Can’t absorbe.

In Copenhagen zoo a giraffe is killed because he would cause inbreeding.
Thats oke But there is Always plan B. Another zoo can have him. There are so many zooprograms around the world to save animals.
This is Marius. He is now cut in pieces for food for the zoo animals. His life was short. There must have been another solution.
So far the animals. But also with people.
A child is saved with a complex operation which of course is fantastic.
Thousands of people die at the same time because of war violence, malnutrition and just for fun.
Because someone doesnot like another person’s face.
There is killing without thought. Kill or be killed.
It is of all times. Friends say that Always to me.
But cant accept the thought.
It is difficult for me to absorb all this.

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19 Responses to Can’t absorbe.

  1. penpusherpen says:

    Difficult for anyone with a caring soul, Sweeti, as you point out, why? Why this option at all? It makes the heart sore when you read of such things happening. Makes you wonder at the word HUMANITY. Sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense, at all. xPenx

    • chicasl10 says:

      Lady P they save whales they save Well they save in the eyes of the tv programs But reality is this.
      I cant understand. Food for others. I know its more like in wilderness Thats normal We eat u or we will be eaten But this is totally different. Die for nothing.

  2. natswans says:

    I agree with Pen , it doesn’t make any sense what so ever. It is a very sad option to come to. X sheila

    • chicasl10 says:

      Sheila When i read this I got goosebumps..Negativ ones.
      the ppl who took care of him in the zoo ( they Always say this is my baby) could they prevent this? I think they could.

  3. Joe Cutler says:

    Really impossible to understand, what a shame!

    • chicasl10 says:

      it is Joe Understand who can.
      Its impossible for me.
      we fight and still..Money seems the issue,.
      Always the money. and we hide this under another name to clear ourselves towards the man in heaven

  4. ajitpeter says:

    Human deeds and decisions somtime cause horror show out of a simple thing killing is wrong unless natural first they say protect the species then they kill yes a soultion has to be found why not give him to a private owner then law of the land wont allow it

  5. prenin says:

    There WAS a zoo offering a place for Marius, that’s what is getting to me!!! 😦

    They DIDN’T need to kill him, but now he’s Lion’s food… 😦

    Love and hugs.


  6. Divoo says:

    What a heartbreaking act! How in the world could anyone to this to an innocent animal without any reason? Sick! They could have just released him. Sad, very sad. 😦

  7. Any kind of killing is hard to absorb…take death row and the death penalty for instance…we make ourselves as God whenever we take it upon ourselves to take a life, whether it be the animals we are tasked to safeguard, or our fellow human beings.

  8. michiko says:

    All Animal are not hard to thinking of themself only strong to be there body?
    the child when they going to school a child is saved with complex operation which I was understand when I had little girl ….
    Have a nice day Swetti san!
    I has hot days for many month when we has rains soon?

  9. This pathetic story I read in the news here in Australia.
    There can not be any reason for this too happen, it was barbaric and a great crime by people we call human beings.

    • chicasl10 says:

      u say it right Ian we say human beings but its nothing like that Its cruel of the worst.and they showed the whole thing to families with kids. Cant understand this Ian
      be well my friend

  10. I know, this was insane…. and made no sense at all to me… another reason I think this world is going mad…. It made me sick to my stomach that we call ourselves Human, and we say we are saving endangered species then kill them off.. Crazy!

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