A msg from the Man above.

Ur time is up
Attention plzzzzzzz
U wasted all the richness


I gave u enough water ……But where is it ?The reserves are very low
So many ppl have hunger.While other eat till they feel sick.
I wanted for everyone to have enough food.

My trees where are they..plz plant some new ones.
My animals…so many disappeared…Why?
The seas…rivers…the fish

Where is my blue sky I see dark clouds produced by factories
My My i stumble abt all the junk, rubbish ….. trown everywhere

I think we need a good talk…if ur grandchildren will have a decent life here on my earth
I gave u this earth …. but when this goes on….. this messing up …. for how long will it last?????

Im here to talk with u….always. Im always home….just knock….My door is open.

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17 Responses to A msg from the Man above.

  1. prenin says:

    Amen! 🙂

    Some good news: After years of only being able to recycle bottles and cans we finally have a bin for card and paper!!!

    Now all we have to worry about is the little swines getting in and setting it on fire…

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      well i think the government collects the paper in the early morning Not in bins ont the street. But every 2 weeks or so at ur doorstep. Have a nice weekend Prenin

  2. Beautifully expressed and an awesome message that does not judge or condemn rather invites honest heartfelt thought and pondering and feeds a will to change and make our world a better place again. It is a message offering hope unlike most that I read that seem to see no hope for us and our damaged world at all. Oh for more blogs of this nature! Posts that get the point across in no uncertain terms but also offer the higher option of knocking on the open door…finding the answers… Wolfie hugs to you my beautiful and uplifting friend 🙂

    • chicasl10 says:

      i see more and more recycle bags in shops…Its a good sign .The kids are the future they need tolearn in school abt this topic Wolfy..
      enjoy the weekend..TC

  3. this makes you think doesn’t it? hope it makes many think
    thank you for presenting this for all to read!
    with love, Eddie

    • chicasl10 says:

      Tx Edddie Media is also presenting this.But ppl dont take time to read and go on with the mess they make. We see it happen all around us. Respect is 98% gone.

  4. Divoo says:

    i hope this message reaches everyone who is busy messing up Earth, our home! i hope people understand before time runs out…

  5. michiko san says:

    Chicasl say,
    I started my home work that I couldn’t under stand but gradually I understand the meaning of question…
    I love to like my favorites. Bns papys rne san…
    Today I have enjoy with all my golf friends for all days. I wish I can go back my golf soon..

  6. marciento says:

    Hello! I wish you a pleasant and serene weekend!

  7. Androgoth says:

    There can be a change but
    it needs everyone to embrace it 🙂

    Have a lovely Monday Sweeti 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  8. Yes we messed it up didnt we? We Humans seem to have a nack for destroying all we touch.. When we understand that what we are doing to the earth is affecting our climate and our animal kingdom and our very existance on this planet.. Then maybe we will wake up.. But not before the BIG Man/ or Earth Mother has given us a few lessons to learn by. For my friend I see the time for talking is almost done.. We are about to get a slap! if we are not careful and one we shall remember for a long long while to come!… xxx Hugs for this MJ.. ~Sue xx

    • chicasl10 says:

      abslty Sue
      we messed up .I read in local paper that schools need more education to keep everything clean.
      Simple things it starts with the kids. Dont throw cans away We have bins.
      But as i said before Its 11.55 ..
      I will be off for 10 days Sue.
      cya later
      bye bye

      • Wishing you well MJ.. where ever you are and take care in all you do.. Your Light shines, and you touch many with your Light.. Stay safe! Hugs ~Sue xx

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