Sunday march 23

The wind is howling like a wolf at full moon.


My car ( blacky)



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14 Responses to Sunday march 23

  1. prenin says:

    Hi hun! 🙂

    Yeah we have high winds here too!

    It’s about -4’C in the wind and I almost got knocked on my ass by a gust as I left the church! 😦

    Apparently this is the coldest March in fifty years! 😦

    Love and chilly hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      same here Prenin I hate this weather oh really but im not alone in this i know.
      be well and pray for some better temperatures Better I mean higher Keep warm
      Huggy Mj

  2. penpusherpen says:

    Much the same here Sweeti, makes me shiver so roll on Summer, please!!I hope you’re keeping warm and safe.. xPenx

    • chicasl10 says:

      i do Lady P Not that many ppl outside these days.
      We will see it on our electricity bill.
      Hope that this was the last winter peak( hope this is the right word)
      keep warm Lady P

  3. Gray Dawster says:

    It’s howling here too Sweeti and the scene is very much the same as yours with snow all over the place, oh and it’s a bit chilly too 😦 lol Never mind it will soon be Spring, actually this is the fourth day od Spring so roll on the Summer 🙂 Have fun tohnight and keep warm 🙂 xxx

  4. It doesn’t look that bad here, but we usually avoid the worst of it. However it is freezing and the wind is biting. It is Wolfie hibernation season and I do wonder if we will ever see spring again or if we are trapped in eternal winter…We had enough snow yesterday to turn Wolfie into a snow wolf going to work and of course at the slightest hint of snow the whole of the railway network grinds to a halt and replaces all the trains with buses/coaches…today I stayed tucked up with a hot water bottle under the duvet till 5pm when the heating came on! lol 😉 Terrible! 😉

  5. ajitpeter says:

    from a hot country i woud say it sounds maybe even romantic but knowing the pain it causes with people living and facing the weather its just not romantic its living through it wish i could just turn the sunshine all the way around in chennai we need less of the sun

  6. “Blacky” looks like ‘Whitey”….be patient…summer’s coming …

  7. Marko says:

    Hello! Have a nice weekend

  8. Thankfully the snow is all but gone except for patches where it was really deep drifts… I hope now MJ we can look forward to some Spring time weather..

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