26 DECEMBER 2004 – 26 DECEMBER 2011

Its been 7 years now. This morning Our time  5.30  i remember  2 years back

We were standing in front of the sea at Beruwela beach  Sri Lanka. 

We gave the sea the flowers of the franchipan  as a symbol for those that were taken by the waves.

How can we forget such tragedy. 

My life changed since then.

The foto in my header i took in 2005  In Yala Park in the south of Sri Lanka.

The restaurant ..normally  at the beachline was totally gone, Including the staff and tourists. The animals in Yala ran inland They felt something coming

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8 Responses to 26 DECEMBER 2004 – 26 DECEMBER 2011

  1. The Emu says:

    A beautiful commemorative blog my friend
    Many of the worlds tragedys these days affect many lives
    and it is important that we never forget
    Mother nature is all powerful
    Wishing you much love and happiness for the new year

  2. Androgoth says:

    Yes a sad moment my great friend
    and life goes on regardless as they
    say, with time there seems no end
    to such dreadful disaters…

    But their memory lives on with this
    fine posting of yours Sweeti…

    Have a lovely rest of holiday and
    a very nice and wicked New Year
    in 2012 my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  3. May there be many blessings to you and all who have suffered from disasters
    you have survived
    you are hear with us today!
    we are very thankful for this
    Happy 2012 to you dear friend!
    love, Eddie

  4. Many lives changed that day Sweetie, A beautiful tribute you have given here.. so much sadness, But I hope this year brings renewal in all quaters of the world.. xxx Hugs to you ~Sue

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