Wales Albert and is thus known as the Pink City. The city comprises the famous structures like Hawa MahalFile:Backside of Hawa Mahal01.jpg

 City Palace

City Palace Jaipur

 and Amber Fort


the best architectural examples of India and is also reservoir of Indian customs and traditions. These features make Jaipur, one of the most sought after tourist destinations of Rajasthan.

Oh  One day i visit India  Thats One thing im sure of In my life. 

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22 Responses to Pink City

  1. Wow! Looks very beautiful and very unique…what an interesting post, I really enjoyed reading that 🙂 And when you visit India be sure to take lots of photos for us all to share with you!

    • chicasl10 says:

      When we visit India Wolf. I will take my time. Slowly.. Its a big country with so much diff.kind of taste.
      I need at least 4 weeks.or more.. So i wait till my

  2. prenin says:

    Beautiful Sweetie!!! 🙂

    If I win the lottery… LoL!!!

    Love and squishy hugs!


    P.S: If Greece defaults then we are ALL going to take a hit – here in the UK we are talking tens of thousands of jobs…

  3. Androgoth says:

    It certainly looks a nice place but why PINK?
    Hardly fitting for a Vampire is it Sweeti? lol
    I think maybe a few darker colours, and black
    is one that springs to mind here… Yes I think
    that you will enjoy a holiday in India…

    It is very PINK there though… lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • chicasl10 says:

      haha Andro.. U wake up at 12 no??? When the sun goes down..and u where sunglasses
      maybe u see everything in red..
      I know its not ur kind of color .But in those big buildings there must be some kind of place for u to feel good. U never know..U must try it out.
      cheers a small glass with Red wine for u

      • Androgoth says:

        Yes I will pour us both a nice Large Goblet of
        the RED stuff, it’s okay there’s only one Goblet
        but Ladies first… Hey save some for me Sweeti
        or should I fill the Goblet again? lol

        Have a funtastic day today Sweeti and be good

        Androgoth XXx

      • chicasl10 says:

        i share with u Andro..loland pls ask ur lady to open her space fr me !!!

  4. Joe Cutler says:

    I have have heard of this place and all I can say is: wow, only in India!

    • chicasl10 says:

      Joe ..u know India better than me..Its for me from hearsaying.and the enthousiastic calls i make with my friends there. The more i hear The more i like.
      Special spiritual places.
      I love it.

  5. A s a traveller I love the places that are out of the way or different or hold mystique
    Your pics certainly have all the ingredients , maybe my days of exploring are not over yet

    • chicasl10 says:

      Hi Ian
      Pack ur bags and go…Its now or never..I always say..When u have time,, Money and a lot of wanting..GO FOR IT…
      Never put things out for to morrow.
      Enjoy now..

  6. penpusherpen says:

    Fantastic photo’s Sweeti, and I’m not surprised you want to visit India, I think everyone would fall in love with the country after seeing the wonderful architecture. The Pink City in particular looks simply stunning. xPenx

  7. Divya says:

    and when you visit Jaipur, do visit Udaipur – the city of lakes too! 🙂 and and and, don’t miss Leh-Ladakh and hills of the east 🙂 haha, i can’t help bragging about it cuz’ there are so many places to see in India.. i can keep talking about them, although i’m yet to see them all! 🙂

    • chicasl10 says:

      and and I know divy….ur not bragging its true Such a beautiful interestig country.
      I always compare with Europ..The north and south the east and west.with their own special beauty.

  8. A pink city!! How fabulous!:) I do love pink, all things pink, I would like to visit there one too!

  9. chicasl10 says:

    as ladies like pink this is a real women city Nikki lol The place to be.
    maybe we can invite all the women in the world to visit.

  10. Seth@ChaosHQ's says:

    ♫ *´”)
    , ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ♫ ♪
    (¸.•´ (¸.• ♫ ♪ Pink??!! Although I am not a fan of the color pink at all, I do think that this great city has marvelous architecture from what I can see from the pictures… and I will admit, ‘pink’ kind of suits this place! Very nice MJ. Certainly looks like an interesting destination to visit.

  11. chicasl10 says:

    My colleague said its kind of stone they used …… Its not really painted.
    But India has a rich past..and one day i hope to enjoy the view of this beautiful country

  12. arcticwl says:

    Beautiful architecture and colors, and interesting history as well!

  13. chicasl10 says:

    it is Wolfy hehehe ur back in the working world??? How was the holiday?

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