Rights and obligations

Did you know that Zara, C and A and so many other brands produce their clothes in 3rd world countries?

No problem i would say… if they would check if those seamstresses get normal wages and could work in safe conditions. But that will make the clothes more expensive.

Conclucio? WE close our eyes. And when something  happens  like in Dhaka we shout  Its a Shame .. Hypocrite? Yes we are.
We wear clothes  Made in….I know  and we provide ppl work, thats oke. But They have rights too u know.

They work to feed their kids, to have an income.  More hours per day than we do.

In future.. maybe a law to use fair trade labels? Oxfam works on food Does anyone knows one organisation for this indusrty?

my prayers for those who are in pain.


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14 Responses to Rights and obligations

  1. prenin says:

    Yes, Primark used one of the firms that were in that building.

    Now I know why their clothes are so damned cheap… 😦

    Fair Trade rules should be applied to ALL suppliers! 😦

    Love and hugs!


  2. Joe Cutler says:

    I guess it’s like the people who decry pollution while being all too willing to drive oil using vehicles. Easier to talk the talk then walk the walk.

    • chicasl10 says:

      absltly Joe..Talking is easy Politicians are soo good with their bla bla. Well i like the do – ers.
      Its so hypocrite.
      Enjoy the weekend Joe Hope u have good weather.
      MJ Lets not complain abt the weather its silly when u see the problems in the world.
      Bye bye

  3. penpusherpen says:

    I hear you, loud and clear Sweeti, and I never shop at Primark and others like them.. and the more people who would do the same would make a difference to the poorly paid workers lives and working conditions. Luv n’ hugs my friend.. xPenx.

    • chicasl10 says:

      Lady P The Government has to force the owners to take better care for their employes and then when this is world wide oke Then we can buy again.Because when we stop buying they dont have work.
      Its a 2 way road Sometimes life is complicated.But first the ppl need to be safe And with all the greedy ceo’s its not easy.
      Enjoy the weekend Lady P

  4. Sometimes it seems like such a no-win situation, they need us to buy their products or they starve…we need to buy their products on occasion because some of our population can’t afford to clothe themselves and their children any other way. It’s just so sad and crazy that such work conditions exist and the world allows it to continue.

    • chicasl10 says:

      it is Wolfy But now the owners are in prison They forced the ppl to go back in that building Over 500 ppl killed already its a shame so much pain.

  5. I know only too well about these over-seas production houses.. Working in the textile trade here in the UK for nearly 30 yrs until I changed my career path.. I travelled overseas as a Training Officer/Manager.. to help set up training standards and qualifications to our own overseas factories in the 90’s.. I even met the then Sri Lanka lady prime minister as we were high profile visitors as I went with the London Chamber of Commerce.. I have to say though that the factories which our own company build were state of the art and had better equipment than our own factories at the time.. Which surprised me when I went out to Sri-Lanka to visit.. But it saddened me greatly when I knew in the Tsunami that some of those who worked there had died in the boxing day disaster. as many lived near the coast.

    The shifts were Long.. 12 hours… with the incentive the factory gave them an evening meal which many could box up and take home.. their rates of pay while well below our standards were better than most given at that time.. Plus they had a medical Dr who would give free care to workers and families which I know a lot of the girls and women said helped them a great deal..

    In the year 2000 the UK factory bases I worked in made us all redundant.. as they moved the work overseas permanently 😦

    I agree with you here MJ, about exploitation!.. the textile industry in the UK is almost now none existent, because the big retails stores.. ( we manufactured for M&S Marks and Spencers.. ) all wanted more profit.. and to make clothes in the UK like many countries cost too much in wages..

    I saw a programme last year on how those Big designer houses are making huge profits as their clothes are made in run down back streets with appalling conditions for their workers..

    At least I knew the conditions were Ok and I thought better in some respects from our own firm which set up out there…

    This sad tragedy is awful, and I suspect only touches on the plight of many girls and men who need to work and have to work in unsafe conditions along with unguarded machinery..

    At least I knew the girls who worked in Sri Lanka had the very best of conditions.. in an air-conditioned modern factory setting.. with good rates of pay for their country.. I took lots of pictures of the girls working and often thumb through them and wonder how they are and hope none of them I took were the ones to loose their lives in the Tsunami..

    Thank you for bringing this subject to light Mj.. We all have a right and an obligation to ensue that we do not exploit others for gain and profit and must remember if we buy cheap.. Just at what cost some of these girls pay in working in terrible conditions around the world.. In China, India Indonesia, Korea, and where ever…

    We need to put People First! Not Profits!

    Love and Light MJ..

    Sue xxxx

    • prenin says:

      I worked in the rag trade too Sue as a stores manager and I remember well how we were closed down and our jobs were moved overseas… 😦

      Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      sue i read ur comment again and again its so true that we as consumers provide the ppl work..And i know that child labour is also often bread for a family.
      I dont close my eyes and now that even in Egypt where we visited a carpet factory we saw kids working..I asked the boss how old are they..and he said..Lady lady dont worry ts not child labour they are here for just one hr. to be a trainee to see the work.
      oke we went on and i said to our guide.
      after some hrs..If i could i would go back to that factory to see those kids working …still after so many hrs.
      but oke..u can fight that.
      i know that sri lanka is not that bad its for me a fact that
      like in Bangladesh the ppl wanted to run outside and had to go back. back to their grave Its horrible.
      500 ppl killed and my eyes get wet when i hear the news
      that more ppl are found.. and why??
      for the money
      a live is not valuable for those guys.
      but can they look in their own eyes in the mirror?? i dont think so.
      be well Sue.
      lets hope that these ppl their lives are lost ..not for nothing but for the world to open the eyes.

      • I so hope so Mj,.. but many such bosses in these kind of sweat shops think not of the people, only of their pockets… But let us hope that this is a warning to others whose buildings and conditions are in an appalling state! xxx

  6. Not familiar with these brands. Shop at second stores. What you are referring to is irresponsible action and should cause alert. Thought that slavery was outlawed!
    love, Eddie

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