Mails are mails But some are special.

How many mails do we get per day???  We want more and more??Noo i dont think so.

Reading them takes time, and thats what a full time working woman has less.I always say 

6 pm till 9 pm  the clock should tick a bit slower.

But i dont want to complain.  I love getting mails  lol..And some sure make a difference to me. Like these

What if the sun does not rise today. I wonder how life would be.
Living in the dark.

And every end of the month there is money on the bank.

Imagine there is nothing!!


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21 Responses to Mails are mails But some are special.

  1. Yo MJ! How right u are! We do have a lot 2b grateful 4! Hope u have a Wonderful Weekend! Luv PF XXX

  2. penpusherpen says:

    I find I’m deleting more and more Sweeti, every day… one quick glance, then a click and away they zoom, into the far beyond.. . but the ones that get to the point as the two you’ve shown here, are really special…. and I can’t imagine a month without money coming in… a nightmare it would be., yet some are having to face this situation. Being thankful is the key… have a great week-end my lovely friend…Pen xx

    • chicasl10 says:

      no work no pay..In some countries its like that..
      Where we go for our projects 2 hotels closed for 2 months A lot of frfiends work there.
      U can imagine what troubles they have (family with kids) No income.
      With help of their family they survive.

  3. Sweeti san! This is a great post, Thinking about how fortunate we are.
    We’re often too slow to give thanks and too quick to COMPLAIN.
    My hey fever or dry cough which ever it is getting better after over month….
    Have a great day,
    PS: Don’t complain! Sweeti san:-)

    • chicasl10 says:

      im not Michiko san.and as u say Things will go better after a certain time
      .Well sometimes we do have a hard nut to crack But thats peanuts compared with others.
      I hope ur spring will be better than our summer.
      Have a wonderful sunday evening Michiko san

  4. Androgoth says:

    You are right Sweeti one must always be grateful for what
    one has in life, as there is always someone a lot worse off…
    It is ridiculous really as the planet is so rich in many ways,
    but alas the rich get richer and the poor, well not many peeps
    think about them as they are too busy enjoying themselves…

    Have a wonderful rest of weekend Sweeti 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • chicasl10 says:

      its like that Andro

      Rich .. money greed…Ppl who have a lot seems they want more and more.
      Well we dont have that problem Lol.
      and these days young ppl are not that content with what they have ( i mean here In my surroundings)
      Cos i know that my friends in the east Will be happy with a decent roof and daily food on the table.

      BTW Andro…im seaching in ur blog for june the HUNKS!!!
      smile and have a sunnysunday
      Its time for ur swimsuit..

  5. Day by day and one step at a time girl , how many times in the past I have lost everything and can still stand up with dignity and start again , 2 failed marriages and the loss of all material stuff , at the end of the day its the loss of my love and heart that counts , count our blessing on waking in the morning that we have been granted another day
    Aussie Ian

    • chicasl10 says:

      Head up and stay proud Ian.
      Thats the way .u can stay alive.
      U did well Ian. Seems everyone gets such a part in his life.But some get more than they can handle..
      its easy said that u become stronger after such things.
      tc for ur honest comment Ian.
      Respect .MJ

  6. Since losing my home and a good chunk of my possessions, it’s not hard to give thanks every day for the roof now over my head, the food on the table and the job that supplies the means to keep those things available to me. Life is much more basic now but I appreciate those basics like never before now I understand how easily and mercilessly they can be snatched away leaving you with nothing at all, but the survivor you have to be. They are here one minute and gone the next. But knowing that and having experienced it to the full I am infinitely grateful for the home, the food and the job that I have the privilege for now of having. I may not have it tomorrow or the next day or…but I will most certainly give thabnkss for it each day that I do, and enjoy the life and health I have been given. 🙂

    • chicasl10 says:

      ohh Wolfy
      i had no idea u had such bad times.But as i read Ur a fighter and enjoy the day ur in,.
      Thats a quality U have.Look forward..We cant change the past.
      And keep ur head up.
      and health is number one Wolfy..
      TC be well

      • Yes…lol…always good to keep head up…and look forwards…I failed to do this yesterday…we won’t go into the distraction! lol…the result was Wolfie headbangs lampost, knocks out most of front tooth and ends up in Accident and Emergency of hospital with big gash in skull! Stupid Wolfie!! But the huge dentist bill will ensure I keep my head up and eyes front in future lol 😉 Wishing you a great day… x

      • chicasl10 says:

        My God Wolfy Wolfy
        ur oke??? seems ur injured like hell. .Keep low profil or how do we say that normally.
        U were involved in something ?

        be carefull oke
        Lots of huggies to bring u back to normal lol

      • Yes I’m cool thanks…pride took a bashing though! I mean who walks head first into a lampost anyway!!! We won’t go into WHY I was looking elsewhere lol 😉 Well…ok…maybe i was involved in looking a handsome young man that caught my eye at the wrong moment!!! Just don’t tell anyone 😉 Take care, and don’t follow my example!! 😉 x

  7. Hi Sweeti,
    Junk mails are such a headache, my Gmail is completely bombarded with them, hotmail not so much but still bad. But usually when a friend sends me a forward it’s something worth looking at, often it’s humour but sometimes something a little more special and meaningful as are these graphics you posted.
    Big hugs, Nikki

  8. Hi Sweeti,
    You’ll be away at halloween then and not able to do the event? Ok hon, well you have a good trip to sri lanka and good luck with all your projects there. Big hug, Nikki

  9. chicasl10 says:

    Tx so much Nikki
    we leave october 19th and im sooo happy.
    I do hope my bro in law will stay stable.
    Now friday we have the fundraising quiz…Im nervous But i have a lot of volunteers and they know what to do.
    So im having positiv nerves lol
    Good luck with the halloween event.

  10. Hi Sweetie, Yes it isnt until we fall upon hard times we realise how well off we are.. And we can all find someone in the world much worse off than ourselves…
    Having been out to Sri Lanka in the 90’s I went out there to help train people to machine in new factories when work went overseas.. These were not sweat-shops but well run big enterprises for M&S garment manufacture… The woman there worked long and hard 6 days a week ..They got food parcels and medical care and could bring in all their family and get free medi-care but they all said to me how well off they were compared with others.. Some travelled and stayed in the accomadation provided all week and went home one day a week and sent some of their earnings home to family…
    I went past various places and saw the tremendous poverty out there and I admire all the work you are doing… Well done you……

  11. chicasl10 says:

    The first thing that suprised me..was that after tsunami the sri lankans were sharing the lil things they had,
    When they have a bit rice they give half to neighbour who has nothing.
    the smiles even when they have hard times.
    Wonderful ppl. I love the country and everything in it.
    and now the war is over since 2,5 year they have peace.
    Tx Sue

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