Just to remind…

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12 Responses to Just to remind…

  1. prenin says:

    That was lovely!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!


  2. Joe Cutler says:

    About as touching as it can get.

  3. Beautiful 🙂
    Wolfie hugs and I wish you a wonderful weekend 🙂

  4. I am just wiping my eyes here Mj, with a sob, knowing how our animal kingdom pic up on our vibration, And this child was no Mistake….. God works in mysterious ways, and that was such a beautiful touching moment between two souls sharing love…
    Love and Blessings my friend ~Sue xxx

  5. chicasl10 says:

    Sue i know what u felt and still feel.I had same and still have.
    We can be loved and love its so easy But why is it impossible for some.
    A tight huggy for u Sue
    Mj and

  6. natswans says:

    Very touching tugs at your Heart strings.

  7. Michiko says:

    Hi Sweeti san!
    What a beautiful Video clip if affeots both adults and childlen brings teas to tugs eyes because of the intangible between animals and humans.

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