Correct me when im wrong

I am dreaming  Pls wake me up

The Norwegian extremist  Anders Breivik  accused for terrorism and assassination, can get maximum 21 years cell sentence. If he should be considered a danger for the society, then  his sentence can be extended for an indefinite period of time. ?????
Anders Behring Breivik, the 33-year-old who has confessed to murdering 77 people in two attacks in Norway, has been formally charged with committing acts of terror.  BUT BUT  
pls explain to me.
Maybe i dont understand this..I might be a simple woman who knows nothing abt good and bad.
21 YEARS???? 
Year ago a belgium  woman got 30 years prison. She was accused of  blocking the parachute of another jumper. No evidence. She had the profile  the lawyer said.  Half Belgium came on the streets to protest against this. But what to do. The other party had a lawyer who has the name of getting the worst killer out of jail. 
Justice   Whats that?????
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12 Responses to Correct me when im wrong

  1. Joe Cutler says:

    I know what you mean my friend…they say justice is blind but some confuse blind and equal justice with stupidity it seems.

  2. prenin says:

    Last I heard they were going to stick him in a secure psychiatric unit for the rest of his natural life.

    Apparently they will hold him until he is fit to return to society.

    77 people don’t have that luxury…

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      they say Prenin.Imagine that guy back in ur street???

      • prenin says:

        Given that we had a predatory paedophile living 400 yards from where I live who was recently locked away AGAIN – no guesses as to why – I know too well how they keep releasing repeat offenders here in the UK!!!

        Breivik WILL offend again if he should ever be released, so the best they can do is lock him away in a secure psychiatric unit and throw away the key…

        Love and hugs!


      • chicasl10 says:

        i agree Prenin
        Why they think those guys are ready for the world again???

  3. The Emu says:

    Sadly dear friend , money can buy justice these days
    The rules change with the amount of money or influence you have

  4. Justice my dear friend will find its own quarter one day my friend, and sadly for many who judge such insane acts, society will still seem to have a unfair and unjust system to those victims of any crime.. I wish I could say one’s own conscience would hold him to book.. But people like that do not have that same conscious thought as the rest of us.. They are I am afraid to say a breed devoid of emotion or guilt.. And serve that Darker side of nature… I doubt he is remorseful of his actions.. Even his death would not bring back those 77 others and stop the pain of suffering he has caused..
    I totally agree with your sentiments…. And Send my thoughts of healing to those families he destroyed..
    Love and Blessings.. ~Sue xx

    • chicasl10 says:

      it is his death is useless. The families will miss their loved ones.
      But i always say There is always a but.
      Once a friend of mine her aunt and uncle was shot death The culprit was walking in Amsterdam Free as a bird….Understand who can

  5. natswans says:

    I agree with everyone here , it is indeed a very sad whatever happens they can’t bring those people back. The families have a life time of suffering.

  6. chicasl10 says:

    that guy wanted to be shot.i think. Its for him a kind of ….
    Im now one person My name will be remembered all over the world.
    And he is right..We cant forget that guy
    Enjoy the weekend

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