Kids as adults

A french female designer scadalises the world with new designes for lingerie line for kinds from 4 years old.

The kids show as lolitas in panties and bra’s made of lace . The fotoos show kids crawling like pro’s for the cam with Amy Winehouse hair and sensual eyes. It is inappropriate to 4 year old girls  pose as a Brigitte Bardot when she was 20 years old. Who is so sick in his  head to designe  lingerie  for kids that age.

and how sick can u be to let ur kid show like that??

Kids  in a grown up world?

Kids act as an adult…Horrible.

How low can u go???

This is not sweet

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26 Responses to Kids as adults

  1. arcticwl says:

    too many cray cramps in our world!

    • chicasl10 says:

      yep Wolfy U are a parent to.
      Kids need to be kids..and not act like Sensual looking adults..
      welll welll….i think a stay on ur working place ( ARCTIC )will cool them off.

  2. Joe Cutler says:

    I saw this and I find it really annoying. I’ve got kids of my own and feel that they grow up fast enough as it is. Truth is it’s always bugged me that they call a porn shop “adult”. It seems that the world is often confused with maturity and sexuality. There’s an obsession with sexuality that is much like the one with alcohol. It not just about a drink with a meal oh no…now it’s a big right of passage. Above all I think it’s about pushing the envelope and there’s always people that buy into that…probably the best thing that could have ever happened with this is that it was ignored into oblivion.

    • chicasl10 says:

      so true Joe
      No reaction would be better…But still those kids dont know anymore to be a kid
      thats so crazy >That parents can accept that..I dont know anymore.
      Oh and abt alcohol….Its the same 1!0 year old kids. drinking so much that they need to be hospitalized.
      even adults dont know where the limit is these days.
      if u dont drink or dont go to bed with everyone ur not accepted?/
      what a world..

  3. Yo MJ! I totally agree! It;s DISGUSTING!!! A Pimps Paradise. What are The Parents of these children thinking?!?!?!?! Good Blog!! Society as a whole should be unanimous in saying a Firm “NO!!!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!” Luv PF XXX

  4. Androgoth says:

    It is indeed a perverted world sweeti, and is there any restrictions I wonder?
    To me these designers are portraying children as pawns to move around at
    their will… It is indeed despicable is it not?

    Androgoth XXx

    • chicasl10 says:

      It is Andro.
      No limits these days.How far will this go? No reaction Thats the best thing to do.
      But unbelievable There are parents jealous that their girl is not a model.

  5. Well written my friend , a good perspective after the recent attempts here in Australia to once again go down the path of American normalacy

  6. Divoo says:

    it is sad to see how the kids are losing out on their innocence and purity because of things that we make them do and do to them… May God give some sense to everyone!

  7. penpusherpen says:

    Children grow up too fast anyway Sweeti, without this sort of clothing designed to show them as small Lolita’s .. It’s totally disgusting and I can’t believe the parents who allow their children to wear such obvious lingerie and makeup designed to make them look sexy… TO me it’s a sort of sickness that’s eating into our societies today… xPenx

    • chicasl10 says:

      slowly very slowly Lady P.
      As i said before..Where are the kids..??Playing outside till dinner time and as dirty as can be..
      cos they played in the sand>>???
      where are the kids that did not ask for TV>>>>MObile..or digicam??
      where are we going to.?I have no idea But i know one thing…Its the wrong way

  8. Crazy mad world we live in is it not? Good that you thought to highlight this sick practice.

  9. That was really horrible wasn’t it I hope in the future somebody a wise lady to come up fixed it.
    I read about this in the news paper too, it is sad to young age mother cant seen their doing wrong thing to their own daughter….
    When I was young more interesting to played my toys with my friends BUT I remember that I used my mums lipstick on my lips and few thing to try it on her clothes lol!
    A good post Sweeti san!
    A last few days we having a spring weather….
    Enjoy your day,

    • chicasl10 says:

      of course Michiko san Kids explore and try out.
      But this kind of things is pushed by the parents And thats the worst of all
      That girls use moms shoes and lipstick is cos they want to copy their own mom’

      let the kids be a kid…. The time they have is already so short…

  10. kids grow up fast enough don’t they? mothers guilty of pushing children
    into adult behavior deny a child the right to choose his or her own destiny

  11. A great Post here my friend.. and I agree with Eddie here.. Children grow up far too fast without encouragement of this distasteful sort..
    Children are pushed out to fend for themselves in this latch-key society… We have forgotten how to love and nurture our Children and they in turn show no respect back.. Is there any wonder this world is in need of a shake up.
    Children are our future…. What sort of Future do you think we are creating allowing many such things as this to happen which is taking away our children’s Innocence..

  12. prenin says:

    Hi hun!

    Quite a blog hun – having seen how some kids are treated I am not amazed by this. 😦

    Some parents see their kids as dolls to dress up and have no idea how to care for little ones as they should be.

    I looked after 42 and saw first hand how a child is treated because one of their friends was about 4yo. and her mum had her dressed to kill complete with full makeup and hair style!

    I often wondered how the poor child turned out…

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    Unfortunately Doug has sold me out twice now and I’d decided to part company with him after his second pass at me – then his legs stop working and I have to look after the alcoholic bum…

    Pray to God I get his doctor alone for five minutes – because if Doug does go over the edge as he appears to be doing, then he will kill others and/or himself thanks to all the terrible crap he’s had to suffer over the past few months – and I know I cannot help him…

    Hope you have fun in the sun my friend – it’s about to rain here… 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      gosh Prenin such a problems u have with mr Doug..
      He has to change but i think thats not easy to do or he doesnot has the posibility to stop. now.
      Kids need to be kids and thats what we know..But seems a lot of crazy ppl want to change that
      i had sun Prenin and we hope its not gonna end with thunder and lightning like last thursday

      u can see why Prenin.

      • prenin says:

        I have a two hour thunderstorm on tape – my building was hit twice, but survived! 🙂

        Doug is a mess – a coward who seeks strong friends and will do their bidding in return for their protection…

        Love and hugs!


  13. gmarilena says:

    wow that’s just sad…

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