A Xmas gift 8.300 euro

A Girl with the cute name Poppy got a voucher in her Xmas stocking from her mom.

Nothing special. But The voucher was a 8.300 euro plastic surgery gift from a Mother to her 7 year old child. The mother is obsessed by  perfection. The mother has a nickname as the British Barbie doll. She spent already 600.000 euro on plastic surgery for herself.

A lot of Bristish ppl condemn such kind of botox mama’s Its irresponsable that such women can have kids.  They think kids as Poppy  need to be taken away from their mothers.

Do we have a solution for this?? But one thing is a fact.The Mom is probably doing this to get the press attention again now she  is out of the news for herself. (Tell me one person that needs to read that she has another lipo??) But the fact is she gives this child a  derogatory picture of beauty.

A course parenthood maybe for Mom???

and what to do with the plastic surgion??? Coz he gets the voucher. ( Dollar signs in the eyes  Oeps  ……………..  POND  Cos we are in UK no??

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9 Responses to A Xmas gift 8.300 euro

  1. prenin says:

    This is a mother in need of a kick up the arse! 😦

    To buy plastic surgery for herself – let’s face it it’s her body and what she wants to do with that body AS AN ADULT is up to her.

    But to foist such a lifestyle on a child before she’s old enough to vote is a BIG no-no!!!

    If I was able to lay my hands on her… AAAAARGH!!!

    What gets me is what kind of doctor would agree to operate on a child in such a radical way???

    Answers on a post card please…

    Love and hugs!


  2. Joe Cutler says:

    These kinds of things are more than disturbing for me. Kids are not objects to try and usher in attention for a parent or at least they should not be. This woman is obviously mentally disturbed. Sad.

  3. This kind of thing Im affraid turns my stomach over, All well and good if the Mother wishes to have Plastic surgery etc.. But as you say its probably all for Media attention so she can sell her story for more Euros… A child of 7 is still growing and I would hope no Plastic Surgen would opperate on a 7 yr old for no Good reason.. …. But like you say.. the $ signs alters alot of Man-Kinds judgements..
    Hope you enjoying the First week of January .. Love and Blessings to you x

  4. the other worrying point is that the child seems to have been brain washed into thinking she WANTS this surgery! And that she NEEDS it and is very happy at the prospect!!!!!!

  5. Thats a very strange story, I cant imagine a doctor would give un-needed surgery to a child, that would be outrageous. The mother needs a psychiatrist!
    Hope you have a great Sunday MJ.
    Big hugs, Nikki

  6. Thanks for writing on this subject , the whole thing smells wrong
    The mothers intelligence and thinking are in question as is government bodies
    who have not stepped in to ascertain what other areas of this childs upbringing
    and mind being affected by the warp mentality of a parent
    Words fail me
    Ian aka Emu

  7. R. Ramesh says:

    awesome blog u have here friend..nice..and thanks…will stay connected..

  8. Divoo says:

    who in the world gifted that plastic surgery voucher to a kid and who in the world would actually perform a plastic surgery on a kid, just to make her more beautiful?? ridiculous, it is! 😐

  9. R. Ramesh says:

    awesome blog u have here friend..nice..and thanks…will stay connected..

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