Its our own decision.


This last week a 14 years old boy and an 18 year old girl commited suicide. Where there cries for help??? Maybe

Must be…  Nobody heard them. For the 14 year old boy his last months were hard He was bullied by 3 guys.He had to steal money or otherwise they should harm him.

His parents caught him while he stole their debit card. He had to tell his parents the whole story. How long could he hold this situation.?

But whats the msg here??

He allowed the negativ in his life.  Its easy said i know.  I want to say.  U cant always be that strong to keep it out of ur life. The boy was pushed to death.

I hope that the guys that made him jump have nightmares for the rest of their lives.  AMEN

God be with the families of those kids.

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21 Responses to Its our own decision.

  1. What a beautiful quote MJ, loving your new theme too 🙂

  2. prenin says:

    Too many kids suffer like that, but those that perpetrate such crimes walk away, unlikely to ever pay for their crimes.

    Rest in peace children.


  3. mystafied says:

    Hi Mj
    We have this same problem with bullying here and it’s so sad.
    I don’t know why some people would want to bully other people, but it’s time they stopped.
    I really don’t know what the answer is..

    I hope you’re having a good weekend Mj and getting some sunshine I hope!

    Gary X

    • chicasl10 says:

      strange it is that ppl enjoy other ppl having pain
      i will never understand how u can have fun in doing that.
      i know its all over the world I remember month back a girl in US she had a you tube Did u see that?? well i hade goosebumps ( negativ ones)
      but anyway Gary en joy ur week. smile..and huggy

  4. natswans says:

    Good message here , bullying is very wide spread so sad. Most of them get away with it.
    Sheila x

    • chicasl10 says:

      true Sheila So sad and what can we do abt it.
      Its horrible Imagine ur child has to go through this.
      I will never understand that ppl have fun when others have pain.

  5. michiko san says:

    Hi Sweeti san,
    I know too many young kids are problems in other country.
    you are very helping in the past all other country too.
    Have a nice day Sweeti san!
    Thinking about you love Sweeti san.

  6. Bless the hearts and souls of all concerned.

  7. chicasl10 says:

    True Eddie As a friend of mine reminded me of the fact that those culprits have parents to. A big smile for u

  8. Androgoth says:

    Bullies are everywhere these days Sweeti
    and children and teenagers suffer greatly in
    a sick and twisted world… Let us all hope it
    will change soon, and for the better…

    Have a very nice Friday Sweeti 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • chicasl10 says:

      u to Andro. Im convinced that it starts from day How ur parents and friends around u make u. Respect and behave.
      Ur having snow Andro??

      • Androgoth says:

        Not had any snow in my town yet but it is definitely cold enough, last week it was freezing fog and very slippery on the roads and pavements 😦 It has been forecast for snow over Christmas but we will just have to wait and see. I like the snow but dangerous if driving 😦

        Have you had a lovely weekend Sweeti 🙂

        Andro xxx

      • chicasl10 says:

        Im not that good in driving white roads Andro I hate snow and cold. Thats why im convinced that the stork dropped me to soon …He flew to Asia lol Well we have 10C now.But rain and wind. I dont like that either. Im difficult woman seems lol

  9. For some reason upon my last visit all I saw was the quote… I didnt see the script..
    Its so sad that so many commit suicide from bullying MJ… and its heart breaking..
    Here in the UK only today a prank phone call regarding the Royal family.. Im sure you will have heard of it.. A nurse who took the prank call committed Suicide so terrible she felt… she leaves a family of children too..
    We can never walk in another’s shoes o feel how they feel… and yes they let the negative in… But so many in our world are dishing it out…

    love to you my friend.. Be well and stay safe .. xox

    • chicasl10 says:

      yes Sue i heard from the nurse.It was in the news.
      So sad to hear. Well while i was loading this post.
      u commented and i had no idea how that was possible
      but anyway Sue
      I wish u a nice weekend and lets hope that buylling stops.
      and congratz with the royals.

  10. I had to look around for a minute, at first I thought I was on the wrong space because you’re site looks completely different! I love the new look though MJ!
    A very sad post, so sorry for those kids and their families, your words and the quote are full of great advice and wisdom.
    BIg hugs, Nikki

    • chicasl10 says:

      Tx for liking the looks Nikki..I cant do like u can Ur such a creativ person. U have qualities I was struggling with the space though But finally i made it.
      Be well
      Huggy MJ

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