man’s best friend

When I took a shower this morning I heard a touching story.
And I want to share it with you guys. It happens in the South of Italy.
An elderly lady dies. She had a German Shepherd. The dog is missing her and this is his reaction.
Since 2 months, the German Shepherd walks to the church, when he hears the church bells ringing.
He walks to the altar and He’s going to lie. Occasionally he falls asleep. But if the communion is awarded he stands and  next to the priest who is giving  the communion
When  this is over   he goes back in front of  the altar and he’s going to lie again.
I think he hopes that his master will come to communion. Unfortunately.
I wanted to share this  and u know why??
These days the world is so cold ( and i mean  figuratively).
and this dog gives warmth. But one thing I hope that some one will give him warmth again.media_xll_5484365
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21 Responses to man’s best friend

  1. MJ, This is a wonderful Heart warming story, and although sad in that this German Shepherd is grieving the loss of his master, it shows also how we can learn so much from our 4 legged friends who show us Unconditional Love and so much loyalty …
    Thank you for sharing this story with us today..
    Wishing you a Peaceful Warm Sunday this bitter cold day…
    Love Sue xox

    • chicasl10 says:

      tx Sue I did not leave the house to day it was extreme cold. and to morrow back to work. Indeed this dog is an example of how deep an animal can go..I love this story Its something that we need these days dont u think.
      U stayed also inside?

      • Yes to both Mj, we need good stories to warm our hearts. and Yes I stayed inside also.. in fact its still snowing this morning Mon here.. I go to work this afternoon at 2-30pm and stay all night returning in the morning, So I am hoping the snow stops soon. Its not the main roads thats the problem but the sides roads I travel on.. I so dislike driving in the snow.
        Wishing you a good week 🙂

      • chicasl10 says:

        we have now good roads at the moment But will see
        lets hope for the best and drive safe Sue

  2. natswans says:

    Oh that is so beautiful this lifts your heart , what a darling boy. I hope someone looks after him , as he sits there in hope of his masters return. Keep warm Chicas on this cold bitter day, thank you for sharing this today.
    Hugs Sheila xx

    • chicasl10 says:

      Sheila even the priest is accepting him Normally animals dont enter a church But this one is one that we wont forget.its heartbreaking and same time it gives a warm feeling
      i hope u can stay warm Sheila
      be well

  3. prenin says:

    Beautiful story hun! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      and hows ur story ( book) till now Prenin?
      i hope we can read it soon. Be well and ready for another week? snow?

      • prenin says:

        Hi hun! 🙂

        The ebook versions (There are two so choose carefully!) can be found at and the first is called ‘Jabberweil Hunt’ while the second is called: ‘Songs of Angels’.

        I have no idea when they’ll come out as hard copy, but Red is on top of the situation! 🙂

        Remember: The Kindle version only works on a Kindle e-reader while the epub version can be viewed on a PC by downloading a freeware program called Calibre FIRST! 🙂

        Love and hugs!


  4. Joe Cutler says:

    I heard about this and was touched by it as well, thanks for sharing my friend.

  5. The Emu says:

    I read this on our news here and it really is a heartwrenching story.

  6. Your story of a dog’s devotion to his owner leaves me assured his bond is never broken. Such is the strength of the relationship between dogs and people. This story has been a beautiful reminder of this MJ. love, Eddie

  7. Divoo says:

    very heart-warming story, Marij! dogs, no doubt, are the best friends a man can have.

  8. Marko says:

    I greet and wish you a successful new week

  9. Your cat is keeping inside at night in sleeping home but some cat don’t like idea.
    Sweeti san ! You don’t like animals kill each other .
    You has lovely cat so many years ago that I remember Sweeti san!!
    I was watched the Tennis on TV with great enjoy thing for Australian open at Melbourne.
    Love you Sweeti san!

  10. Hi Sweeti san,
    I think about you?
    Hopeful you having are lovely time …
    see you soon!

    • chicasl10 says:

      Ho Sweet lady Michiko san i had difficult time at work Computer probs. but now its weekend so a bit relaxing we think abt going to Sri lanka second half of may im looking forward to that trip Ur now back home again Michiko san?? Be well lady MJ a tight hugg

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