Are we getting tired of the …Pods.

What is happening??  PPl dont talk anymore.Chat here chat there. Twitter and check the conversations between friends on FB. we are curious  ..we want to check their fotoos. Their friends,but same time  they check  our fotoos which run around the world.

Kids do have to do homework.Have to study for exams.We have to focus on our job.

It seems more and more that study suffers from the new inventions.  The concentration at office is not 100%.Think for urself. Ur on FB during office work? ur checking ur private mails?  U can do  it at home during evening in ur free time, But no…We are curious.

A colleague of mine his wife went to a concert  She was with 3 lady friends  and  before the concert they went for a lunch and a drink.Those 3 lady friends took their ipad i pds  or tablet and started to twitter or check their FB.  Nice no???  Very cozy. She was sitting there.  No talk. Whats going with us? The mobiles are important. More than a social talk.

Nokia is deleting jobs 10.000  to be exactly. It goes from bad to worse In the early 2000 Nokia was nr 1 in the world. We have Samsung  and Apple  and so much more.

I know  standing still is going backwards  But im certain abt this  Its going backwards and i mean our social life. What do u think abt it?

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10 Responses to Are we getting tired of the …Pods.

  1. Joe Cutler says:

    I’m starting to come around full circle. The inane forwarding trend and narcissism on Face Book and the decrease in blogging makes me more and more appreciate real relationship…perhaps this will hit everyone at some point.

    • chicasl10 says:

      i agree with u Joe. We forget the things and persons and the relationships that are most valuable. Of course we can have friends in the world.
      But it cant controle our lives 24/7
      I belief that more and more ppl understand what im trying to say here.

  2. prenin says:

    I agree hun – I have a mobile phone, but it is an old one which only sends texts.

    The only time it leaves my home is when I go to church… 🙂

    Needless to say I have fun chatting to my older friends with whom the are of conversation is not lost… 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  3. prenin says:

    Make that the ART of conversation is not lost!!! LoL!!!

  4. Hmm…get your point here, and I am probably guilty of much of what you talk about here. I guess it is teling that when choosing my mobile tariff the top priority is how much data comes with it for social networking etc, rather than how much talk time it offers. It is the norm’ on a night out at the clubs too…my male friend hates me checking F/book etc when I’m out…even though he goes off to play pool with his mates and leaves me to do my own thing…I have no problem with that but the point is I am perfectly normal doing what I do – everyone else is doing the same thing with their mobiles as me, at least until they’re too drunk to see straight anymore! I wouldn’t do it in the situation you described, that would be rude unless everyone else was doing it too. But if I am to be totally honest, I would ensure I made adequate discreet visits to the “ladies room” to check my updates and post as I felt necessary! But take heart 🙂 The average “smartphone” has a very short battery life and if you don’t want to have a dead battery before you can get to a charge point it’s wise to kerb the useage in public…which should make you feel much, much better!!

    • chicasl10 says:

      haha i appreciate ur honesty and the fact ur not doing it during social talks.
      I still dont understand why ppl do it..Really i cant.
      but but Life goes on..ppl will follow the leaders. TC Wolfy

  5. Don’t like using the word hate. But if I did it would apply to Facebook. Obviously I am not a member. I apperciate my privacy and as a member of Facebook you do not have any rights to any. The loss of actual interaction with people is what I feel part of a more serious problem. With mechanical devices of any sort one on one social contact is reduced. People forget how to interact with other people face to face or in social settings.

    • chicasl10 says:

      i agree with u Eddie Face to face i was talking abt this subject at office.

      i said..Imagine
      a married couple in bed. The man wakes up and has to throw up he writes this on his Face Book.
      oke he hits the bed again and then the wife wakes up She goes to toilet and search on her FB what happened during her first sleep There she reads that her husband had to throw up some hrs ago… Crazy but it can happen these days.
      why why why
      what a world we are living in
      im a chatterbox Eddie ….i think in some years no chatterbox ]es lol

      • OMG! what’s happened with “eye” contact? actually looking at each other? ok. maybe this is the way it “used to be” but it was more fun in bed

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