Enough is enough

U must have seen these words on tv. For 6 days now, UK has been reeling under riots and looting with masked hooligans restoring to violence and vandalism. However, the Londoners are not willing to take this lying down. Communities have come together and vowed to strike back.

More than 1100 ppl have been arrested for violence. Kids even younger than 10 robbing shops, but the worst happened wednesday night .

Some claimed it as a racist attack. Two brothers and a friend were killed when a car was driven at them when they were in a petrol station.  Assassinated. 3 Pakistani guys.

The shop owners are most of the time Asian ppl. I feel so sorry.
Mr Cameron said that the british army will help. At last.

Ik dacht dat ik levend verbrand zou worden

This lady jumped for her life.  She thought she would burn alive. She is  polish.


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17 Responses to Enough is enough

  1. Joe Cutler says:

    I well remember my visits to London and am horrified by this violence though honestly I’m unsurprised. Chaos is on the rise and I don’t believe any country is immune. These things show the decline of humanity on a terrifying scale but I also believe we will see that not everyone is willing to behave like an animal..this is where heroes are born that go against the evil tide.

    • chicasl10 says:

      Im not suprised as U Joe..More and more ppl react violent.
      But as i always say…when u have a bad youth u are not allowed to kill.
      nothing in this world accept such behaviour.
      Respect is what we need From top to bottom.
      be well Joe

  2. Androgoth says:

    It is very distressing for everyone here Sweeti
    and such mindless behaviour, they just do not
    care a jot…

    A very good posting highlighting
    all the recent troubles in the UK

    Androgoth XXx

    • chicasl10 says:

      Ur living close to this area Andro.?
      Now in Antwerp also Such agressive situations..I hold my breath.
      Its what i sadi to Joe..
      Respect for each other thats the nr.1
      we pray for peace and we all hope that the situation well be back to normal soon.
      A big job for Mr.Cameron..Be safe .

  3. I add my own thoughts to Peace Peace Peace my friend xox

  4. chicasl10 says:

    Tx Sue..Wishfull thinking We have to work on it..

  5. prenin says:

    We’ve had these asswipes ruling our streets while the Politically Correct banned all reasonable sanction to their behaviour for decades.

    Now they use Social Networking to arrange which shops to raid and where to assemble – poor kids cannot afford computers!!!

    This is greed and criminality at its worst and now we have had people dying as a result!!!

    Over 1,100 people have been arrested, charged and the courts are open all night now to process them, but the tensions are palpable!!!

    Last couple of night’s there’s been heavy rain and we’re expecting more tonight, but what happens when the weather improves???

    So far the youngest rioter has been 9 years old and the youngest to face the courts was an 11 year old girl who got a referral order and when asked to apologise just looked away and smirked…

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      they will start again when the rain stops.
      i read that a rich girl was also stealing TV and mobiles…Imagine
      They are messed up in their head…What a situation..
      but i respect the reactio of the government
      they catch them Thumbs up….
      to much for jail i think…But let them feel thats not normal..

      • prenin says:

        Unfortunately we jail more teenagers than any other country, so they plan to build more prisons instead of dealing with the root cause!!!

        Add drugs into the mix and you get total anarchy…

        Love and hugs!


  6. natswans says:

    My heart is saddened by all this I stood and watched the news as it all un-folded. Take care my friend I hope you are well .

  7. penpusherpen says:

    The Army will not be put on the streets Sweeti, as the Police seem to be handling the situation… At first they were told to hold back, as if they were responding to a peaceful demonstration, but things got totally out of hand. … seeing this, other idiots/morons saw their opportunity and started texting their friends to come and join in, to smash into shops and loot whatever they liked. IT spread this way from London, to other big cities, Manchester, Nottingham and a couple of others, where they were caught on CCTV and are now named and shamed. The Magistrates Court are handling things and Hopefully from now on it’ll die down because at heart they are cowards. Another man has died, a 66year old who went to help to stand up to the rioters, and his murderer is now in custody. It’s totally shocked the Country, shell-shocked us really, at how quickly it spread and the violence and the opportunistic way they all reacted. Hopefully lessons will be learned for the future. Or else where shall we be?.. xPenx

    • chicasl10 says:

      i heard Lady P…The army will not interfere..It was like a fire
      it spread the violence with the wind.
      that so many ppl act like this is horrifying, I hope it will end soon.
      A lil prayer or a candle will be burned Lady P.
      Be safe

  8. ajitpeter says:

    Human beings to resort to this act is a child wanting a chocolate
    arrest and force will never work
    love is lost and people to care where
    an anger shown by people
    sorry to say tis will come in future in every country
    a chocolate
    arrest and force will never work
    love is lost and people to care where
    an anger shown by people
    sorry to say tis will come in future in every country

    • chicasl10 says:

      ik know Buddy
      even in Antwerp was a fight last night.
      sometimes a lil word or lil act is a drop on the fire.
      Respect is a word that a lot of ppl dont know

  9. Hi Sweeti san,
    Where is safety place to lived? I can spot for only in the desert island somewhere off the Pacific Ocean.These things are It almost copy cat manner and nobody know that when that happening which country would be next?
    Without this business all the countries having a bad times,
    Hopefully it will end of this awful things died down soon.

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