How to add a you tube video in WP

I used to manage to add a video into a post  But now i cant ..

This is what i used to do.

Use the visual rich editor when writing – Uncheck that box.

and then add the embed link  But seems that WP changed this.

i cant find the box to uncheck the visual rich editor. Can some one guide me pls

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8 Responses to How to add a you tube video in WP

  1. JS says:

    I hope you meant Word Press.

    When you create a new post on top there is a test Upload / Insert. There is a button next to it called “add media”. It will open a new dialog box. Choose tab – “From URL”. Then choose “Audio,Video or Other File”. There will be a box for URL, put your YouTube video URL there and click on Insert Into Post button

  2. I don’t use the W/P editor…so no help from Wolfie 🙂 Sorry!

  3. Hi I normally use windows live writter to post but I too had difficulties a while back. Not near my pc at moment or I would look and see as using phone. Will look tomorrow and try to help if others not already given u a solution. Xx

  4. Androgoth says:

    Don’t ask me I never add them on WP 😦 lol

    Hey good luck with finding the solution though Sweeti 😉

    Andro xxx

  5. Hi Sweetti san,
    I love to coming see you!
    hopeful looking back again!

  6. Hi Sweetti san,
    I was just don’t understand why today.. Sweetti san it was long time for see you? in the happening mast today..I don’t w/p of the windows but your olds was for I really enjoying sweet for me (It was long time with me)
    We both has lovely time with us …I never forgot about you Sweeti san!!
    I has to read back three time with this month ..I was very happy today.
    Are you still working ?
    I am while jumping up and down for joy on golf BUT I has Plantar Fasciitis for two months and I taking higher dose codeine only one use time.
    Next Monday (19th November)I going to Radiology the Right Ankle-Hind-foot Ultrasound .
    I hope it going to be finish soon.

    Also I going to 21th November.(Wednesday)
    I going to the Dentist fixed replacement teeth on 5 dental implants with very happy time with me.
    Sorry I going to write too much in here Sweetti san.
    Thinking about you !

  7. Androgoth says:

    Yes well done Sweeti, but hey how about
    you telling the rest of us how to add the videos 🙂 lol

    Andro xxx

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