High heels and socks.


We watch the catwalks in Paris….Milano….London.

The clothes they show are from designers with big names. Like Armani.

I like his works  Its wearable.

 But i always wonder.

Who is going to wear this (J.P.Gaultier)

and then..

red is the colour this summer. Nice with white skirt.  We have to wear high heels But not like sensual high heels Hell no Like these With Socks 

And as we know that half the world is a herd animal we buy these!!??? What do u think?

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12 Responses to High heels and socks.

  1. Joe Cutler says:

    I guess fashions like these are lost on me for the most part. I guess this is why my wife often dresses me…however if she tried anything this insane I may begin to state quite a protest!

    • chicasl10 says:

      haah i know Joe..Its not wearable.
      But like every woman ur wify dresses u… My husband likes other things then me
      so he doesnot want me to say what to wear.,
      When i ask him to wear this or that He wears the opposite.lol

  2. natswans says:

    I have no idea but I would love to visit the Fashion Show in London. The blue is stunning just like to observe really. Best Wishes
    Sheila 🙂

  3. Fashions appeal to all sorts of peoples , for me they have no appeal , I think they are a fashion purely from the designers name and people actually like to be seen in designer clothes whether they are appealing or not

    • chicasl10 says:

      Maybe only for the celebs We see that on awards and so.
      they always show the ladies in the magazines with clothes from this or that desginer.
      but the JP Gaultier is for the museum no??

  4. Divoo says:

    they look good only on the ramp, on the ‘cats’! 😉

  5. I notice recently that one designer thought it was a really good idea to send naked models, male and female, down the catwalk in order to show off their HEADWEAR to its best possible advantage…who’d have been looking at their heads!!! Certainly this is one fashion trend Wolfie WONT be following any time soon!!! 😉

    • chicasl10 says:

      i know Wolfy It was on the news in Belgium.
      Naked ladies..One was pregnant i think 8 months or so…
      No decency any more.
      Crazy ..How low can u go.
      How can u watch such things.When u want to see naked ppl U can always go to FKK beaches..But fashion????
      I just have one word. Silly.

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