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Nowadays life goes so fast. We sit on a high speed train day in and day out. We can not get out and enjoy the surroundings. No stops. Just travelling from  point 1 to point 2, and so efficient possible for … Continue reading

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A positive sign.

Do you belief in signs?  I do..I belief in things that happen cos they always happen for a reason. God gives us small signs of encouragement, comfort and consolation in our everyday lives, this morning i got a msg from a friend  .. … Continue reading

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I feel like autumn leaves.

Is it cos of the short days or maybe of my sleepless nights? I feel like autumn leaves. My tree branches let me go, i fall down on a sandy road. Laying there. The wind takes me with him and i dont … Continue reading

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It seems…

Why do we need to ride bicycle fast. Ohh faster and faster  Tour de france or whatever  we need to end up first.  Despite off?? oh  yes now it turns out that its all a matter of lies.  Epo and … Continue reading

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The Quiz was One BIG success

 The quiz was a great success,after several weeks of stress . Organizing a quiz is quite intense. But with the help of the volunteers it went like a train. I would  like to thank everyone, also the ones behind the scenes. The evening … Continue reading

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Celebrating the birthday of one of the world’s most influential political and spiritual leaders: Mahatma Gandhi BTW  Friends   Im not much @ computer this week, coz of the quiz.see u later alligators. MJ.  

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