The crazy weather and the artist

Yesterday Friday 3th.

Working at the office with wonderful view over the country.We sit third floor.U might think whats the problem there, u can watch outside during working hrs..U need to work. Well U sit down and have 2 hrs??? NO???? well oke i wont annoy u with our Comp.probs. Listening to the weather forecast made us worrying. It was about to snow and it came from the north east ( of course cold always comes from there) so as promised it started with small dust snow. Small white snowflakes.

But the clock was ticking and the dust snow became SNOW. In few minuts we had a white blanket. Oh Nice…. My friends  in hot countries always love that white stuff. But not me. Worrying how to get home in one piece. As u might remember 2 years back my car made a swing to the right  when i wanted to go left. The fear is still in me.

We hoped that the guys who clean the roads started in time. 

4.15 pm we decided to stop work and go .. cos we did not do a thing just talking abt getting home without accidents.

First i had to find my black car . Loaded with snow. Virgin snow haha  Joke. I removed the snow   ( My hands were frozen) i started the car and went. I drove i think with speed like 25 or 30 km /hr. Its around 8 km i have to drive.

The roads were horrible from the first meter to the last. In front of me was a driver using his brakes every minut. It was getting on my nerves Although i tried to keep my eyes focused on everything. 

and then home sweet home. 

TO morrow normally we have to go to a baby drink But as the place is in a kind of polder area we decided wisely to cancel that trip.

This morning it was minus 12 when we checked the temperature. The roads are a mess so we decided to walk to the shop to get food in the house. And When we got home i saw this beautiful art work of a tiny guy ( maybe girl). So guys   Maybe monday the roads are clean  cos this lady has to work again ON THE THIRD FLOOR!! with awesome view.

BTW this is my mailbox.  And the art piece is made by one of my house pets  lol. ( hmmmm  garden pets)

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15 Responses to The crazy weather and the artist

  1. Love the spiders Webs my friend.. yes the snow is hitting alot of places hard.. So happy you got home ok.. I so dislike driving in snow.. But after last year when we got a record of low temps’ and lots of snow fall in two days.. I am a bit more prepared and so treated myself to Snow Tyres.. Here in the UK we dont usually bother with snow Tyres.. and last year they were hard to get hold of… Expensive too.. But Im ready now.. As I need to go out all weathers as I support Adults who rely upon you.. Im just waiting now for the snow to fall.. Its been sprinkling here on and off.. But some parts of the UK have had lots… But Europe- Poland has had the worst of it. with many deaths recorded due to the cold..
    We live on a hill.. so I know what it feels like to swing in the wrong direction as I got to slide down my hill last winter.. xx keep warm xx

    • chicasl10 says:

      oh Sue u know all abt this.
      And winter tyres i know It seems that there is more grip on the snow/ice.
      In Germany its a law that u have to have them otherwise ur not allowed to drive there.
      In Poland and Oekraine ppl die. Living on the streeets How is that possible in our rich world.
      We have in Belgium also ppl living on the streets. The government is now that far that they drive with busses around in the cities to ( collect) the ppl that sleep in the cold.
      Army canteens and school gym sections are open now.
      Minus 20 and living on the street…I cant imagine how u can survive
      Keep warm Sue
      i wear 2 pair of

      • Yes the Homeless situation is terrible… Minus 20 is brrrrrrr cold.. I remember when I visit Austria for a Christmas Vaccation.. It was minus 15.. and the train we were waiting for was delayed because the fuel Dissel had frozen… My toes nearly dropped off in my boots… as we waited an Hour on a snowy plateform… I am wrapped up warm.. YOu too… keep safe and well.. Hugs xx

  2. Ok…Icewolves are supposed to love the snow…and we do! But not when it’s turned into pack ice and we are in danger of breaking our Wolfie necks!!! Neither do I like being frozen to the bone though minus 3 sounds considerably better than minus 12 🙂 We expect snow tonight…I have my snow spikes at the ready! Glad I’m not in the Ukraine right now…sad about the death rate there and in Poland. Though maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised…we gave the Ukraine, Chernobyl…The Land of Wolves…so you can’t really blame the land if its returning the deathly favour can you? 😉 Take care and safe driving my friend 🙂

  3. chicasl10 says:

    as u mention that we gave the ukraine Chernobyl so true wolfy
    So ur having also snow to night.Well to morrow morning u wake up with a bed of snow.
    ur snow spikes ready..and u can walk on the ice and ur winter tyres under the car lol
    tc and dream soft and warm
    i feel so sorry for ppl living in the cold.
    sleeping in the cold.
    can u imagine. MJ

  4. Joe Cutler says:

    I sure know what you mean about those that love snow vs. those of us that actually have to deal with it. Ironically or not it’s been a very mild winter for us…unlike anything I’ve ever seen so I can’t complain…after last winter that was the worst in years Old Man Winter decided to go pretty easy on us thus far. Love the pictures my friend…drive carefully!

    • chicasl10 says:

      so Joe Mr. Old Man Winter comes to Europ lol
      well now its still minus 15 or so during night.And i dont get used to it.
      well spring will come so just wait.
      A warm hug

  5. prenin says:

    Hi hun! 🙂

    Yes the snow started here at just after 12pm and has been coming down steadily ever since!

    Hopefully it’ll stop soon – the kids are already bombarding everything that moves and I saw my neighbour Martin with his three year old son teaching him to make a snowman – it’s about 100cm tall and has twigs for arms! 🙂

    The sun is setting and it’s already below freezing here – looks like we’re in for a cold night…

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      Keep urself warm Prenin
      I do to.Now we will get some ice rain Thats awesome when u have to drive to offic.e
      its a skating road..
      i Hate the cold. But what to do
      TC U hear!!

  6. arcticwl says:

    Hollow MJ,
    I am glad to hear that you successfully handle your first snow drive, How did you copy with the cold blasts recently beating Europe? i believe you would handle it well. if weather repeatedly getting cold in each winter, a winter type will be really necessary which gives you great relief of mind.
    the temperature keep at around -35C, some time windchill goes up to close -60C, but i get use to it and there is no complaint at all.
    Take care.

    • chicasl10 says:

      I know Li wan Its always very cold where u stay..Im not kind of person fr that freezer lol
      Well first time we have cold its frightning but ehn after a week u get used to it.Although the next days will be horrible.
      Its going above zero that means rain on the ice cold ground.
      I need to skate instead of driving a car
      TC and keep warm in ur fridge Wolfy

  7. Divya Upadhyay says:

    wow, i love that spider’s artwork 😀 warm hugs to you from Texas! 🙂

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