Dont KnOw

i should feel happy
the worst is over
what can i say
i feel dizzy
what have i done
dont know
are u there?
for me or what
same things as usual
tv on and go to bed
the night is long
i wake up every hr.
gosh … still such a long time
before i can start my day
what now
i try again
my friend is in trouble
what can i do
help help
yes i want to help
but hands are tied
the sweetest woman is in pain
the worst happened
how crazy it is
my world is running
without obstacles
not for u
i dont know what to do
my far away friend will help
where ever he can
im here sitting on my ass
watching tv with one eye
with the other one closed
my world is mixed
running and stumble
Drinking bubbles or water
crazy but true
i feel strange
cant help it. had a white wine
i become sensitive.529249_362642523843175_1752506118_n

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12 Responses to Dont KnOw

  1. I think we do get more sensitive with those little bubbles of wine MJ.. Its hard when we can not help others as we see so many things happening around our world and to those we love….

    I don’t know the answers? Special Hugs my friend xox Sue

    • chicasl10 says:

      |Sue u have a point.
      One glas of bubbly and i get emotional.Its like my brain is doing overtime.Im a cry baby But u might know already its not for myself. I feel so far away when friends need help. What can i do…

  2. Joe Cutler says:

    Worry certainly doesn’t turn one hair white or black. There comes a point when we do all we can that we must have faith and let it go. I wish I had all the answers but I don’t.

    • chicasl10 says:

      i wish i had the answers to Joe.
      How can i change the bad situation of a friend.
      Push the culprit in right direction..I wish i could
      There are ppl who can watch ur eyes and lie.

  3. prenin says:

    I’m with Joe on this one! 😦

    Love and hugs!


  4. Michiko says:

    Hi Sweeti san!
    What happen to you? why you are feel dizzy? It was must be something wrong in your hands are tild….
    After you have watching TV with one eye ha ha ha
    I don’t think that is not good idea.
    Your thinking drinking BUBBLES drinking was cant walking not ok.
    A white wine I like very much too.
    I will having tonight that make me nice going to sleep will..
    Good night Sweeti san!

    • chicasl10 says:

      Michiko san..Its not the bubbles Its my emotional situation when i feel that some ppl use my friends in bad way.
      I feel the hurt and pain in heart and thats worries me a lot
      im an emotional person Cant help it
      huggy sweet lady

  5. This may seem a bit unkind but please do not forget your well being. Emotions can carry us to places that will not allow clear thinking. It may be exactly what you need right now.

    • chicasl10 says:

      Its not unkind of you Eddie Im aware of that. i am an emotional bomb. Cant help it. I try not to become to emotional But I am who i am and its not easy to become a different person.
      tx for you words Eddie.Enjoy and smile Never forget that

  6. Gray Dawster says:

    You are full of emotions Sweeti, always have been and always will but that’s not a bad thing my sweet friend and hey… 🙂 Happy Birthday to You 🙂 I bet that you wasn’t expecting that? 😉 Be good, and naughty if you like, I always am 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  7. Divoo says:

    Hope you’re okay and nobody’s bothering you, Marij. That’s a very emotional poem and it flows effortlessly.

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