The sky is different every moment

First i want to share a foto. One special foto which won the Pulitzer price. Its heartbreaking.A bom explosion in Kaboul in Afghanistan.A girl crying in the middle of injured and death bodies.  News fotographers are contronted with such situations  Massoud Hossaini must have had wet eyes to.

As i often read on Joe’s blogspot that the sky is really interesting  i took my cam yesterday morning when i was having my breakfast. I left my bread with coffe alone and ran out.

My husband said  This is a painting. And i realise that the sky is a painting every day. I need my cam always with me. Last week i drove to office and saw lines with the morning sun It was like God sending me power.  ( which i need ).

I want to share the foto of this morning and i do hope u like..Cos the lines are red  and that means Tears from angels ( rain) 

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21 Responses to The sky is different every moment

  1. prenin says:

    These are the pictures that the press and media DON’T show here in the UK and should if only to show the true horror of what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      we have to see these Prenin. Why should we not show???? Hiding these from ppl?
      Its what news always say abt Syria these last year We dont know if these images are true Cos we have them from internet. Its always true U cant fake this..Horror 200%
      STOP this killing. The ppl living day in day out with this war have a right The whole world need to know whats going on. No curtains..the real life

  2. The horrors of war and conflict we cannot imagine unless we have lived through it.. This is awful and as terrible as it is.. Hundreds more around the world are suffering similar fates.. And this world calls itself civilized.. We have such a long way to go.. And this World needs to change..
    The sky in contrast is beautiful yes is always changing in each moment.. Each moment never the same as the last.. We should all of us cherish the moments we are given..
    For those moments for those poor people in your top picture were to be their last.. Within a Blink of an eye.. everything can change… Make the most of every precious moment we have…Love to you my lovely friend.. Stay safe and have a relaxing weekend xx Sue

    • chicasl10 says:

      It is Sue When i was writing this entry i had same time contact with a friend.He asked me abt what kind of things i write. and i answered..Things that stay with me after one half hr.
      when i read abt it. Things i remember a day later. Things that go inside my soul my heart.
      So many ppl living without any worries..But a lot are living with constant fear.
      Will i be alive to see my child grow up.or that the kids will see their parents grow old??
      as we say Its 5 minuts before 12. Time runs out Sue
      enjoy … i do.I enjoy lil things like the bird thats singing now I hear inside the house after a heavy rain.
      Enjoy the weekend Sue

      • MJ, these are the things we should enjoy my friend, Family, friends, and Natures Gifts.. we place far too much upon the material in this world,
        We come with nothing and we go with nothing.. Its the inbetween memories which are what we take.. We take only that which we hold within our Hearts..
        let them be full of Loving Moments..
        Love to you ~Sue xxxx

      • chicasl10 says:

        ohh Sue
        i realise every day that im a lucky person. Being healthy and we are content with what we have.
        U can wear only one dress at a time. And we can drive one car. we can sit on one chair.

  3. Joe Cutler says:

    I think of a simple thing my Mom once told me: when you walk walk looking up…it will really help you see things differently. Since that time I’ve taken the time to do just that. The sky really speaks to me. No matter how dark the world gets there’s always a light shining somewhere. Bless you my friend…yes, you’re husband is right about the sky.

  4. chicasl10 says:

    Well i remember also soemthing what my mom used to say..
    One day u will be gratefull ..and i am Joe.
    Moms .. Joe special species dont u think.
    how can we forget the wise words
    Im listening all day to music thats relaxing me Weekend is there to relax and fill our batteries


  5. Hi Sweeti’s san.
    I was so long to find your in here I bet understand myself sweeti’s san,
    only time I must do more reading about Share the foto of the rain.
    List I was happy feel like finding the lost child Chicasl10…
    Love you,

    • chicasl10 says:

      an im happy u found me again Michiko san.
      Hows ur health now? I thought often of u. cos same time my sis in law had this like u.
      I pray for u
      I will visit u soon.

  6. prenin says:

    I write when I have an idea nibbling at my brain, but I still manage to produce something when I just sit down and write.

    Thanks for the best wishes hun – hope you have a lovely Sunday!

    Huge Hugs!


  7. The great contrast of ugliness and beauty in our world…strange how the two can sit side by side. One hand beautiful and natural, the other hand cold and inhuman and dealing in death. Sad and wonderful…two worlds, two hearts …

    • chicasl10 says:

      When i pushed to publish button i thought Can i put this in one entry..??
      and i know now that this was good cos life is like this.
      black and white. snow and sun..darkness and morning light.
      life aint fair..

  8. Sweeti san,
    Thank you for very much at I was doing with all my friends too, but I must doing with different thing?

  9. We are forever reminded of the edge of life we all live on.
    with love, Eddie

  10. Divoo says:

    that picture is heart-wrenching! and there are kids too… my mind ceases to think when i wonder what these people are going through and what they feel in such situations… breaks my heart!

    i like that picture of the sky… do post some more! 🙂 i’m a sky-lover! 🙂

    • chicasl10 says:

      When innocent ppl are killed like now in Syria ir hurts like hell
      Rusia is not ready to involve Why?? How long can we accept this.
      Watching bodies of innocent ppl??

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