The beginning of the end?

Sarajevo largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2 days temperature changed with almost 30 degrees. Saterday it was 29C and yesterday morning they had 0,3 C. And a white 7 cm snow carpet.  The rest of the country had also a visit of this extreme weather.

The weather is doing  crazy in whole western europ.

So Ladies and gentleman thats why we leave for Marocco  and we do hope to have sun and we  want to taste the culture of this beautiful country.

cya later alligators… Fasten ur seatbelts (  Friday)


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6 Responses to The beginning of the end?

  1. Ooooh! Wolfie come toooooooooo! 🙂

  2. Divoo says:

    waiting to hear all about the trip!

  3. Vacations are wonderful. Enjoy!
    Never been to Morocco…
    love always, Eddie

  4. natswans says:

    Oh how wonderful enjoy
    Sheila xx

  5. Androgoth says:

    Just making sure that you are okay,
    and of course being good too as I know
    how very naughty you can be Sweeti 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Yes MJ the weather is doing crazy things.. here too.. But we had 4 days sunshine warm weather here this week.. Today back to normal. Rain and cooler.. but it was very nice while it lasted 🙂 xxx

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