We celebrate Easter in the X mas way


Xmas  should actually be white.  We had 10C.

Normally with Easter we dress ourselves with new clothes Spring outfit. But what to do now?

This night again minus ….my car is frozen. the roof of the garden house  is white.

The heaters are on High speed.My winter boots ready to jump in.



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22 Responses to We celebrate Easter in the X mas way

  1. prenin says:

    Hi hun! 🙂

    HAPPY EASTER!!! LoL!!!

    Yep: We have cold days here too because the jet stream is far South of where it should be and there’s an area of high pressure to the North of it which is sucking in cold air from the Arctic.

    Not Nice!!! 😦

    Hope things warm up for all of us real soon!

    Love and hugs!


  2. happy eater buddy spring sure doth aririve ah doth it consume the hearts to wait for the warmth

  3. natswans says:

    Hoping things will warm up soon , it should be warmer and full blooming Daffodils …It won’t be Long Happy Easter ..XXX

  4. Yes…a little bit un-seasonal for the.time of year 🙂 Happy Easter!!!

  5. penpusherpen says:

    Help!!! indeed Sweeti, … nature is having a field day with such change and change about… Whatever the weather have a Lovely Easter with warm hugs from me.. xPenx

  6. Joe Cutler says:

    It’s not nearly so bad here with the weather but it is windy. I think it’s a good thing that all that Easter is about goes far beyond weather! Stay warm my friend!

  7. Happy Easter MJ!
    Snow for Easter? never happens here in Vancouver, we didnt even get snow at all this winter, would have been nice for just a day or two.
    I hope to be back soon, Big hugs

    • chicasl10 says:

      I hope ur back soon Nikki We all miss ur fantastic work.
      U have no snow in Vancouver We have lots and temp below zero Even today Again Yes Seems for another 10 days and what then? The earth made a kind of crazy turn i think
      be well and enjoy Happy Easter for u to Bye bye Nikki

  8. Divoo says:

    that’s a cool bunny 😀 happy Easter!!

  9. Sending warm wishes from sunny Florida…
    love, Eddie

  10. We has a wonderful time of yours memories of happy Easter was too.

  11. i hope you enjoyed a very Happy Easter MJ, Apologies for not being around recently, but catching up with everyone now.. 🙂 Love that Easter snow bunny!

  12. Hi MJ
    I hope this week is warmer for you there and the snow is gone?
    Sending warm hugs and wishes to you, xo

  13. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Very cute! 🙂

  14. JS says:

    Is it still cold or warm there? I was in Boston last week and it was damn cold there still.

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