I played my own doctor.

12 Days ago i  had small surgery on my left hand. Something wierd was there on my knuckle and as my dad died of cancer i went to dermatologist ( where i go since my dad died).

He said ..pls lay down on the bed and we will remove that. Nurse and doctor in green outfit and mask before the mouth. The injection for the anaesthesia was a small thing But then the nurse said  Bite ur teeth !! Im going to put some fluid inside.  Jesus ..tears over my cheeks. Its skin on the bones there. But as i am a strong woman  ( dont laugh) i was thinking   It will be over in seconds.  Doc took his material (Scalpel) brrrrrrrrrrrr.

The surgery was over in 10 minuts. Peace of cake.

The surgeon closed the wound with 2 stitches.  No pain .. the anaesthesia did  its job. A small bandage and i could go. After that i went to a birthday party and had a good time.No worries. But then. Around 2 Am in the morning i woke from sever pain. The anaesthesia had done its job. Like a knife cutting in my hand.

With pain killers i made it to office. Had to use my right hand. But oke.I managed.

Once and a while a sharp pain from the top of my Middle finger(  Yes that one  I cant use now haha) to my elbow. And i knew what the reason was. The stitches under my skin on the knuckle touched my bone every time  That was the pain. So now thursday i decided (we decided  My colleagues and myself) that i ( we) had to remove those. ( its oke guys  most of them have medical beackground) .No masks no scalpel no green outfits Just a knife lol

pfffffffffffffff this was a relief.  Pain is almost preterite.

Now monday morning i have to face the surgeon. He will be mad. Cos i did his job.Probably not the way he had in mind. But i know one thing. I did ( we) the right thing.

How a small thing can make my last weeks like hell. (ohhh  What he took out is examined in lab…Will see.


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23 Responses to I played my own doctor.

  1. marciento says:

    Hello! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Oh dear! oh dear! You are a woman of courage! I am sitting here wincing at the thought of your surgery…then your playing your own doctor with a knife!!! Ouch! You were very brave!! I’m sure the surgeon will be very mad but hey! You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do! You will have no trouble keeping him in check!

  3. With self surgery you must have been in much pain
    Glad it turned out okay and relieved the pain
    but I think you will get told off by your doctor though, lol
    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday
    Ian aka Emu

    • chicasl10 says:

      i know Ian Im prepared for his sermon. But he has to admit I will be an awesome nurse to help him…dont u think.
      Well my hand is almost cured by now.
      and tx for the wishes Enjoy ur sunday to Ian

  4. Androgoth says:

    You should have said earlier Sweeti
    and I could have called round with my
    Vampire tool-kit and Skeleton Nurse,
    she would slip your finger into a vice
    while I sharpened up the Chisel…

    Well we could probably stitch your finger
    back on if any mistakes happened, well
    there is always the aftercare to look forward
    to as I have a team of Ghouls just itching
    to strip you off, I mean your bandages 🙂

    Right as you are being too naughty I will
    return to my Space and call back again
    later with the naughty stool… Nooooooo
    that is not anything Kinky, it is to sit you
    down on while you write a hundred lines
    ‘I Will Not Be So Naughty In My Thinking’

    Be good now or else? 😉 lol


    So glad that you are okay now Sweeti 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • chicasl10 says:

      Oh Andro This is awesome what u write here I Love it

      Next time U will be the first to know
      Im looking forward to ur visit. Tx for this extreme good comment.
      And enjoy the sunday

  5. prenin says:

    Sounds painful! 😦

    You should be Ok though, but the scar will be something special! 🙂

    Lots of luck with the test results! 🙂

    Huge hugs!


  6. Divoo says:

    wow, you are brave enough to remove those stitches yourself! your doc might just get impressed by that! 🙂 will wait to hear what that ‘thing’ was and how your doc reacted. 🙂 have a good weekend!

  7. chicasl10 says:

    It was a relief Divy…It was this or constant pain.and i could not see that doc cos he has a schedule u wont belief. and the results of the test are my biggest worry.
    I hope for the best.
    wish u and ur lil family a wonderful sunday

  8. much love Sweetie hope all is well with you and always thinking of you Augie

  9. natswans says:

    Oh my you are a brave lady must have so painful for you to undergo this self surgery. Yikes! Hope the results are ok for you. Many Blessings

  10. marciento says:

    Hello! I wish you successful week!

  11. Hi MJ
    Yikes when the nurse said “bite your teeth” you know something painful is coming, I might have leapt off the table and ran for the door! You were brave though and now hopefully you’ll get a great test result. Hope you’re week is off to a wonderful start.

  12. chicasl10 says:

    Hi Nikki
    i have good news Im in good health..No cancer .. He said that its oke i removed the stitches myself Cos the wound had closed Otherwise i got spanked lol
    well its a happy ending.. and i wish u also a wonderful spring weekend..We have snow..
    crazy weather.

  13. Ouch! so glad this is over for you now. and no doubt you well on the mend now. as Im late with my catching up here.. I hope all is well in the lab I am certain it will be fine.. But sending you some healing vibes over the airwaves just the same.. Love and Blessings ~Sue xx

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