Happy slapping???

You walk on the street.

All of a sudden guys walk towards you and start to slap you.When you fall down they kick you wherever they can.

This is a new kind of entertainment?

I dont understand anymore. Can someone explain this to me? Those sick persons dont even know the person

At the wrong place and wrong time. Bad luck.

Is this FUN?!happy-slapping

And use the cell phone to send the video to others. SICK SICK  …Delete those guys and let the world live again.

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24 Responses to Happy slapping???

  1. Divoo says:

    sick! sick! how can anyone actually get fun out of this? heartless, mindless people they must be!

  2. prenin says:

    We have this in the UK and it’s always gangs of teenagers that do it – not 1 on 1, but ten and more on one!!!

    The Police try to crack down on them, but the courts don’t back them up, so these teenagers go free to attack again and again…

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      We read it so often Prenin and then i think Why are those culprits running on the streets again?? Punt them in jail and let them pay 100.0000000 euro Thats the only way t stop this heartless actions.

  3. Gray Dawster says:

    These goons are sick and twisted individuals with no moral fibre, they are obviously cowardly and revolting drop-outs living within the dregs of society. Perhaps when they are caught the same treatment should be administered to them so that they can learn first hand how disgusting their behaviour was. Bloody Creeps 😦

    Have a lovely rest of evening Sweeti 😉 🙂 Andro xxxx

    • chicasl10 says:

      U wont believe This Geoff
      i see now on tv that in Eindhoven The Netherlands a person was attacked very hard months ago .Now the culprits go free Believe it or not but it happened
      I really dont understand anymore.

      • Gray Dawster says:

        It is a wicked (Horrible Wicked) world Sweeti and it never seems to improve where the bad guys are concerned, mainly because the justice system always protects their rights, once they commit such a dastardly crime their rights should stop right there. They don’t deserve good treatment after such sick acts of viloence 😦 It is a crazy world my great friend.

        Enjoy your weekend and
        eat plenty of chocolate 🙂 Mmmm

        Andro xxxx

  4. penpusherpen says:

    I’ve seen the reports on this ‘new craze’ Sweeti, it’s sadly becoming a trend, a way of bullying that can get out of control … and it seems nothing can be done… What is wrong with these people/youths/children? … Makes you wonder where it will end.. xxx

    • chicasl10 says:

      It is Lady P..These are young ppl Our future I cant understand.Its really out of control. Government(police) has to react more on this new hype.
      Yesterday on the news Guys who did such a crime run free So they can start again. Understand who can.

  5. Takayama says:

    The worst is over the few Dozens dead in religious violence.

    Kano:Thirty nine people have died and 30 were injured in fighting between christian and Muslim mobs in central Nigeria.
    All over the other country are the same.

    One person was killed and 17 hurt in after BELGIAN train derails near Ghent.
    Nearly 300 people were evacuated from their homes within 500 metres of the crash because of toxic fumes from the flammable liquid chemicals.

    I just thinking of not likes many years ago?

    Have a nice day Sweeti san with your husband!

    • chicasl10 says:

      Tx Michiko san
      those guys just hurt for fun Michikosan
      its a strange world.
      I will give ur love to my husband to.Enjoy my friend
      have a nice day.

  6. In the High School I went to there was a “gang”. For initiation to this tough guy gang you had to beat up somebody; anybody. That was some time ago now…
    love, Eddie

  7. natswans says:

    Crazy I know it beggers believe ! Can’t even get my head around it ..
    Enjoy your week much well wishes
    Sheila xx

  8. Marko says:

    Greetings from sunny Warsaw. Have a look at my new photos.

  9. This is I am afraid to say it Mj, becoming a horrible world.. Where the youth of today watch and play violent films and video games.. They think it cool to hurt another human being, and yet I have seen in documentaries on TV how those so called tough guys cry for their own Mothers when caught out and taken to police cell…
    Some are not so tough then..
    I dont subscribe to any form of violence But I would like to leave these boys alone in the a police cell with the Mothers of their victims!… And there would then be some more Happy Slapping! I can tell you..

    I do not know where the World is heading Mj, but it has to stop!

    Much love to you
    Sue xox

    • chicasl10 says:

      Thats it Sue Imagine now that guy in UK
      The soldier Father Young Killed with a knife
      and for what?? to show the world something?
      I feel so sorry for the guy and his family.
      This is way beyond normal behaviour.
      Crazy world When will this stop>?

  10. Takayama says:

    I think in the old world on TV today that on the normal worlds you never miss happy life but only bad think was I can watch in here too.
    Sweeti san have a nice day!

    • chicasl10 says:

      I wish u also a wonderful weekend Michiko san
      enjoy the golf..I do hope the weather is oke there
      Here its very sad Wind and rain.
      we leave next monday for the east, CYA

  11. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I have no comprehension of this either. People just don’t realise the potential for joy on this earth. They seem to walk in dark ways, drag people down.

    I clicked like because I like you highlighting it. It is HORRIBLE.

    • chicasl10 says:

      it is horrible and seems that the world is accepting this
      In the Netherlands this happened some months ago also The culprits walk free,. Understand who can.
      i wish u a nice weekend

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