Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a lady with a heart as big as the globe. When i get a mail with info abt her i always read. ( TX Deeps)No click delete mail. I want to share the wise words of a Albanian Catolic lady working in India. Although she had no family life of her own she knew what was going wrong. Mother Teresa had million kids in HER family.


The poor of Calcutta.

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12 Responses to Mother Teresa

  1. So very true… As we come up to Valentines day.. I think we should not only think of Sweet-hearts.. but how we send love to our families and the world.. We should have a WORLD LOVE DAY.. and make everyone aware of how seperate we have become as we distrust each other as we have put posessions over people and we poison our planet and kill our Animal Kingdom..

    I just love Mother Teresa… and all her wise words she bestowed upon us..
    Hugs to you and yours and I hope that you are well my friend and your family… xx ~Sue

    • chicasl10 says:

      So true Sue We have to make 365 Valentine days.
      as same as we wish a happy New Year we should work on that everyday
      and we destroyed already so much.What gives us the right to destroy what mother earth gives us
      I wish u and ur family wonderful days ahead.
      God bless.

  2. prenin says:

    A VERY special lady who left her mark on the world.

    My one regret is that I never got to meet her…

    Love and hugs! 🙂


  3. Lovely lady who set an example to us all 🙂

  4. Joe says:

    One of the things I appreciated was that in spite of the whole world viewing her as a saint she expressed struggles of faith in her personal diaries. I think that’s what makes a person something special. No matter the struggles they press through it and do good for the sake of doing good…that is really inspiration to me.

  5. natswans says:

    A very special Lady she spoke such wise words.

  6. prenin says:

    Hi hun! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment!!! 🙂

    I’ve been racing and listening to my old tapes – weird choice of music, but a painless way to spend the hours…

    Becky is not home yet, but Pat is handling the kids OK – Now HER kids are grown (I looked after Dominic from 8, Rachel from 7, Emily and God daughter Becky from birth) Pat is having to babysit because I’m no longer in a fit state to! 🙂

    There are SOME advantages to being a paranoid schizophrenic! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  7. Divya Upadhyay says:

    think about the smiles that she would have brought on the face of numerous kids… the joy she would brought to their hearts… and the love… a great inspiration she is!

  8. Some of my all time favorite quotes are by Mother Theresa, a beautiful soul, a great heart and great humanitarian.
    Happy Valentines Day MJ

    ───────────▀ Big hugs, Nikki

  9. babyevelyne says:

    Hallo Marijke,
    lang geleden. Dank ù wel voor ‘t compliment 🙂 ‘k Ben momenteel aan ‘t zoeken waar ‘k m’n iPod in de zijlijn kan krijgen, grr. Aangezien jij ook niks in de zijlijn hebt, zul je mij wss ook niet kunnen helpen, haha.
    Neenee, ‘k ga niet carnavallen, ‘k ga vanavond m’n verjaardag van gisteren vieren met vrienden. Dat beloofd, hihi.

    Groetjes Evelyne

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