Our friend the Buddhist monk.

We wanted to visit the montesorri school where our friend Suresh his daughter Dewmi went.

The school needed uniforms so we went to see. Behind the school we also came to see the house of the young widow with 4 kids. ( thats for later)

As you know most of the Monks do charity  and take care of the ppl around them.That means helping with everything Like a father. So we came to meet this monk  He will be a fiend forever.Here with the teacher of the montesorri school.

You can see behind his back a lot of buddha statues  Its his dream to have these statues painted  There are still grey like cement. They are there cos of money gifts.

Every buddha is different.

He asked me to sponsor.  And u might know the answer!!!  I said..U have to forgive me I have still so many things in my head to help the poor ppl here. 

The most wonderful thing what he said to me while giving me a white ribbon on my whrist.

Ur a buddha  .(U wont belief. My eyes got wet.Gosh im such an emotional dummy.

Here u see the unpainted ones. We meet again Thera.

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14 Responses to Our friend the Buddhist monk.

  1. prenin says:

    I’m sure he will not be a ‘fiend’ forever, but a friend forever! LoL!!!

    Love the pictures hun – if I win the lottery maybe we’ll be able to get the rest of the statues painted…

    God Bless my friend, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! 🙂


  2. Joe Cutler says:

    Ironically or not we’ve got a little kindergarten here called Montessori. It’s Catholic and where I went as a child believe it or not. The pictures are always interesting my friend, thanks for sharing.

    • chicasl10 says:

      i belief u Joe. Cos Montesorri is used for kids 4 5 6 years old.
      its an english word. We dont use it
      I was time back suprised to hear the word kindergarten in Sri Lanka and from friends in India Cos thats german.Then i wonder how its possible u guys use that foreign word.
      its a pleasure to share my pics Joe

  3. It’s a wonderful story, I hope all the statues eventually get painted.
    Have a great weekend MJ.
    Big hug, Nikki

    • chicasl10 says:

      I do hope for him But i think its not easy with so much poor ppl around him.He will first help them Of course. He is a good guy But he wants to finish his project.
      Maybe big companies can help him.
      Who knows.
      tx Nikki

  4. The Emu says:

    A great post and visit into your Buddha friends world
    I certainly agree too that it would be great for the statues to be painted

  5. Androgoth says:

    What a lovely posting Sweeti and no wonder it brought a tear to your eyes, you are certainly not an emotional dummy, emotional yes but for all the right reasons and you are a true diamond 🙂 Have a lovely start to your week Sweeti and thank you for adding such wonderful postings about your last trip out to Sri Lanka and of course for all of your special children 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • chicasl10 says:

      Oh yes Andro.. PPl ask me sometimes Why we dont have kids.
      Well first of all i think its a very private question But now i have an answer…
      I have nudreds Dont u think??
      With moments im to emotional Andro But do i need to fight it???
      Enjoy the week Andro and say hi to Jenn.

  6. michiko san says:

    I guess you were very emotional that when the Buddhist monks asked you to be sponsor? which you would like to said ‘YES” but you can’t do it…..in your mind says to sorry? Is that right?
    Unpainted Buddha statues:In Japan you will seen a lots of them.
    Your space has fallen snow it must be very cold Sweeti san…..
    Big Hugs,

    • chicasl10 says:

      It is Michiko san
      Its better to paint for the weather there.
      I got emotional when he said those words Michiko san.
      I know buddhisme is beautiful..Dont kill a living thing.and so much other intensive spiritual topics Its not easy to know everything abt it.But i know one thing
      I try not to hurt ppl intentionatly.
      Tx for ur sweet words Michiko san

  7. Amazing statues and amazing people. You are a treasure my friend a real ‘Light-Worker’ who is working from the heart..
    Love and Gratitude for all you do xx Sue x

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