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Kill But only when ur hungry

The Wild law says  Kill but only when ur hungry.      Fotograaf Michel Denis-Huot made these surprising foto’ s on safari in Kenia’ s Masai Mara He was bewildered by what he saw: ” These three brothers (cheetahs)  lived together since they left … Continue reading

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I bite my nails.

Oke  i have to stay positiv. Gosh My nails are gone.I bite like turbo these days.Yes friends im a nail biter. After the funeral   as every one says  life goes on. Oke  it is but the empty place stays. Last … Continue reading

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The Final sleep

My bro in law died last monday.  It was an unfair fight he fought like a tiger. I sit with darkness all around, listening to the music that reminds me of him. We will meet again.

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A Xmas gift 8.300 euro

A Girl with the cute name Poppy got a voucher in her Xmas stocking from her mom. Nothing special. But The voucher was a 8.300 euro plastic surgery gift from a Mother to her 7 year old child. The mother is … Continue reading

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Transport in so many ways

  The typical transport in Asian countries is the 3 wheeler. The tuk tuk. When we visit our friends in Balapitiya we take one and when we go back to hotel our friends come with us.U cant belief this but … Continue reading

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